Top 12 Good Wines That Taste Like Juice (You Might Now Know)

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Wine is a refreshing beverage we enjoy over meals, parties, or stressful evenings. You can enjoy it as a connoisseur or as a partygoer, with friends or business associates, or alone. It’s such a versatile drink!

There are also many different kinds of wine made from various fruits, aging processes, and the like. Because of that, we get wide ranges of flavor, to the point we all have our preferred taste in wine.

While some wine enthusiasts enjoy the balanced bitter, sweet, and sour flavors many wines have, others may not appreciate its musty aftertaste. Hey, maybe you’re like us and like wine that tastes like juice, something a bit sweeter?

Take a look at these wines that offer a sweet taste many will appreciate!

What’s a Good Wine That Tastes Like Juice?

Are you one of the people who appreciate sweet wines, like adult versions of juices? The good news is that the wine market caters to wine lovers who enjoy the sweet and fruity flavors of wine, just as much as they cater to wine drinkers who like a stronger flavor.

If you’re in the liquor store looking for a sweet wine to enjoy, choose among the following:

1. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is French that translates to “pine and black.” It’s one of the most famous wines worldwide, regarded as the most romantic wines.

This wine is made with pinot noir grapes clustered in pinecone shapes. Expect a red fruit aroma of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries.

You can find many different flavors of Pinot Noir, and compared to Concord, it has a much lighter consistency.

2. Concord

Concord is known as one of the wines that taste like grape juice! Compared to other wines made from different wine grapes, Concord is made of 100% Concord grapes.

It has a syrupy consistency with an equally sweet and syrupy taste, no bitterness or dryness. You can even taste a hint of grape soda, which is why many people say it’s the adult version of their favorite childhood beverage.

Since Concord grapes have less sugar than other wine grapes, more sugar is added during the wine-making process, hence the overly sweet flavor and syrupy texture.

3. Riesling

This wine is made in Germany, varying from very dry to sweet. Riesling has a light body that offers ripe pear aromas. At times, it also provides other aromas, like apples, apricots, and even nectarine!

Some people have compared the acidic flavor or Riesling to that of lemonade. However, the sweet flavor balances the high acidity levels, so think of it as an adult version of sweet lemonade.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a dry or sweet wine with Riesling.

4. Beaujolais

Made in eastern France, Beaujolais is actually a wine region that uses the Gamay Noir grape. It has a low tannin level and fruitier taste, lighter-bodied than other wines but a fair alcohol content. (*)

This has a unique artificial aroma of bananas and bubblegum as it goes through a carbonic maceration process. That’s when winemakers process wines in carbon dioxide-rich environments.

5. Grenache

As the name suggests, Grenache is made of the grenache grape, which is grown in hot and dry climates. The soft-bodied wine has a subtle berry flavor with a hint of spice.

Grenache tastes fruity and flavorful when young, but they have a tart and leathery flavor as they age. That’s why people use Grenache as a blending agent to add a sweet grape flavor to other wines.

6. Merlot

This wine has a lower tannin level, offering an easier, softer flavor.

Many people love Merlot as it tastes like plum with mild traces of chocolate flavor. If you’re looking for a milder wine flavor, we recommend Merlot.

Fun fact: Merlot means “Little Blackbird” and is one of the more popular wines for its fruity grape flavors.

7. Vin Santo

This is a sweet dessert wine typically grown in Tuscany. Many people appreciate this wine as it has intense caramel and hazelnut flavors.

In fact, in Italy, people serve this wine with biscotti, as you can dunk it in wine, like an Oreo in milk!

Fun fact: Vin Santo is also commonly known as the Holy Wine.

8. Sangiovese

Sangiovese is made from young Sangiovese grapes, offering that sharp, fresh strawberry flavor with just a hint of spiciness. The longer the wine ages, the more it develops that slightly starry and oaky flavor.

This wine doesn’t have as strong of an aroma as other wine varieties, though you can expect it to taste a bit of sour red cherries. Earthy, tea leaf notes are also part of its mild flavor, making it an excellent alternative to stronger wines.

9. Lambrusco

Lambrusco is an Italian wine with a frothy nature and soft rose flavor. It’s made of rich, concentrated grape, giving the wine its distinctive flavor. (*)

Lambrusco would taste dry and bitter without concentrated grape, with just a hint of strawberry.

10. Moscato

Moscato tastes a bit like oranges and peaches, with some saying it possesses the aromas of sweet Meyer lemon, ripe pear, and honeysuckle. It also has a floral aroma because of linalool, a compound found in cinnamon, citrus, and mint flowers.

Unlike Concord, Moscato is light yet sweet with a fizzy texture and lower alcohol content than other wine varieties.

11. Manischewitz

If you want more of a fruity flavor, we recommend getting the Jewish Manischewitz. This lovely wine is made of Labrusca grapes, giving it a unique, unusual aroma.

Large amounts of sugar are added during the production process, perfect for the sweet tooth. It’s ideal for those who want kosher or matzo wines without the need to sacrifice that popular grape taste.

12. Nebbiolo

As this wine ages, it experiences discoloration, turning brick orange at the glass rim. After maturing, Nebbiolo will reveal flavors of cherries, raspberries, prunes, wild herbs, violets, truffles, tar, and even tobacco.

This red wine is very tannic and bold, with the flavor differing wildly based on the location it’s grown in. In general, Nebbiolo has a red-fruit and rose aroma with a leathery flavor as we ingest it because of the tannins.

Fun fact: Nebbiolo is a kind of Italian red wine, with its name coming from the word “nebbia,” which translates to “fog.” This is because the grape harvest occurs amid a foggy atmosphere!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions left burning in your mind? All jokes aside, we’ve got the answers for you! Check out these frequently asked questions:

What is a wine that tastes like grape juice made of?

Some wines don’t taste like the fruits they’re made of, with different wines using various grape varieties that offer unique flavors. If you want that definitive grapey taste, look for wine made of Concord grapes, which have that sweet and enhanced grape taste.

What’s the difference between classic and fruity, sweet wine?

Classic wine, whether red or white, would have a characteristic taste. Aromas from the grape or berries are mixed with earthy and slightly acidic flavors, which give classic wine that sharp, robust taste.
Wines tasting more like grape juice would have a thicker and sweeter taste, and even that syrupy consistency!

How will I know if wine is made of Concord grapes?

USA labeling laws require that at least 75% of the wine must be made from grapes listed on the label. The remaining 25% can be made from other grape varieties.
Meaning there are 25% (or fewer) wines made of Concord grapes, giving the wine a sweet taste. Concord, in particular, would have mostly Concord grapes, with the remaining 25% made from other grape or berry varieties like blackberries or strawberries.

Wrapping It Up

Wines don’t need to taste too bitter or musty! Some wines taste like juice for everyone to enjoy.

Did you find the best wine that tastes like juice from our list? Let us know what you think of any of these fruity wines in the comments section below.

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