Where to Find Wonton Wrappers in Grocery Store – A Complete Guide

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Did you know that you can make those delicious wonton soups at home?

Yes, all you need are just a few ingredients—your choice of filling and vegetables, some Asian condiments, and wonton wrappers!

You can find almost all ingredients in your pantry, except for one thing—wonton wrappers.

Luckily, you can easily get that in a store near you.

Where to find wonton wrappers in grocery store?

Quick Answer:

You can find wonton wrappers in the Refrigerator section. If it isn’t there, you can check out three other aisles. Which aisles are we talking about?

Read on to discover your other options!

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Where to Find Wonton Wrappers in Grocery Store?

Since stores have different layouts, where you can find wonton wrappers will certainly vary. With that said, you’ll most likely find the item in any of these aisles:

Refrigerated Section

Because most wonton wrappers are best kept refrigerated, most stores stock their wrappers in refrigerators.

Dairy Aisle

Since most people consider wonton wrappers to be a dough product and might contain dairy, you may find it in the Dairy or Deli section.

In this area, it might be displayed beside cheese products or near the meat and meat alternative products.

Produce Area

Some stores take low-temperature storage to a new level, so they display their wrappers in the freezer section. This area is usually close to the Produce aisle so you may want to head straight there to check out.

International Aisle (Asian Section)

Wonton wrappers are a staple ingredient in Asian cuisine, and that’s why a lot of stores  would also sometimes stock the item in the International Aisle or the Asian section if they have a dedicated one.

Which Stores Sell Wonton Wrappers Near Me (Plus the Brands to Check Out)?

If you’re in need of wonton wrappers and don’t have any idea where you can get it, here are some of the stores (along with a few brands) that you need to check out:

Asian Food Stores

Since wonton wrappers are often used for Chinese cooking, you may want to visit Asian Food stores first. At this store, you’ll find the wrappers in their refrigerator area.


As one of the largest grocery chains in the US, searching through this store wouldn’t be a walk in the park. The good news is we already know where you can find it—in the store’s deli department.

Pro Tip: If you wish to make your shopping experience easy peasy, skip the traffic and long lines and order from the store’s official website.


This major retailer displays the wrappers in their dairy department. You can also order online from them, but your only option would be their vegan wonton wraps.


Look at the store’s produce section to check out which brands they are offering.


You can find their wrappers in the deli section. 


Of course, you can find wonton wrappers from the biggest online marketplace.

The best part about buying from Amazon is you get access to a wide range of options, sizes, shapes, and brands. Not only that, they deliver straight to your doorstep, so it’s also the most convenient option.

Some of the brands you should check out when buying from Amazon are Twin Marquis HK Dumpling Wrapper and Wing Hing Wonton Wraps.

Aside from wonton wrappers, they also sell a few items that can make dumpling making a whole lot of fun—dumpling maker kit and dumpling maker press

How to Choose Wonton Wrappers?

At first glance, it may seem like all wonton wrappers—regardless of brand—are made equal. Unfortunately, this isn’t the truth.

The quality of wonton wrappers vary depending on the brand, so it’s important that you determine how to choose wonton wrappers properly. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


First things first, you may want to check out the wrapper’s thickness. This may range from thin, to medium, and thick.

The thickness you should choose will depend on your personal preference. For us, we like either the thin ones for deep-fried meals or the medium option for steamed dumplings (so they won’t break easily).

We personally don’t like the thick ones since it often turns out a bit too doughy to the point that the wrapper already overpowers the filling.


The formulation of wonton wrappers is pretty simple. Its basic ingredients are only flour, water, and egg.

Unfortunately, there are manufacturers that add other artificial ingredients like coloring and preservatives. Shy away from those and stick to products that contain only natural ingredients.


If you want to enjoy authentic wonton wrappers, make sure to check out the origin of the manufacturer. The best ones are those that are made in China or other Southeast Asian countries.


Wonton wrappers that have been stored for a long time tend to get dry and crumbly and will easily fall apart when used.

To avoid this, it’s important to make sure that the wrappers are still fresh. You can do this by inspecting the wrapper’s appearance.

Are the edge of the wrappers still visible? Or are they all damp looking and smashed together? If it’s the latter, then skip buying that item anymore.

What to Buy if There are No Wonton Wrappers?

Unfortunately, wonton wrappers aren’t always available in certain grocery stores. If this is the case, here are other alternatives you can buy instead:

Spring Roll Wrappers

Since it contains the same ingredients as wonton wrappers, they are amazing substitutes.

However, keep in mind that they are bigger so you may have to slice them into smaller portions before using them.

Egg Roll Wrappers

On the other hand, these wrappers are closer to wonton when it comes to size so you can easily skip the slicing process when you use these.

Dumpling Wrappers

A lot of people think that these are the same as wonton wrappers. However, they do have slight differences.

For one, they are thinner. These also won’t pleat as quickly, so it may take longer to prepare. But nevertheless, they are one of the best alternatives since they are created for the same purpose.

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The Bottom Line

Where to find wonton wrappers in grocery store? You may find this item in any of these aisles:

  • Refrigerator Aisle,
  • Dairy or Deli Section,
  • Produce Area,
  • And International Food Aisle.

Finding this item is a bit tricky, so it’s best that you ask the store staff for assistance so you can save time.

Or better yet, get one online. Just make sure that you read the product information and reviews so you can determine the product’s quality.

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