Where is Coconut Water in Grocery Store? (Quick Answer)

Coconut Water Where to Buy & Find in the Grocery Store

Imagine this: You’re running errands on a hot sunny day when you want nothing more than to just lie on the beach with a drink in hand.

And suddenly, an idea came to mind: you really do need a drink on hand—coconut water!

So you went on a quick store run to grab one.

Unfortunately, the run isn’t turning out to be as quick as you expected it because it’s so difficult to find coconut water!

So you sat there, frustrated, parched, and wondering, where is coconut water in grocery store?

Short Answer:

You can find it either in the Beverages aisle or the Refrigerator section.

But we’ll have to be honest. Finding coconut water in the grocery store is just half the battle. Once you’ve found it, you’d also have to decide which brand to get.

The good news is we’ll share everything you need to know about shopping for coconut water below, so keep on reading!

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Where is Coconut Water in The Grocery Store?

Coconut water is one of the most refreshing drinks there is, and that’s why you’ll most likely find it in the store’s beverage aisles. It’s often displayed beside other types of drinks like fruit juices, energy drinks, sparkling water, regular water, and many more.

If you’re looking for coconut water that you can drink right away, you may want to check the Refrigerator section. In there, you can find chilled coconut water that will instantly quench your thirst and refresh you.

But since grocery layouts change a lot, you may also want to check either the Organic or Health Food corner or the International Food aisle.

Pro Tip: If you want to extract your own coconut water, you can get fresh coconuts from the store’s Produce or Fruit area.

Where to Buy Coconut Water? (and Which Brands to Get)

Now that we’ve finally found coconut water at the store, it’s time to get down to brass tacks—knowing which store to go to and which brands to get. Well, you might want to check out our list below:


They keep their coconut water in the Beverage aisles and almost all of their locations have this item in stock.

Some of the best brands you can find here are Coco Vita, C20, and Goya. 

Whole Foods

Of course, you can find coconut water at this popular health food store. Their most popular brand is the 365 by Whole Foods Market. But aside from that they offer other quality brands as well.

Trader Joe’s

This store also stocks this item in its Beverages aisle. Same with Whole Foods, the store also have its own brand.


If you head to this store, you might likely find the product in their Deli section. The best part about purchasing from this store is you can have your orders delivered to your doorstep.

If you’re one busy person, that’s one offer you might want to take advantage of.


If you want convenience and access to a whole lot of options, this is the website that you should definitely visit.

This online marketplace sells almost all the brands (yes, even the name brands) you can find in other stores. Not only that, but they also sell coconut water in bulk so you can enjoy great discounts.

When shopping at Amazon, some of the best brands to look for are Amy & Brian, Bai, Taste Nirvana, and many more.  

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Coconut Water?

Well, here’s the next question— how do you choose which of these brands you should buy?

Simple. You just need to keep these considerations in mind:


If you want good coconut water, there should only be one item in the product’s ingredients list—coconut water.

Avoid products that contain artificial preservatives and flavorings or added sugar.


The packaging must contain the labels—100% coconut water and not from concentrate—so you can make sure that you’re getting only the best product.

In addition to that, you may also want to make sure that the product you’re getting is gluten-free (if you’re sensitive to gluten), cholesterol-free, and non-GMO.

Sugar and Calorie Content

Some brands contain added sugar which increases the item’s sugar and calorie content. If you’re cutting down on your sugar intake or you wish to lose weight, make sure that you check the product’s nutritional content.

Other Features

While you’re already at it, you may also want to look for products that are infused with vitamins and electrolytes. Additionally, you should also go for those that contain pulp as these are rich in fiber. 

Keep in mind, though, that these are just nice-to-have features and not basic needs.

What to Use in Place of Coconut Water?

If you don’t have the time to head to the store to buy coconut, here are some of the alternatives that you can use instead:

Birch Tree

Since it has almost the same taste and appearance as coconut water, it’s one of the best substitutes out there. 

Maple Water

This is a sweet-tasting water used in making maple syrup, so you can expect it to be sweeter than coconut water. 

Cactus Water

It’s rich in minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants, and has the same nutritional value as coconut water. 

Final Words

Where is coconut in grocery store? Here are the best aisles to check:

  • Beverages aisle,
  • Refrigerator section (for chilled items),
  • Organic or Health Food area,
  • Or the International Food aisle (besides the Latin products).

Before you place the product in the cart, make sure to check the labels, ingredients list, and the nutritional content to make sure that you’re getting the best product to suit your needs.

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