What to do with Frozen Strawberries:  11 Delicious Recipes Ideas

Are you wondering what to do with frozen strawberries?

Undoubtedly, strawberries own the berry family spotlight.  Sweet yet slightly sour with just the right amount of juiciness, these vibrant red fruits bring delight to several summer dishes.

Our list of sensational frozen strawberry recipes showcases refreshing sorbets, creamy frozen yogurt, exciting treats, and refreshing beverages.

There’s no end to what you can prepare with these fruity beauties.  

So, let’s reveal the best recipes to use up your frozen strawberry stash.

Table of Frozen Strawberry Recipes Ideas Overview

RecipeDietary PreferenceKey IngredientsAllergy Information
Versatile Strawberry SauceVeganFresh or frozen strawberries, cornstarchNone
3-ingredient Easy Strawberry JamVegetarianFresh or frozen strawberries, honeyNone
Bonus recipe:3-ingredient Quick and Easy SconesVegetarianFlour, creamDairy, gluten
4-ingredient Frozen Strawberry SorbetVeganFresh or frozen StrawberriesNone
Easy Strawberry Frozen YogurtVegetarianFrozen strawberries, yogurtDairy
3-ingredient Strawberry BitesVegetarianFresh or frozen strawberries, granolaDairy, gluten
Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt ClustersVegetarianFresh or frozen strawberries, yogurtDairy
Frozen Strawberry Cream PieVegetarianPureed frozen strawberries, graham crackers, cream cheese, whipping creamDairy, gluten
Strawberry Cream Cheese MuffinsVegetarianFresh or frozen strawberriesDairy, gluten
Strawberry Pie with Frozen StrawberriesVegetarian/VeganFrozen strawberries, pie shell (vegan options available)Gluten
Strawberry SmoothieVegetarian/VeganFrozen strawberries, dairy or vegan milk, honey or vegan natural sweetenerDairy
Frozen Strawberry LemonadeVeganFrozen strawberries, lemonadeNone
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What to do with Frozen Strawberries

Before we get to our enticing recipes, let’s explain how to thaw strawberries correctly.

How do you Defrost Strawberries?

Here is a table displaying 4 methods:

Thawing MethodTime required Additional Notes
Microwave1 minute intervals until thawedPlace the strawberries in a microwave-safe bowl.  Using the defrost setting, set it for 3 minutes, checking every 1 minute until defrosted thoroughly.  Allow to cool before using for cold dishes.
Defrost in water15 – 30 minutesPut the strawberries in a leak-proof bowl. Then, place this bowl in a larger bowl or water basin filled with cold water. Allow to stand for 15 – 30 minutes 
Defrost in water in plastic packaging15 – 30 minutesFill up a water basin or container with cold water.  Then, place the plastic bag of strawberries in the water.  Ensure the bag is tightly sealed to prevent water from entering
Defrost at room temperatureTime may vary – a good couple of hoursRemove the strawberries from the packaging and lay them out side by side on a clean oven or kitchen tray until defrosted

Whichever method you choose, there will be a liquid residue.  

Should you need a baking ingredient, we suggest you remove as much of this liquid as possible.  

You can run defrosted strawberries under cold water in a stainless steel colander. Then, allow them to “dry out” on an oven or kitchen tray.

Remember, strawberries have a high water content. Therefore, the cell structure alters once defrosted, resulting in a softer, more soggy consistency.  

Don’t worry; the sweet, distinct flavor remains intact.  

Pro-Defrosting Tip:  place the frozen strawberries in a stainless steel colander. Then, put the colander into a larger bowl and defrost at room temperature in a shady spot. This method allows the excess liquid to drain into the bowl. Moreover, you can use this liquid in smoothies and beverages.  

Right, strawberries defrosted successfully!  

Let’s dive into our recipes.

First up, we have sauces and preserves.

1. Versatile Strawberry Sauce – The ultimate fruity sauce topping (Vegan)

This sauce is a fresh and healthier option for strawberry syrup.

