Where to Find Rice Paper in Grocery Store (Visit These Aisles!)

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Imagine this: You finally found the perfect spring rolls recipe, and you’re excited to prepare it for your family!

So you head straight to the store, rounded up all the veggies, and gathered all the condiments that you need.

Now, you only need one thing, the star ingredient—rice paper.

But, here’s the problem: you can’t seem to find it!

And so you’ve been running up and down the store, asking yourself: where to find rice paper in grocery store?

Well, let’s not waste any more of your time.

Short Answer:

You may find it in the International Food Aisle, Vietnamese or Chinese section, or the Health Food area.

But wait, your search doesn’t end there. You also need to figure out which brands to buy and which stores to visit.

Read on to find out the answers!

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Where to Find Rice Paper in Grocery Store?

The answer would depend on which type of store you’re buying at.

If you’re at a major retailer, head to the International Foods aisle. You may also find it in the Health Food section. In there, you may find it displayed next to the mock meats, tempeh, or tofu.

On the other hand, you may want to check the Vietnamese or Chinese section if you’re at an Asian grocery store.

Where to Buy Rice Paper Sheet? (Plus the Brands to Buy!)

Rice paper isn’t the most popular ingredient out there, so you may have some trouble finding rice paper in the usual grocery stores.

So to help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best stores most likely to carry this sought-after Asian staple. Here are some of them:


Good news—you can find this elusive ingredient at your local Walmart store. Since this one’s a major retailer, you most probably would find it in the store’s International Food section. And if they have a dedicated aisle for each cuisine, you should head straight to either the Chinese or Vietnamese aisles.

In this store, you might find the Dynasty brand which is a soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and Non-GMO product. Another option is the Three Ladies which is an authentic Vietnamese brand. Lastly, you can check out the Cathay brand which is low-carb and made of natural ingredients.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check out the store’s website or mobile app for stock availability and location.


If you want to have access to more brands or you just simply want to make your purchasing experience a lot simpler and more convenient, then you should definitely check out Amazon.

Some of the top brands that we’ve come across in this online marketplace are Best of Thailand (suitable for all types of diet), MeKoMan (organic brand), Asiadeli (preservative- and fat-free), as well as the top brands you can find at Walmart.

Asian Stores

Your best bet when it comes to finding this product is the small Asian store near you. As we’ve said, check out either the Vietnamese or Chinese section of these stores and you’ll most likely find it there.

How Does Rice Paper Look Like in Grocery Stores?

If you’ve never bought rice paper before, then you may find it difficult to find it on the store shelves.

The good news is they are often packaged in the same way as tortilla wrappers are—in a resealable plastic bag. On the other hand, some brands pack theirs in a transparent round plastic container.

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Rice Paper?

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing rice paper:


When you check the ingredients list, you’ll most likely find any of these 3 variations—100% tapioca starch, 100% rice, or a combination of both ingredients.

As much as possible, avoid the ones made with 100% tapioca starch which is harder and a lot more difficult to roll.

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Printed Date

The printed date is the best-by or best-before date. It indicates when you can expect the product will retain its peak quality.

If you plan to stock the item for longer periods, then it’s important that you opt for one with a later printed date.

Size/ Diameter

Keep in mind that the bigger the wrapper, the more filling you need. Not only that, it will be a lot harder to roll too.

Red Rose

If you want the best option, make sure to look for products with the Red Rose image on the label. This simple image is proof that the products are regarded as high-quality items.

How to Use Rice Paper?

This product is slowly becoming popular for a lot of good reasons—it’s healthy, quite versatile, but most of all—it’s so easy to use!

So how do you use it? Here‘s how:

Step 1. Soften the rice paper.

There are two ways to do this—gently wipe it with a damp towel or submerge it in water. Which technique you should use depends on the amount of tapioca starch your rice paper has.

If it has high tapioca starch content, pat it with a damp towel. On the other hand, submerge it in water for 7 to 8 seconds if it’s 100% rice flour.

If it’s made of both tapioca and rice starch, you should also submerge it in water. The thinner the rice paper, the shorter the duration—about 2 to 4 seconds.

Step 2. Add the filling.

If you have an 8.5-inch rice paper, about 2 to 3 tablespoons of filling. Adjust it accordingly if you have a larger or smaller paper.

Place the filling at the lower third of the paper—right in the middle.  

Make sure to keep the surface as dry as possible. If possible, wipe it off dry in between making rolls.

Pro Tip: To make the process a whole lot easier, try getting a rice paper wrapper tray. The tray has holes in them to allow the excess water to drain from your rolling surface.

Step 3. Roll the paper.

Fold the sides gently yet tightly in the middle. After that, fold the bottom seam upwards. Make sure to tuck the filling tightly using your pointing finger.

Roll it all the way up and secure the closing seam with a bit of water.

Step 4. Serve.

Arrange the rolls on your platter. Serve with your favorite dip on the side.

So that’s it! Soften, fill, roll, and serve, and you can get to enjoy a satisfying dinner in just a few minutes.

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What if There’s No Rice Paper?

Rice paper is most commonly used for making spring rolls. But while it’s easy to use, you might encounter a few issues.

Firstly, it contains a bit of carb, so it’s not the best option for keto dieters. Secondly, the softening process is a bit intimidating. Lastly, it’s not a common item you’ll find in grocery stores.
With that said, here are some of the best rice paper alternatives that you can use:

  • Lettuce leaves or other types of leafy vegetables,
  • Seaweed wrapper,
  • Wonton wrappers,
  • and thinly sliced veggies like jicama, cucumbers, or zucchini.


The Bottom Line

Where to find rice paper in grocery store? You can find it in any of these three aisles:

  • International Food Aisle or Health Food section (major retailers), or
  • Vietnamese or Chinese Food aisles (small Asian stores).

This ingredient may be elusive, but you’ll most likely find it in any of the stores that we’ve shared with you. And if not, you can always try any of the substitutes we’ve recommended. 

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