Where is Buttermilk in Grocery Stores? (The Aisles to Check Out!)

If this is your first time buying buttermilk, heads up: despite its many uses, buttermilk is one of those products that are hard to locate in the grocery store.  

If you have no idea what you’re looking for and where to find it, you might end up wasting your time aimlessly wandering from one aisle to another looking for it.

Lucky for you, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know about buying one– including what it looks like!

But first things first, where is buttermilk in grocery stores?

Short answer: Most probably, you’ll find buttermilk in the dairy section of your local grocery.

If it’s not there, there are two other aisles that you can check. Keep on reading to find out where!

Where Is Buttermilk in Grocery Stores?

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Since buttermilk is a dairy product, you’ll most likely find it in the store’s dairy section. You’ll find it alongside other dairy items like heavy cream, sour cream, and whipped cream.

If you can’t find the buttermilk in this aisle, here are some of the other aisles you should check out:

Refrigerator Section

Since the ideal storage temperature for buttermilk is 40 degrees Fahrenheit, some grocery stores stock their buttermilk in the refrigerator section to ensure its quality and longevity.

In the refrigerator, you can usually find it beside the yogurt and butter options.

Baking Aisle

Because buttermilk is also a common baking ingredient, some grocery stores also place it in the baking section.

What Does Buttermilk Look Like In Grocery Stores?

To make shopping a breeze, we’ll also share with you what its packaging looks like so you’ll know what to look for.

Let’s begin with the refrigerator section. The buttermilk you’ll most likely find in this area would be one that’s packaged in cardboard boxes that are either white or opaque.

On the other hand, the refrigerator might contain buttermilk packaged in bottles which will tend to look like milk, so make sure to pay extra attention to the label.

Last but not the least, the type you’ll find in the baking section would be powdered buttermilk packaged in small boxes or resealable plastic packs and not the liquid version.

Where to Get Buttermilk Near Me?

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Almost all grocery stores carry this product, and we’ve enumerated a few of the popular grocery stores below to help you out. Here they are:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Whole Foods
  • Safeway
  • Costco
  • Trader Joe’s Kroger
  • Publix

In addition to these brick-and-mortar shops, you can also find buttermilk in online stores. The best thing about these options is they will deliver the item right to your doorstep so you can get what you need without stepping out of the house.

Here are your best options:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart App

What Buttermilk Brands to Look For?

To help reduce your shopping time, we’ll also share some of our best buttermilk recommendations. Here are some of the best brands that we’ve tried so far:

Animal Farm

This brand is known for its full-fat buttermilk which features a light consistency and rich flavor. You can find this alongside other 100% cow milk products in grocery stores.

Garelick Farms

If you’re lactose-intolerant or on a diet and looking for a low-fat buttermilk, check out the one from Garelick Farms. It contains only 13 grams of carbohydrates and 1.5% milk fat.

Saco Pantry

For powdered versions, try the one from Saco Pantry which is made from cultured, churned sweet cream buttermilk which has a more distinct sweetness as compared to other brands.  

Other brands to look for are Hoosier Hill Farm, Organic Valley, and Five Acre Farms.

What to Look for When Buying Buttermilk?

Now that you know where you can find this product, our next mission is to help you find the best one for your needs. To do that, here are some of the things you need to consider:


Buttermilk comes in 3 different types—real or traditional, cultured, and powdered. Each type comes with different functions, so it’s best to know which one best suits your needs.

If you’re working on a traditional baking or cooking recipe, it will likely call for the real version. Unfortunately, you can only get this type from specialty dairy producers or local farmers.

On the other hand, the cultured version is what you’ll need in making modern recipes. This type is the liquid buttermilk you’ll find in grocery stores.

Last but not the least, most baking recipes would ask for the powdered version, and it’s the type that you’ll find in the baking aisle.


Your needs will determine how much buttermilk you’ll need. If you won’t use it that often or your recipe is just calling for a small amount of it, it’s best that you buy one in a smaller package.

But if you love to bake and most of your recipes would require buttermilk, go ahead and buy it in bulk.

  • Pro Tip: If you plan on storing buttermilk for the long term, go for the powdered version as it’s more shelf-stable than all the other types.

Expiry Date

Before you put that product in your grocery cart, make sure to check out the expiry date first to make sure that you can make the most out of its use.

Learn more: Can Buttermilk Go Bad? How Long Does Buttermilk Last?


If you’re buying the bottled ones, it’s best that you check out their appearance to make sure that it doesn’t have any discolorations (brownish or yellowish spots) and chunks that look like cottage cheese.

What Is Buttermilk Used For?

The most popular use of buttermilk is baking. It works by deepening the flavors of baked goodies. More than that, its acid content works with leavening agents to give baked goods more rise and a fluffier texture.

Additionally, it’s also used as a tenderizer for meat and chicken dishes. It also adds a bright and tangy flavor to salads, soups, and dressings.

What If There’s No Buttermilk? Buttermilk Substitutions

In the event that you can’t find any buttermilk, here are some of the alternatives you can try: (*)

  • Milk + Vinegar
  • Milk + Lemon Juice
  • Milk + Cream of tartar
  • Lactose-free milk + lemon juice or vinegar
  • Yogurt + Water or Milk
  • Kefir
  • Powdered Buttermilk + Water
  • Sour cream + Water or Milk

The Bottom Line

Where is buttermilk in grocery stores? You can find it in three locations—the dairy section, the refrigerator area, and the baking aisle.

Aside from the aisle to look for, make sure that you already know what type and how much of this product you need to buy so you can make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible.

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