Best Beef Stew Sides: Top 16 Pairings You NEED TO TASTE

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Are you feeling a bit cold and lonely? Then, we’ve got the perfect dish to warm you up—beef stew!

This hearty stew has chunky beef pieces, aromatic seasonings, fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. What more can you ask for!

If you want the ultimate comforting dinner, you should serve it with the right sides.

So what to serve with beef stew?

Check out our list of the best sides for beef stew!


Heavy and Filling Side Dishes For Beef Stew

If you find the flavors of beef stew to be a bit overwhelming, you should pair it with side dishes that will cut through its richness.

With that said, here are the best sides for beef stew that you’ll surely love!

1. Mashed Potatoes

Of course, we have to start with the most popular starchy side dish in the world—mashed potatoes. (*)

Mashed potatoes is a smooth, buttery side dish that is classic comfort food, so you can just imagine how cozy your meal can be when you serve it with another heartwarming dish like beef stew.

The traditional mashed potato recipe includes garlic and lots of butter.

Both flavors complement the taste of the rich beef stew pretty well. If you want to make your mashed potatoes creamier and more flavorful, add a dollop of sour cream to it.

Pro Tip: Try drizzling the sauce of the stew over your mashed potatoes for a rich and hearty meal you’ll surely enjoy.

Learn more: What to Eat with Mashed Potatoes?

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2. Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus

We have another potato side dish on the list, but this time, it has a nutritious add-on and a refreshing flavor that’s perfect for the summer days.

Instead of roasting red potatoes alone, try pairing them with asparagus for a well-balanced dish.

Additionally, drizzle it with balsamic vinegar for a more vibrant taste and allow the asparagus flavor to shine through.

Pro Tip: New potatoes or potatoes that have been harvested prematurely are recommended for roasting purposes as those can hold their shape a lot better.

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3. Sweet Potato Casserole

Yes, beef stew is a rich and hearty dish. But let’s be honest: it can get quite salty at times.

Well, that’s what sweet potato casserole is here for. Same with beef stew, it’s flavorful. The good news is its flavor is on the sweet side, so it can cut through the stew’s saltiness, making the meal more well-balanced.

It also has a streusel topping which adds a crunchy texture.

That’s not all.

We love preparing this dish because sweet potato has fewer carbs than potatoes, and it’s also packed with antioxidants.

Pro Tip: Add chopped pecans to your streusel topping for extra crunch and a savory and nutty flavor.

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4. Rice

A cup of rice is always the perfect accompaniment for a bowl of piping hot stew.

With its carbohydrate content and bland flavor, it can help satisfy your hunger without changing the stew’s flavor.

You have two options for your beef stew dinner—brown rice or white rice.

Pro Tip: Opt for brown rice for a chewier texture and nutty flavor. Bonus points: brown rice is also rich in magnesium and fiber.

5. Rice Pilaf

Here’s another rice dish that you wouldn’t want to miss out on—rice pilaf. Even though this is a fancier alternative than plain rice, it’s still an easy side dish to prepare.

You can cook it in just one pan!

Rice pilaf is a rice dish cooked with vermicelli, rice, butter, and chicken broth.

It’s also seasoned with onions, pepper, garlic, and cayenne to make it more flavorful.

The best part is that all the fresh herbs and spices commonly used complement the stew’s flavors.

Pro Tip: Don’t just stop with herbs and spices. You can also improve the rice’s texture by adding vegetables, meats, and nuts such as almonds, bacon, carrots, and many more.

6. Buttered Egg Noodles

If you want a side dish that will soak up all of the flavors of this savory stew, buttered egg noodles are what you’re looking for.

Compared to regular pasta, buttered egg noodles are more flavorful, buttery, and chewier.

But similar to rice and other types of noodles, it’s also quite versatile.

You can enhance its flavors by adding parmesan cheese, spinach, red pepper flakes, or minced garlic.

Pro Tip: Boil noodles in chicken broth for the best tasting egg noodles.

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7. Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Homemade beef stew and cheese?

Yes, please! If you love salty dishes as much as we do, this one’s for you.

When you think about it, the combination may become too salty, but surprisingly, it’s not!

The cheese adds boosts and ties all the flavors of the rich stew together.

And since it comes in bread form, it prevents the marriage of flavors from becoming too overwhelming.

Pro Tip: Cut the decadent cheddar cheese biscuits into cubes, toast them, and use them as crouton toppings for your stew.

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8. Dinner Rolls

If you love the idea of serving the delicious beef stew with bread, but you’re not a fan of cheese, try dinner rolls.