The recipe calls for fresh strawberries. Even so, defrosted strawberries work just as well. 

We love the versatility of this sauce. Use it as a topping for waffles, pancakes, ice cream, or cheesecake.  

Also, it is delicious on yogurt and granola or a layered fruity dessert, such as trifle.  

Certainly, anything you top with strawberry syrup, you can replace it with this sensationally sweet sauce.

Get Recipe:  Strawberry Sauce

Allergy information: none

2.  3-Ingredient Easy Strawberry Jam – Pump up the Jam! (Vegetarian)

We know traditional jams and preserves recipes use high amounts of cane sugar.  

While this is the ultimate treat on freshly baked scones or buttered toast, why not try a version with raw honey?

Honey complements strawberries beautifully, and the lemon juice ingredient balances the sweetness of the recipe as a whole.  

Get Recipe:  Easy Strawberry Jam

Try this recipe:  3-ingredient Quick and Easy Scones

Allergy information: None

Now, for some refreshing and exciting desserts!

3.  4 -ingredient Frozen Strawberry Sorbet – Refreshing and light dessert or treat (Vegan)

Who doesn’t enjoy a cooling sorbet on a hot summer’s day?!

This recipe uses 4 simple ingredients: frozen strawberries, sugar, water, and lemon or lime juice. 

Yip, just like that, you have sorbet bursting with fruity goodness.

The children will love this sorbet served in a sugar cone. Better yet, place 3 generous scoops in an ice-cream bowl and finish with Strawberry Sauce.  

Pro Tip: garnish with some fresh garden mint

Get Recipe:  Frozen Strawberry Sorbet

Allergy information: none

4.  Easy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt – Smooth, creamy, and very berry (Vegetarian)

Decidedly, strawberry frozen yogurt is the most popular flavor in an ice cream parlor.

This recipe calls for Greek yogurt. Although Greek yogurt is ideal for frozen yogurt, you can opt for plain yogurt, too.  

Also, there is no need to defrost the strawberries—certainly, an easy recipe and ready to serve in just a few minutes.  

Pro Tip: to up the treat factor, serve with a sugar or chocolate chip cookie 

Get Recipe:  Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

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Allergy information: dairy

5.  3-Ingredient Strawberry Bites – Pure berry delight with every bite! (Vegetarian)

We love this cute and fun tasty yogurt bite recipe.  

If you plan a garden party, these little guys make delicious snacks. The granola ingredient adds a super crunch to the melt-in-your-mouth yogurt and strawberry base.

Speaking of the base ingredient, you can use any yogurt you like! We recommended vanilla, mixed berry, or lemon.

So get creative and double the batch, as these bites will fly off the table.

Pro Tip: serve the bites in a stainless steel container that has been in the freezer for an hour or so. Then, place the container on top of flat ice packs on the table. This method helps keep them cool and prolongs melting.

Get Recipe:  Strawberry Bites

6.  Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Clusters – Creamy and Chocolatey dessert (Vegetarian)

Strawberries and chocolate? Yes, please!

We understand planning a dinner party dessert can be daunting. After all, you want to impress your guests.

These morish yogurt clusters finish any summer meal in the most decadent way. 

The sea salt sprinkle adds a subtle crunch and will entice your guest’s palates.  

The recipe calls for fresh strawberries. That said, if you use defrosted strawberries, all that will happen is some red color may run into the yogurt, giving it a pretty pink tinge.

Sweet yet salty, this recipe offers a unique and delicious ending to your evening.

Pro Tip: serve with Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and garnish with fresh garden mint

Get Recipe:  Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Clusters

Allergy information: dairy

7.  Frozen Strawberry Cream Pie – Super sweet, smooth, and creamy (Vegetarian)

Strawberries and cream make an excellent combination.  

Sure, you can enjoy fresh strawberries with whipped cream while watching Wimbledon on television. 

On the other hand, why not surprise your Wimbledon fan guests and serve this irresistible recipe?  

