What to do with Frozen Watermelon: 11 Creative Ideas & Tips

Elevate your frozen watermelon into exciting and cooling culinary delights!  Discover a world of fun and colorful recipes, from sensational smoothies to icy cocktails and unique desserts.  Dive into mouth watering frozen watermelon possibilities!

Quick Reference Frozen Watermelon Recipe Overview

RecipeDietary PreferenceKey Ingredients
Watermelon Coconut SherbetVeganPartially defrosted watermelon, coconut milk
Watermelon WhipVegan/VegetarianFrozen watermelon cubes, nut milk, or dairy milk
Watermelon Berry Lime PopsiclesVeganPartially defrosted watermelon, fresh blueberries
Banana Watermelon SmoothieVeganFrozen watermelon, frozen banana, frozen raspberries
Creamy Watermelon SmoothieVegetarianFrozen watermelon cubes, vanilla Greek yogurt
Easy Frozen Watermelon MargaritaVeganPartially defrosted watermelon, tequila, natural sweetener
Watermelon Lemonade Vodka SlushVeganPartially defrosted watermelon, vodka, sugar
Watermelon Malibu SlushVeganPartially defrosted watermelon, Malibu, lime
Watermelon Ice Cream PieVegetarianPartially defrosted watermelon, cream cheese, vanilla ice cream, cracker base
Watermelon Dream SquaresVegetarianWatermelon puree, milk, gelatine, cracker base
Salted Watermelon Sherbet BarsVegetarianPartially defrosted watermelon, kosher salt, frozen whipped topping

Let’s celebrate summer and take the ordinary slice of watermelon to new culinary heights!

Fresh watermelon makes a convenient snack and adds a sweet and crispy touch to garden salads.

Yet, this plush pink and juicy tropical fruit has more potential than we realize. 

In other words, avid epicures have embraced the challenge and created unique and exciting ideas.

So, if you are curious about what to do with frozen watermelon at your next summer gathering, check out our list of bright and colorful recipes.

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What to Do With Frozen Watermelon

We understand that you are keen to explore our recipe selection, but first, let’s lightly touch on freezing and defrosting watermelon.

How to Freeze Watermelon?

The best way to freeze watermelon is by following these easy steps.

What equipment do you need:

  • A baking tray
  • Parchment paper
  • Ziplock plastic bags

The process:

  • Cut the watermelon flesh into chunks
  • Place the chunks in single rows on a parchment-paper-lined baking tray
  • Put the tray in the freezer until frozen (ensure the tray is level).
  • Once frozen, remove the frozen watermelon cubes and place them in an airtight ziplock bag for future use

Tah Dah! That’s it!

How to Defrost Watermelon?

Place the bag of frozen watermelon on a plate and put it in the refrigerator overnight or until defrosted. 

Remember that watermelon is 92% water. When you freeze it, it expands.  

Consequently, the fruit’s cellular structure alters slightly, resulting in a more mushy texture. 

For this reason, you can partially defrost watermelon, depending on what you need it for.

That said, frozen and defrosted watermelon is better suited for smoothies, beverages, and recipes that call for watermelon puree.

While you can enjoy partially defrosted watermelon as a snack, it is not recommended for salads.

Right, let’s get the summer party started!

Frozen Watermelon Icy Treats

1. Watermelon Coconut Sorbet – Vegan

When it comes to tropical fruit, the perfect complementary ingredient is coconut.

This recipe calls for coconut milk blended with defrosted watermelon chunks, lemon or lime juice, and coconut syrup.

We understand that coconut syrup is not a pantry regular. So, you can replace it with maple syrup or molasses and yield the same sweet and tasty result.

Serve 3 generous scoops in your favorite ice cream bowl and garnish with fresh raspberries and garden mint.

Get recipe here. 

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Allergy information: none

2. Watermelon Whip – Vegan/Vegetarian

This 3-ingredient smooth and creamy whip will have you chilling in no time.

All you need is frozen watermelon cubes, frozen strawberries, and your favorite nut milk.  

Whizz these ingredients together and serve in a hollowed-out watermelon shell. It looks so beautiful and will have your guests intrigued.   

You can substitute nut milk with dairy milk for vegetarian diets. The result is just as delicious and refreshing.  

Pro Tip:  garnish with fresh raspberries or strawberries and garden mint

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: nuts

3. Watermelon Berry Lime Popsicles – Vegan

It is so easy to make these fun and fruity popsicles.  

In addition, you can avoid any additives commonly found in popsicles from grocery stores.  

This recipe calls for fresh watermelon. However, you can use frozen watermelon cubes.  

The fresh blueberries bring a hint of tartness and texture alongside the lime juice, providing a zesty “pop.”  

Rest assured, the children will love these cooling treats, and probably the adults, too!

Pro Tip:  add a handful of finely chopped garden mint. It enhances the flavor and adds to the gorgeous colors.  

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: none

Frozen Watermelon Smoothie Recipes

4. Banana Watermelon Smoothie – Vegan

Did you know that using frozen bananas contributes to a smoothie’s “creamy” elements?

Indeed, when you blend frozen banana, it naturally becomes smooth and creamy.  

This recipe avoids dairy or plant-based milk, making it ideal for those seeking an “all-natural” fruit smoothie.

The frozen watermelon cubes and frozen raspberries alongside the banana create an icy fruit blend sensation.

Serve this rehydrating smoothie to the children when they have a break from playing in the swimming pool.

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: none

5. Creamy Watermelon Smoothie – Vegetarian

Here is a treat for yogurt lovers.

Undoubtedly, Greek yogurt stands out amongst decadent yogurt varieties.  

