Where to Find Rose Water in Grocery Stores | A Comprehensive Guide

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Before, the only place in the kitchen for flowers is in a vase at the dining table. But did you know that rose (water) now deserves a spot in your pantry too? (*)

A drop of this specialty culinary ingredient can take your desserts to a whole new level and provide your drinks with a splash of floral flavor you never thought they needed.

If you’ve just recently found out the amazing culinary uses of rose water and you’re excited to try it out, you might be wondering—where to find rose water in grocery store?

We can help you out with that!

Quick answer:

You can find rose water in any of these aisles—International Food, Baking Aisle, Spice Area, and Beverage Section.

But heads up, not all brands you’ll find in these stores are fantastic options.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know how to choose the best brands in this article.

Continue reading to know more!

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Where to Find Rose Water in The Grocery Store?

You will find rose water in the international aisle. Once you reached this aisle, go straight to the shelves where the Latin, Indian, or Middle Eastern food items are.

But if the store has no dedicated aisle for International food items, the next best aisle to check out is the baking section since it’s also an ingredient used for baking.

Your third choice is the spice section. In this area, you may find it beside the honey and syrup sweeteners.

Last but not the least, you can take a look at the beverage section. It might be displayed alongside sparkling waters and seltzers on the shelves.

Pro Tip:

Keep in mind that rose water isn’t exactly a popular product. So if you want to save time, it’s best that you ask the staff or the people at the information center or counter for the item’s availability.

Because it’s not a common ingredient, another issue you’ll have to deal with when looking for one is finding a store that sells it.

Where to Buy Rose Water Near Me?

To help make things a whole lot easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the best stores that offer this item below:


This major retailer offers a good selection of brands. And with its popularity, you most likely have a Walmart location near you, so it’s a pretty convenient option.

Pro Tip:

The best thing about shopping at Walmart is you can check the stock’s availability and location in the store’s mobile app.

Whole Foods

In this shop, you might be able to find the item in their International aisle. It might also be in the condiment aisle—besides the honey.


This grocery carries top brands like Al Wadi, Cortas, and Fee Brothers and you’ll find these in either the International Foods or beverage aisle.


Here, you should head to the seltzer aisle to take a look at their offerings.

Local Health Food Stores

If you want to reduce the search time, skip the major stores and go directly to the local health food stores. Since it offers a wide range of health benefits, it’s a staple product in this kind of store. (*)


And if you want to skip the lines and the shelf hunting altogether, you can always order it online via Amazon.

Aside from the fact that they’ll deliver the item straight to your doorstep, this online marketplace offers an extensive range of rose water types and brands, so you can easily find one that will suit both your needs and budget.

What are the Best Rose Water Brands?

Finding rose water is not an easy feat, but determining which brand to buy is an entirely different ballgame.

But don’t you worry—we’re still here to help you. Check out some of our recommended brands below:

  • Sweet Essentials– 100% Food-grade Rose water from Morocco, so you know it’s a premium product.
  • Shams– gluten-, sugar-, and preservative-free products that can be used for cooking and baking.
  • Nielsen- Massey– one of the best-smelling options out there yet has a subtle flavor that works best on fresh salads.
  • Cortas– the most affordable and popular brand in the market.  

Now that you know what the best brands are, the next best step is to figure out which of these brands will work best for you.

How to Choose Rose Water To Buy?

Here are some of the buying tips to help you out:

Manufacturing Process

High-quality rose water products are those that are made using the distillation process.

The items made this way are pure and potent because they contain only roses and water—no other additives.

Ingredients List

The best way to determine if the product is of high quality is by checking the ingredients label.

If you want premium products, opt for the ones that have rose hydrolat or rose distillate on its label. Unfortunately, it’s not a common item in most stores.

What you’ll find are those that contain synthetic oil fragrances or essential oils. Make sure that these additives are food-grade before using them for cooking.


This item isn’t exactly an affordable product, especially if you’re looking for a premium brand. That’s why you must do a price comparison first before you make your decision.

How to Use Rose Water?

Now that you have the best brand on hand, let’s get down to the most exciting part—putting your newly brought item to good use! Here are some of the ways how you can use rose water for cooking:

Use it to bake desserts.

You can replace vanilla extract with rose water in baking desserts if you want a slightly floral flavor and a hint of flowery fragrance. It works well on cakey items like muffins, tarts, and cakes.

Add it into lattes.

Lattes are amazing but have you ever tried rose tea lattes? These can be done by simply adding rose water to different types of herbal tea lattes, which are a better and more flavorful way to start your day.

Stir the water into creamy dishes.

Cream and rose water are best friends. They just work oh-so-well together!

So if you want to elevate your creamy desserts (like pana cotta, puddings, and ice creams), you can just simply add this to them!

Cook your meat dishes with it.

Okay, you might never think of pairing meats with rose water, but we promise you won’t regret this combo.

The best recipes that come to our minds are this Moroccan roasted chicken or this African pan-fried Sea Bass recipe.

The Bottom Line

Where to find rose water in grocery store? If you want your search to be a whole lot easier, check out these aisles:

  • International Food,
  • Baking aisle,
  • Spice section,
  • and Beverage area.

When looking for rose water, remember that not all grocery stores sell it, and that’s why you should stick with checking out the list of stores we’ve shared with you.

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