What to do with Frozen Oranges: 11 Delicious Creation Ideas

img of Frozen Orange 11 Delicious Ideas to Try!

Turn frozen oranges into delicious dishes with these easy recipes! Explore new ways to enjoy their citrusy goodness in your meals.

Quick reference Frozen Orange Recipe overview

RecipeDietary PreferenceKey Ingredients
Frozen Orange Concentrate
Copy Cat Orange JuliusVegetarianFrozen orange concentrate, milk
Nostalgic Orange Creamsicle Fridge CakeVegetarianFrozen orange concentrate, milk, eggs
Baked Chinese Orange ChickenChicken-basedFrozen orange concentrate, soy, ginger, chili
Frozen Orange Juice and Frozen Oranges
Navel Orange Salad with Avocado and Orange VinaigretteVegetarian/VeganDefrosted or fresh orange slices, mixed baby green, avocado
Versatile Easy Orange GlazeVegan (Vegetarian with butter option)Defrosted or fresh orange juice, powdered sugar
Bakery-style Orange Poppy Seed MuffinsVegetarianDefrosted or fresh orange juice, poppy seeds
No-bake Orange CheesecakeVegetarianDefrosted or fresh orange juice, mascarpone cheese, cream
Chocolate Orange Cake with Chocolate GanacheVegetarianDefrosted or fresh orange juice, cream, good quality dark or semisweet chocolate
Healthy Orange PopsiclesVeganDefrosted or fresh orange juice, lemon juice, vanilla extract
Creamy Orange SherbetVegetarianDefrosted or fresh orange juice, cream, orange extract
Frozen Orange Vodka SlushVeganFrozen orange juice, green tea, vodka

Citrus offers a spritely and tangy flavor across the culinary board. 

Frozen oranges can be used in anything from refreshing smoothies and lively salads to decadent baked goods and savory meals.

Sweet yet tart and packed with vitamin C, this versatile fruit will surely take your tastebuds on an exciting and delicious journey.

So, if you are wondering what to do with frozen oranges, we have handpicked a selection of scrumptious recipes. 

Of course, you can expect a guilty pleasure or two when you need a sweet and satisfying treat.

img of Frozen Oranges Recipes - Delicious Citrus Creations

What to do with Frozen Oranges

Before we get to our recipes, here is our number one time-saving freezer tip.

We recommend you prepare the oranges the way you intend to use them before freezing, for example:

  • Juiced
  • Juiced and put into ice trays
  • Whole with the peel 
  • Sliced with the peel
  • Sliced without the peel
  • Peeled and segmented
  • Peeled and cubed
  • Cut into wedges with the peel
  • Zesting the peel

Once you have your recipe in place, grab the ready-prepped orange ingredients you require from the freezer, and you are good to go.  

Decidedly, how you freeze oranges impacts the defrosting time. 

Even so, oranges take approximately 1 – 3 hours to thaw thoroughly at room temperature. Alternatively, you can defrost oranges in the refrigerator overnight.

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Okay, let’s dive into citrus recipe heaven!

Frozen Orange Concentrate Recipes

We understand that frozen orange concentrate is a convenient product to mix up a jug of juice.  

Compared to fresh orange juice, it has a higher vitamin C content, and most frozen orange concentrate products on the market have no preservatives or additives.  

This news is terrific, but here’s the best part: it has a robust citrus sweetness. For this reason, it makes an excellent ingredient for beverages, baking, and cooking.

Let’s check out some recipes using this bright, healthy, and flavorsome ingredient.

1. Copycat Orange Julius – Vegetarian

The company Orange Julius has been around since the 1920s. Their specialty product, “Orange Julius,” struck the public with a vengeance and continues to refresh many customers.

If you are unfamiliar with Orange Julius, it is a delicious frozen orange smoothie with a super sweet citrus tang.  

So, why not make a copycat Orange Julius in the comfort of your home? Sure, the taste may not be spot on, yet this creamy and refreshing recipe will surely hit the hot spot on a summer’s day.

Pro Tip: up the creamy factor by adding ½ a cup (125ml) of vanilla ice cream

Get Recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy

2. Nostalgic Orange Creamsicle Fridge Cake – Vegetarian

Ah, the days of playing outside with neighborhood friends and returning home to a freshly baked orange creamsicle fridge cake.

This recipe is for sponge cake lovers, and the mascarpone cheese frosting is pure indulgence.  

We highly recommend this cake for a children’s birthday celebration. Certainly, the frosting is less sugary, and you can decorate the cake with thawed orange segments or slices. 

We doubt there will be any leftovers, as the adults will want to tuck in, too.

Pro Tip: add 2 teaspoons (10ml) of freshly zested orange peel to the frosting for an extra citrus kick.

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: dairy, gluten, eggs

3. Baked Chinese Orange Chicken – The best homemade takeout 

While it can be tricky to replicate an authentic meal out of our culinary culture, this recipe comes close.

The gorgeous gold chicken is smothered in a spicy, tangy chinese orange sauce. Every mouthful is bursting with citrus goodness.

Although most versions of this dish involve frying the ingredients, this recipe is oven-baked. 

In other words, you can satisfy your Asian cuisine craving while looking after your health simultaneously.  

Serve this delicious meal on a bed of fried rice or glass noodles.  

Pro Tip:  you can substitute the frozen orange concentrate with the same amount of reduced orange juice.  

Want to make an orange juice reduction? 