This frozen watermelon recipe uses vanilla Greek yogurt blended with watermelon chunks. 

There is an option to add frozen cauliflower and hemp seeds.  

Although this may sound strange, the cauliflower taste is subtle and boosts the fiber content.

Pro Tip:  If you have plain Greek yogurt, add ¼ teaspoon (1.25ml) of vanilla extract.

Get recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy

Okay, these icy treats are a great start to your party planning.  

On the other hand, what would a party be without cocktails?! Check out our favorites.

Frozen Watermelon Cocktail Recipes

6. Easy Frozen Watermelon Margarita – Vegan

“Say hello to your little friend”. 

Yes, you guessed it, a refreshing watermelon margarita!

We love that this recipe encourages natural sweeteners like maple syrup or agave. Of course, regular sugar works well too.  

Although the recipe calls for fresh watermelon, you can use frozen watermelon cubes.  

Remember to gauge the overall consistency before adding more ice cubes.  

It’s the perfect party starter as your guests ease into the vibe.

Pro Tip:  use coconut sugar to make a rim around the glass, and pop a slice of lime on the side

Learn more here.

Allergy information: alcohol

7. Watermelon Lemonade Vodka Slush – Vegan

Sip on this “Easy, Peasy, Lemon, Squeezy” Vodka slush while you catch up with your guests.

As with the margarita, if you use frozen watermelon cubes, keep an eye on the consistency before you add ice cubes.

The recipe calls for fresh lemon juice. While this brings a super sour tang, we recommend using lime juice instead.

Vodka and lime are a heavenly match, and the lime offers a little more sweetness.

Whatever your citrus route, this icy and delicious cocktail knows the way to a great party!

Get Recipe here.

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Allergy information: alcohol

8. Watermelon Malibu Slush – Vegan

Keep the tropical vibes going with this Malibu-infused frozen watermelon slush.

This recipe uses frozen watermelon cubes, fresh lime juice, sugar, and a generous splash of Malibu.  

If you want to reduce the sugar, you can opt for maple syrup, molasses, or honey.

Add to the fun by adding a slice of lime to the side of the glass and a colorful cocktail umbrella.

Your guests will feel like they are on an island holiday!

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: alcohol

Great, your beverage menu is in place.  

Let’s explore some unique frozen watermelon dessert ideas.  

Frozen Watermelon Dessert Recipes

9. Watermelon Ice Cream Pie – Vegetarian

We had to include a morish ice-cream-based dessert, and this recipe brings an unusual culinary approach.

Of course, you could serve watermelon ice cream in sugar cones or bowls with wafers on the side. 

Yet, why not incorporate all this deliciousness into a sweet and satisfying pie?

The baker makes a buttery graham cracker base and fills it with a rich and creamy watermelon ice cream. 

We love the cream cheese; it adds to the overall decadence. 

The recipe suggests you top the pie with fresh watermelon balls, rockmelon balls, and mixed berries. 

Although this looks gorgeous, you can keep it simple with mixed berries and fresh garden mint.

Whichever topping you choose, you can be sure your guests will relish pure summer dessert bliss.  

Pro Tip:  serve with a dollop of whipped cream

Get recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy, gluten

10. Watermelon Dream Squares – Vegetarian

Fall in love with these delightful and delicious individual desserts.

Again, this recipe has a buttery graham cracker crust but is topped with gelatine-infused watermelon puree and cut into squares.

Certainly, the children will go crazy for them, and any jello fans lurking amongst the adults may tuck in, too.  

Serve with piped cream and garnish with lime zest.

Decidedly, it is a creamy and dreamy, unique frozen watermelon recipe.  

Keen to learn 7 basic piping techniques?  Have a look here.

Learn more here.

Allergy information: dairy, gluten

11. Salted Watermelon Sherbet Bars – Vegetarian

Sticking with individual desserts, here is an exciting recipe for those with a curious palate.

We love the waffle cone crumb base; it’s ingenious! 

The watermelon topping is infused with kosher salt and finished with frozen whipped topping. 

Although you may be pulling a side-eye toward the salt ingredient, it creates a balance between the waffle cone base and toppings.

But don’t take our word for it; try this recipe and let your guests be the judge.  

Pro Tip:  garnish with a slice of lime or lime zest and fresh garden mint

Get recipe here.

Allergy information:  dairy, gluten

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does frozen watermelon taste like?

Frozen watermelon has slightly less sweetness when compared to its fresh counterpart. Watermelon is 92% water, so when you freeze and defrost it, the cellular structure changes, slightly altering the sweetness level and consistency. It is still delicious but offers a different toothsome bite than fresh watermelon. Frozen watermelon is best for smoothies, beverages, and recipes that call for watermelon puree.  

Is frozen watermelon good for smoothies?

Frozen watermelon is excellent to use in smoothies. You can use it from frozen, and it helps thicken the smoothie. Watermelon pairs well with several fruits, including strawberries, blueberries, lime, lemon, pineapple, and mango, to name a few.  

Can frozen watermelon go bad?

Frozen watermelon lasts for approximately 8 months. Ensure you have followed the correct process to freeze it effectively. Should the zip lock bag not be sealed, it is at risk of freezer burn. Also, if you defrost a watermelon bag, you must use it. Re-freezing thawed watermelon affects the taste and quality.  

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Final Frozen Thoughts

In short, you have every reason to celebrate summer with our list of sensational recipes.  

Get the family involved and create a menu to satisfy your guests’ summer palates, stay hydrated, and get down on the dance floor.

Indeed, these epicures have answered the question “what to do with frozen watermelon” in more ways than one.

So, which recipes will you be using for your summer gathering?  Let us know.

We would love to hear from you.

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