What to Eat with Cream Cheese (15 Ideas That Go Beyond)


So you just baked your favorite cheesecake (Tip: add lemon zest to make it more refreshing), and you have lots of leftover cream cheese, and you don’t know what to do with it. (*)

That’s the reason why you’re here, right?

We feel you as we’ve always been guilty of buying too much cream cheese. But of course, we all don’t want to put our favorite cheese to waste.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to use leftover cream cheese that goes more than just making cheesecake.

Keep on reading to find out what to eat with cream cheese!

What Go Well with Cream Cheese? (The Pairings You Need to Try)

Fact: cream cheese makes everything better. Let’s level up your cream cheese cravings with these delicious pairings:

1. Pasta Sauce

Are you a pasta lover? If so, you may want to check out this simple tip: use cream cheese to your pasta sauces can make them smooth and silky.

All that you need to do is add the melted cream cheese to your cooked pasta sauce, and you’re good to go!

Pro Tip: You can also make a simple cream cheese pasta recipe by sautéing garlic in olive oil and adding parmesan and cream cheese and a bit of pasta water. Add the pasta and top off with black pepper and more parmesan.

2. Pastry Dough

image of Pastry Dough

Who here loves puff pastry? Of course, we do, and our favorite filling is no other than cream cheese.

The good news is you can use cream cheese as puff pastry filling for both sweet and savory dishes.

If you want a sweet filling, you can mix cream cheese with any type of fruit (we love berries the most), sugar, and vanilla extract.

On the other hand, you can mix cream cheese with spinach, smoked bacon, parmesan, and other savory herbs if you want a salty treat.

3. Bagels

Bread would be the first thing that would come to mind when you think of what to eat with cream cheese. However, our favorite bread to pair with cream cheese is no other than bagels!

Why? Well, its chewy texture just goes oh so well with the creamy cheese.

Pro Tip: Try topping the bagel or any type of bread with smoked salmon for a savory treat. If you want a refreshing twist, top it off with fresh blueberries.

4. Toast

image of Toast

The best way to use cream cheese is as a spread. With that said, we love to spread cream cheese on toast in the morning.

There’s nothing better than getting a bite of luscious cream cheese and crunchy toast. The contrast in textures is just excellent!

Pro Tip: Use toppings to level up your toast game.

Some of the best savory toast and cream cheese toppings that we’ve tried are smoked salmon, prosciutto, and smoked bacon. For sweet toppings, you can go for honey, jelly, jam, cucumbers, and different types of fruits.

5. French Toast

Topping cream cheese on toast is a great way to start your mornings. However, stuffing cream cheese into your French toast will make your day a lot more special.

We love how the creamy cheese blends well with French toast’s honey and cinnamon powder. The combination just tastes heavenly!

Pro Tip: Try making French toast roll-ups for a mess-free breakfast experience.  

6. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a common breakfast meal, but did you know you can use cream cheese to take your eggs to a whole new level?

That’s right. All you need to do is add cream cheese to your omelet as it cooks for a fluffy and cheesy treat.

Don’t forget to top it off with fresh herbs for extra flavor.

Pro Tip: Wrap it in prosciutto if you want a protein-packed breakfast.

7. Crackers

How about a creamy snack for you and your kids? If so, then you can use cream cheese as a spread for your crackers.

Pro Tip: Make the snacks kid-friendly by adding a dollop of either jelly or jam on top of the cream cheese. For us, blueberry jam is the best option!

Or perhaps you’re looking for an appetizer that will indeed wow your guests?

Serve crackers alongside a cream cheese paté or dip.

Pro Tip: Mix spinach, horseradish, and parsley into the cream cheese for a salty dip. You may even add crispy bacon bits for a smoky touch.

8. Meatballs

Do you think meatballs are amazing?

Well, we can even make it more incredible for you– stuff meatballs with cheese.

Here’s what you can do: Take a small piece of cream cheese and stuff it into your meatballs before placing them in the oven.

After baking the meatballs, sear them in the pan for a nice crust. The textures of the different layers of the meatball (crisp to juicy to gooey) will undoubtedly make your taste buds dance.

Pro Tip: You can add cheddar cheese or pimento cheese and jalapeño for a cheesier twist and spicy kick.

9. Chicken Breasts

If you love a high-protein meal, chicken breasts are the king. And if you want to make it tastier, stuffing chicken breasts with cream cheese is the way to go.

Just imagine this: you have the crispy exterior surface followed by the soft and juicy chicken meat, and then you finally get to the melted gooey gooey cream cheese, which is a fantastic finale to your bite.

Pro Tip: Make your meal extra special by adding a sweet ham, garlic, and herbs to your cheese. You can also add citrus zest into your coating to give it a refreshing twist.

10.  Jalapeno Peppers

Yes, we love stuffing cream cheese in just about anything—even jalapeños! So, if you haven’t tried jalapeño poppers yet, now is the best time to do so.

We just make an opening in the middle of jalapeño and place a slice of cream cheese inside.

Jalapeño poppers are often deep-fried, but we prefer broiling as it’s healthier and easier to do.

Pro Tip: You can also blend cream cheese with jalapeños and spread the mixture over crackers. Top the crackers off with green olives and sardines for a fancy twist.

11.  Wonton Wrappers

If you love fried dumplings, you may want to try out cream cheese wontons. You can prepare this by simply placing a teaspoon of cream cheese in a wonton, wrapping it up, and deep-frying them.

When you take a bite of the crispy wontons, you get a cheesy surprise inside, which is truly delectable.

Pro Tip: Try making crab Rangoon. The process is the same. You just need to mix in flaked crabsticks and leeks or shallots.

12. Fruits

Do you want a refreshing snack? Serve cream cheese with fresh fruit. It can go well with just about any fruit—berries, bananas, pears, apples, and many more.

In addition to fresh fruits, you can also pair it with a few fruity desserts like macerated strawberries, brulèed bananas, drunken prunes, and many more.

13. Brownies Mix

Did you know that cream cheese can make your brownie feel smoother and creamier? That’s not all. It can also give a rich flavor to your brownies.

You can add a full brick of cream cheese into your brownies mix. Another option is to add cream cheese to egg yolk and brown sugar and swirl it on top of your brownies before baking.

14. Crepe

Cream cheese can be used on both sweet and savory recipes.

Our favorite sweet crepe filling is blueberries and cream cheese. Other sweet options are chocolates, bananas, mangoes, and other fresh fruits.

For savory recipes, you can try pairing cream cheese with lemon, dill, capers, pulled pork, bacon, and other meaty fillings you can think of.

Pro Tip: For an extra dose of sweetness, try spraying whipped cream or ice cream on top of your sweet crepes.

15.  Baked Goods

We have the best dessert idea for the finale—baked goods with whipped cream cheese frosting. If you enjoy the combination of salty and sweet flavors in one dish, this is one idea that you need to try.

To make whipped cream cheese frosting, you need the following ingredients: butter, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and cream cheese.  Whip all of the ingredients together until you create a thick mixture. Pipe this on top or inside muffins, cupcakes, cakes, and cookies.

Pro Tip: Add candy sprinkles, chocolate chips, and any topping that will tickle your fancy.

Final Words

Cream cheese is probably one of the most versatile cheeses out there. After all, it’s the only cheese that you can use on both savory and sweet dishes.

That’s not all.

You can also use it as a spread or a dip.

It can also be an appetizer, a snack, and even a dessert.

Indeed, the sky’s the limit when using cream cheese.

We’ve already shared with you some of the best pairings with cream cheese! If you have more ideas, please share them with us in the comments section!

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