Just imagine sipping on a rich and hearty beef stew then taking a bite of the soft, buttery, and chewy dinner rolls afterward.

That seems fantastic, right? Well, it is!

You can also try dipping the dinner rolls in the bowl of hot stew so you can enjoy all of its unique flavors.

9. Crusty Homemade Bread

If your goal is to add texture to the stew, go for a crusty bread like baguette, sourdough, or focaccia.

These pieces of bread are crusty and perfectly crunchy on the outside then chewy on the inside and will certainly provide a nice contrast against your soup.

You can even boost the bread’s flavor by spreading butter on the bread or dipping the bread in olive oil.

Pro Tip: Take things to a whole new level by hollowing out the bread and using it to serve your stew.

Light and Refreshing Sides For Beef Stew

Do you find beef stew to be a bit rich and heavy already? If so, serve it with vegetables to balance the meal out. Here are some fantastic ideas:

10. Green Salad Goes With Beef Stew (BEST)

If you don’t have time to prep a fancy side dish, an ordinary green salad is a must-try side for you.

In addition to putting a healthy spin to your meaty dish, the crisp and fresh ingredients of the salad will give the stew contrasting textures and flavors and make it more interesting.

Our go-to salad ingredients are tomatoes, lettuce, and parmesan cheese.

You can serve it with apple cider vinaigrette or a simple creamy dressing.

Pro Tip: Add a crunchy spin to the salad by topping it with toasted pepita seeds or shaved almonds.

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11. Tomato Salad

A tangy and refreshing dish is the best way to cut through the hearty flavors of the stew, and tomato salad perfectly fits the bill.

From its name, the salad has tomatoes as the center of its attention, and the entire dish highlights its vibrant and fruity taste. Since it’s served cold, the combination of hot and cold dishes will undoubtedly surprise your taste buds.

It’s also very easy to do. You just need to mix tomato slices with chopped dill, parsley, and mint leaves, then drizzle balsamic vinaigrette on top.

12. Green Beans

Another well-balanced dish you can serve with beef stew is green beans.

You can serve this vegetable in two ways.

First, you can go for the simpler option: sautéed green beans. To make this, you just need to sauté the beans in butter or olive oil, minced garlic, and seasonings of your choice.

The other option is green bean salad. If you want to enjoy more flavors and textures, this is the dish for you. The salad features green beans, cheeses, nuts, and drizzles with balsamic vinaigrette for a refreshing taste.

13. Grilled Vegetables Go With Beef Stew (BEST)

Are you planning to serve your beef stew for a summer gathering?

First, bring out the summer vibes by serving it with grilled vegetables or roasted veggies. Then, pair it with a fruity or tangy dressing to simultaneously enjoy smoky and refreshing flavors.

The best vegetables for grilling are bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, and onions.

Don’t forget to season the vegetables with salt and pepper before grilling. You can also add other spices of your choice.

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14. Cucumber Salad

Here’s another side dish that’s perfect for the summer season.

The zesty and refreshing tastes of cucumber salad will offer an excellent balance for the decadent and rich flavors of your stew.

To make this, we recommend soaking the sliced cucumbers and onions in red wine vinegar, then seasoning with salt and pepper.

Pro Tip: Prepare the salad in advance to allow the flavors to blend well together.

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15. Oven-Roasted Broccoli

Not a fan of broccoli? We are, too—before we got to taste this fantastic recipe. While steaming is the healthiest way to cook broccoli, roasting is the best cooking method to bring out its great flavor.

Additionally, roasting will give it a smoky flavor and a nice crunchy texture, giving a nice contrast against the chunky fork-tender beef pieces in your stew.

Drizzle olive oil on the broccoli after roasting for a more flavorful touch.

Pro Tip: You can also season it with paprika and garlic to slightly heat the vegetable.

16. Spinach Salad

Beef stew can be fancy too! How? Serve it with a spinach salad. This simple side can add a touch of class to your meal, making it the perfect option for formal gatherings with family and friends.

In addition to spinach, the salad also contains nuts and lemon juice, making the dish more vibrant.

Pro Tip: If you wish to bring the summer vibes into your home during the winter or fall season, you can top it off with mandarin oranges or apple slices.

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Wrapping It Up

What to serve with beef stew? With lots of options out there, finding the perfect pairing for a beef stew can be a piece of cake.

The hard part is looking for a suitable side dish that will suit your taste and the other dishes on your dinner table.

But for sure, you’ll find the right side dish in our list, so make sure to check out this list when you decide to have a beef stew feast again.

Happy Cooking!

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