Check out the process below:

  • Place 4 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice into a small saucepan
  • Gently bring to a boil on medium heat
  • Reduce to low heat and simmer for about 1 hour until the juice becomes thicker and more syrup-like
  • Note:  4 cups (1 liter) of orange juice makes 1 cup (250ml) of orange juice reduction

Get Recipe here.

Allergy information: soy, sesame, gluten, egg

Right, let’s get going with our frozen orange juice recipes.

Frozen Orange Juice and Frozen Orange Recipes

4. Navel Orange Salad with Avocado and Orange Vinaigrette – Vegetarian/Vegan

When it comes to salads, oranges, and avocados, make a moorish match!

The lively tang of oranges complements the nutty and earthy flavor of avocados. 

Unsurprisingly, these two ingredients deliver a super taste sensation when paired with fresh baby greens and red onion.

This recipe includes a light and refreshing orange vinaigrette. Indeed, it is the perfect finishing touch to this colorful and nutritious meal.

Although the recipe calls for navel oranges, you can use any oranges you have on hand.

Pro Tip: serve with crispy sourdough bruschetta

Get Recipe here.

Allergy information: none

5. Versatile Easy Orange Glaze – Vegan

We begin our sweet selection with this easy and versatile orange glaze.  

Having a glaze on hand is always an excellent idea. It is easy to make and freezes well. 

You can drizzle glaze on cupcakes, muffins, or a light and fluffy sponge cake.  

Certainly, it is the ideal quick fix for unexpected afternoon tea visitors.

Pro Tip: for extra flavor, add a drop or two of orange extract

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: none

6. Bakery-Style Orange Poppy Seed Muffins – Vegetarian

Ease into your Sunday morning with this freshly baked fruity muffin recipe. 

We love the addition of poppy seeds to the recipe. They add a subtle crunch alongside a sweet and nutty flavor. 

Also, the zesty glaze enhances the already bold citrus flavor of the muffins.

Pro Tip: for a little extra citrus-ness, serve with orange marmalade and a dollop of fresh cream

Get Recipe here.

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Allergy information: dairy, gluten, eggs

7. No-Bake Orange Cheesecake – Vegetarian

Calling all cheesecake fans! 

There is something alluring when it comes to citrus-infused cheesecakes.  

This frozen orange juice recipe calls for mascarpone cheese and cream, a rich and decadent choice combo. 

Therefore, the orange juice ingredient softens the richness with a pleasant and tangy freshness.  

Remember to get your creative groove on and decorate it with orange segments, orange slices, and perhaps a drizzle of orange juice reduction.  

Serve as a dessert or tea-time treat alongside freshly brewed coffee. 

Pro Tip: pop the color by garnishing with fresh garden mint and lemon zest

Learn more here.

Allergy information: dairy, gluten

8. Chocolate Orange Cake with Chocolate Ganache – Vegetarian

Rich, indulgent, and wonderfully moist, this mouthwatering cake recipe is a must for dessert.

This recipe calls for olive oil, which enhances the intense cocoa and orange flavors and texture—the creamy ganache infused with orange peel awards chocolate lovers the ultimate chocolate experience.

Pro Tip:  Create a delicious stack by serving a square on top of vanilla ice cream, garnish with fresh garden mint, and a drizzle of orange juice reduction. An unforgettable dessert!

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Allergy information: dairy, gluten, eggs

Okay, we know what you are thinking. 

Where are the refreshing beverages and cold desserts?

Check out our favorites.

Frozen Orange Juice Icy Treats

9. Healthy Orange Popsicles – Vegan

The orange flavor popsicle is a staple from childhood and continues to “thrill and chill” children today.

While we love these sugary treats, the colorants, and artificial flavorings may not be ideal for growing bodies.  

This recipe uses fresh orange juice, a touch of lemon, and vanilla. Moreover, it is additive-free!

It is super simple to prepare and a cooling treat to keep the children refreshed and healthy.

Pro Tip: take the freshness up a notch by adding a small handful of finely chopped fresh garden mint 

Learn more here.

Allergy information: none

10. Creamy Orange Sherbet – Vegetarian

Citrus-based sherbet cleanses the palate and is a popular dessert or treat. 

This recipe is fresh and light, and the cream ingredient adds a touch of decadence. 

We recommend you serve this citrus delight in sugar cones or scooped into decorative ice cream bowls.  

Pro Tip: Drizzle with orange juice reduction and garnish with fresh garden mint and orange zest for aesthetics and flavor

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Allergy information: dairy

11. Frozen Orange Vodka Slush – Vegan

After a long day of tending to the family and work, relax and sip on this refreshing cocktail.

Slush carries an element of childhood nostalgia, so why not add an adult element with a shot of vodka?

Don’t worry; you can also make this frozen orange crush recipe for the children by eliminating the vodka. 

Also, the recipe calls for green tea. This ingredient brings an earthy and healthy element to the slush.  

So, gather in the garden and create memories with loved ones, sipping on pure citrus pleasure.  

Pro Tip: garnish with fresh garden mint and pop a slice of orange on the side of the glass

Learn more here.

Allergy information: Alcohol

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

img of Frozen Oranges Recipes

Final Frozen Thoughts

In short, if you want to know what to do with frozen oranges, our list of recipes is just the tip of the iceberg.

Certainly, several homes have oranges on their weekly grocery shopping lists. 

When you grab a pocket or two on special, freezing them for future use is an excellent idea.

Get the children involved in squeezing and freezing orange juice, making a few popsicles, or a delicious sherbet.

Whatever you decide to prepare, oranges lively color, sweet flavor, and juicy texture ensure a palate-pleasing eating experience.

Do you have a favorite frozen orange recipeShare it with us!

We would love to hear from you.  

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