Unlock the Secret Location of Vinegar in the Grocery Store!

Is it just us or is the trip to the grocery store slowly becoming like an Easter egg hunt?

You don’t know where the items are and sometimes, it would take hours before you can find everything on your shopping list.

You’d have to jump from one aisle to another just to find something as basic as vinegar!

So if you’re tired of asking yourself—where is vinegar in the grocery store, we’re here to put an end to your dilemma. 

Short answer: It’s in the condiment aisle.

However, where you’ll find it will vary depending on the type that you’re looking for.

But don’t you worry! We’re here to give you a short guide on where to go, which stores to visit, and what brands to buy. Check out this article to find out!

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Where is Vinegar in the Grocery Store?

Different kinds of vinegar are displayed in the Condiments aisle. You’ll find it alongside other cooking ingredients like oils, soy sauce, ketchup, and many more.

But please keep in mind that the location may vary depending on the type of vinegar that you’re looking for.

Common types like white and balsamic are often displayed in the condiments area, but the other less popular ones may be found in other aisles.

For example, you may also want to check the International Food section if you’re looking for rice vinegar (which is commonly used for Asian dishes) or malt vinegar (a staple in European and British cuisine).

On the other hand, you should also visit the Health Food area if you’re looking for apple cider vinegar which is known for its amazing health benefits. (*)

Which Stores to Look at (and the Brands to Look For)?

Looking for this product may seem like an easy feat. But if you need the less common types, it’s important that you go to stores that sell an extensive range of products, so you’re sure that you’d find what you need.

To help you out, we’ve enumerated some of your top options (along with the best brands and in which aisle you might find them) below:


As one of the leading grocery stores in the US, you can expect Walmart to have just about all the types you need—from white distilled to apple cider to balsamic.

They also offer their own brand—Great Value—as well as other popular options.

You’ll find all these products in their Oils and Condiment aisles.


This store offers its own brand of vinegar and you can find them either in the condiments and salad dressings aisle or the baking aisle, depending on what type you’re looking for.

Whole Foods

If you want organic brands, this is the store to check out. They often display theirs alongside cooking oils which can be found in the Condiments area.

Trader Joe’s

You’ll likely find a namesake brand of vinegar in Trader Joe’s.

Asian Markets

Since this cooking item is a staple in Asian cuisine, you’ll enjoy a wide assortment of options when you visit an Asian convenience or grocery store.

Ethnic Markets

These are the best spots to check if you’re looking for specialty vinegar.


If you don’t have time to visit any of these stores, you can easily log in at Amazon and check out their extensive range of cooking products. Here, you can find different brands as well as various types.

That’s not all. This is also the best website to head to if you want to buy the product in bulk.

Some of their most popular brands are Happy Belly by Amazon, Bragg, Heinz, Colavita, and many more. 

What Does Vinegar Look Like in the Store?

If you want to make your search as easy as possible, you need to know what you’re looking for. By familiarizing the condiment’s packaging, you can easily spot it on the shelves.

With that said, you must know that most of the vinegar products in grocery stores come in either a glass bottle or a plastic jar, and the color of the packaging may vary depending on the type.

For example, apple cider and balsamic often come in an amber-colored bottle while white and rice types are packaged in a clear or white, clear, or opaque bottle or jar.

If you plan to buy in bulk, the condiment will usually come in a large plastic jar, which is more durable and a lot easier to handle.

However, keep in mind that only the common types are available in gallons in grocery stores. If you want to buy specialty types in bulk, you may need to look for a direct supplier (for restaurants) for that.

What are the Different Types of Vinegar (and Which Should You Choose?)

When choosing vinegar, the first thing you need to decide on is what type of vinegar you need. Each type has different flavors and, therefore, has varying uses. Below are some of the kinds that you should look into:


This is the most popular and accessible type of all. It’s clear and has the most neutral flavor so you can use it in an extensive array of dishes like salad dressings, savory dishes, grilled food, and even desserts.


It has a darker color and delivers a more distinct and deeper taste. The best way to use this is to drizzle it all over salads, toast, and other dishes.

Apple Cider

It’s made from fermented apples so it has a fruity flavor. Because of its nutritional content, it has become popular as a health supplement.

However, it’s also a versatile cooking ingredient since you can use it for making dressings, marinades, and pickling.


These types are a crossover between wine and vinegar, and they are the best option for pasta sauces, salad dressings, and marinades, and are a staple in Italian cuisine.


This is sweeter than most types and delivers a crisp acidity that other types don’t have. It’s the best option for whipping Asian dishes.


It’s fermented from ale and is a staple in British and English cuisine. You can use this to add flavor to fish and chips and fries.

Final Words

Where is vinegar in the grocery store? The best place to head to would be the condiments section.

But please keep in mind that the location may vary depending on the type that you need and the grocery store you’ll be buying at. If the type that you’re looking for isn’t at the condiments section, you can always check out the International Food section as well as the Health Food aisle.

And for the easiest shopping experience, you can always order what you need online from Amazon or the official Walmart website.

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