Where is Chicken Stock in Grocery Store? (Your Best Guide!)

chicken stock Where to Buy & Find in the Grocery Store

Is it just me or is looking for chicken stock in the grocery store now becoming more difficult and tedious than making one?

Store-bought chicken stock is supposed to be a convenient option.

But with the number of aisles you have to check out to find it, it has become more of an Easter Egg hunt than just a simple store run.  

So where is chicken stock in the grocery store?

We’re here to solve this issue.

News Flash:

It’s either in the Canned Goods or Soup section. Once you get there, you’ll find so many options that will certainly overwhelm you.

The good news is we’re here to help you make the right decision. Read on to find out the best brands and buying tips you need to know!

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Should you buy or make your own chicken stock?

Why buy the chicken stock if you can make one at home? To help you out, here are some pointers to keep in mind as to when you should use chicken stock versus chicken broth:

Make your own chicken stock if you:

  • have time (an hour or so) to spare.
  • want a healthier option since you can control how much salt and what type of ingredients go into it,

Go buy a chicken stock if you:

  • are short on time.
  • want a more convenient option.

How to make chicken stock?

While it definitely takes a lot of time, making your own chicken stock is actually quite easy. The truth is, most of the prep time goes into slicing, chopping, and peeling the vegetables and meat.

After prepping the ingredients, throw everything into the crockpot and add in water.

Bring everything to a gentle simmer. Cook it uncovered for up to 4 hours.

Strain the stock before transferring it into your choice of container.

Pro Tip:

Use 4 pounds of chicken bones for every 12 cups of water. For a richer and more flavorful stock, increase the number of chicken bones up to 8 pounds.

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Where is Chicken Stock in Grocery Store?

Even though chicken stock and chicken broth are different products, you can find them in any of these two aisles—the Canned Goods aisle or the Soups section.

On the shelves, you might find it beside the displays of other broths, bouillon, and stocks.

What does chicken stock look like in the grocery store?

To be honest, the packaging of chicken stock is similar to that of chicken broth, and here are the options to look for:

  • Big carton box (similar to that of milk),
  • A small carton box (like that of juice in Tetra Packs),
  • and can.

What are the Best Chicken Stock Brands (and Where Can You Find Them!)

Now that you’ve found the right aisle, it’s time for the exciting part— determining which brands from the shelves you should choose. Here are some of our top picks:

Pacific Food’s

This is one of the few attractive brands because its products are made from all-natural and organic ingredients

Where to Find It: Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger.  


What makes this brand topnotch is its full-bodied flavor which features a strong chicken flavor laced with hints of vegetables and seasonings. Not only that, this great-tasting option also has a fat- and gluten-free formulation.  

Where to Find It: Amazon, Walmart, and Publix.

Kitchen Basics

Made only with quality ingredients, you get nothing but the best taste from the Kitchen Basics Chicken Stock. Because of this, it delivers full-bodied flavors featuring savory chicken flavor, tender and hearty veggie taste, and premium spices and herbs.

The best part about this brand is the formulation contains 45% less sodium than most products.

Where to Find It: Amazon and Walmart.


If you want your meals to have a rich slow-roasted chicken flavor, this brand is the one you need to consider. In addition to its amazing taste, another thing you’ll love is its gluten-free USDA organic formulation.

The bonus point is the stock comes in a resealable carton which is quite handy and convenient if you love stocking up on chicken stock.

Where to Find It: Amazon and Costco.

Glace de Poulet Gold

This brand stands out from the rest because of its unique smoky flavor from the roasted chicken. Not only that, it has a deep and rich toasted color and a syrupy consistency that you can’t get from any other brands of chicken stock.

 Where to Find it: Amazon.

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What Criteria to Keep in Mind When Choosing Chicken Stock?

These brands seem pretty amazing, right? That’s why the hunt for the perfect chicken stock won’t be as easy as you think.

The good news is we can make it a little bit easier for you. We’ve enumerated some of the top criteria to keep in mind and you can find them below:


When it comes to stock, the flavor should be your utmost priority. After all, it can significantly affect the taste of your dishes.

What you need to look for is a product that tastes more than just chicken. It should have a full-bodied flavor that features flavors from different kinds of vegetables as well as herbs and spices.

Salt or Sodium Content

Chicken stock should be packed with savory flavor—not just a salty taste. Aside from making your dishes taste extra salty, high sodium or salt content can also have a detrimental effect on your health. (*)

With that said, it’s best that you go for products with low- or reduced-sodium formulations.


When it comes to texture, the benchmark would be that of homemade chicken stock which is thick and gelatinous. To determine this, you’d have to check out the product’s reviews.


Last but definitely not least, you need to check out the type and quality of ingredients the stock contains.

Typically, a good chicken stock contains only the basics—chicken, water, veggies, herbs, and spices. It should be nothing more (no preservatives) or nothing less.

And if possible, go for products that are labeled gluten- and preservative-free or USDA organic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chicken stock the same as chicken broth?

As we’ve said, chicken stock and chicken broth aren’t the same things. It’s important that you know what their differences are so you can determine which of these products you really need.

Here’s the main difference: the stock is made with slow-cooking chicken bones with aromatics and vegetables to deliver a rich and deep full-bodied flavor while the broth is made from simmering chicken meat which delivers a less robust taste and contains higher amounts of sodium.

While most people use these products interchangeably, the difference in their texture makes them suitable for different types of dishes. The broth’s thin texture works best for soups while the stock’s thick and gelatinous texture is recommended for stews and saucy dishes.

Final Words

Where is chicken stock in grocery store? You can easily find it in any of these two aisles—the canned goods section or the soups aisle. Head straight to the shelves where the bouillon and broths are, and you can definitely find chicken stock there.

Oh, and if you want the hunt to be a whole lot easier and more efficient, and more convenient, the best thing that you can do is order it online via Amazon or Walmart’s website and mobile application.

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