The sweetness is thanks to the condensed milk; the creamy attributes come from whipping cream and cream cheese. 

Of course, the pureed frozen strawberry essential ingredient makes this cream pie what it is. Out of this world delicious!

Furthermore, this pie freezes well. So you can make it in advance to avoid rushing about.

Pro Tip: serve with a generous dollop of Strawberry Sauce and garnish with fresh garden mint

Get Recipe:  Frozen Strawberry Cream Pie

Allergy information:  dairy, gluten

Calling all avid bakers! 

Check out our favorite frozen strawberry baking recipes.

8.  Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins – Light and fluffy with a creamy touch (Vegetarian)

Strawberry muffins make a scrumptious breakfast or tea-time treat.

This recipe takes muffins up a notch with a decadent cream cheese filling. 

When you use defrosted strawberries, the excess liquid may spill into the cream cheese when baking.

Don’t worry; all this does is make the cream cheese a soft pink while the added moisture from the strawberries complements the light and fluffy muffin texture.

Imagine biting into a little piece of strawberry and cream heaven. 

Well, imagine no more and give this recipe a try.  

Pro Tip: add 2 teaspoons (10ml) of chia seeds for extra crunch and nutritional value.  

Get Recipe:  Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

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Allergy information: dairy, gluten

9.  Strawberry Pie with Frozen Strawberries – Sweet baking memories (Vegetarian or Vegan, depending on the pie shell ingredients)

When we think of sweet pastries and berries, naturally, a strawberry pie comes to mind.  

Traditional pies like these take us back to the days of baking with our grandparents.  

Okay, we may cheat with a ready-made pie shell. Yet, the delicious result does not deter your memories of baking with loved ones.  

This recipe uses simple ingredients and, with the help of the pie shell, is ready in under an hour.

So, if you fancy a nostalgic dessert, this strawberry pie is the way to go.

Vegetarian Pro Tip: serve with whipped cream or ice cream 

Vegan Pro Tip: serve with whipped coconut cream

Get Recipe:  Strawberry Pie with Frozen Strawberries

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Allergy information: gluten

Finally, let’s cool down with a smoothie and lemonade recipe.  

10.  Strawberry Smoothie – Easy, classic, and satisfying (Vegetarian or Vegan, depending on the milk)

Frozen strawberries make an excellent addition to several smoothie recipes.

Even so, sometimes, a classic smoothie using one fruit ingredient is all we need.

  This recipe uses 4 readily available ingredients: frozen strawberries, milk, honey, and vanilla extract.

The extract is optional. However, we recommend using it as the vanilla note works tasty wonders.

Make this smoothie for breakfast on the go or a delicious and healthy afternoon snack.

Pro Tip: Should you have leftover cream, add it for extra creaminess

Get Recipe: Strawberry Smoothie

Allergy information:  dairy (vegetarian option)

11.  Frozen Strawberry Lemonade – Easy and refreshing with a lemony zing (Vegan)

Summer and lemonade go hand in hand.

We know that a good old-fashioned lemonade recipe is the best to rehydrate and replenish your body on a hot summer day. 

When you add frozen strawberries, your traditional lemonade becomes an epic traditional lemonade.

This recipe is ready in under 5 minutes, cools you down immediately, and is perfect for children who need a break from playing and swimming.

Pro Tip: add a handful of fresh garden mint or any other frozen fruit you have lying about, such as mango or pineapple. Remember to add ½ a cup of ice for every cup of extra fruit.

Get Recipe:  Frozen Strawberry Lemonade 

Allergy information: None

And voila, there you have our list of sensational frozen strawberry recipes!

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Sweet Strawberry Endings

Indeed, frozen strawberries find their way to most home kitchens all year round.   

Whether you plan a relaxing Sunday morning baking for the family or need to whip up a cold dessert for a dinner party, you can always rely on frozen strawberries.

What is your favorite baking and cold dessert frozen strawberry recipe?  Let us know.

We would love to hear from you!

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