What to do with Frozen Dragon Fruit – (#10 May Surprise You!)

Elevate your frozen dragon fruit into colorful and fruity delights!  Discover a world of enticing recipes, from revitalizing smoothies to decadent desserts.  Explore the unique and dazzling dragon fruit possibilities. 

Table of Frozen Dragon Fruit Recipes

RecipeDietary PreferenceKey Ingredients
Dragon Fruit SauceVeganDefrosted dragon fruit, sugar
Dragon Fruit CheesecakeVegetarianFrozen dragon fruit, heavy cream
Dragon Fruit Panna CottaVeganDefrosted dragon fruit, coconut milk, maple syrup
Pitaya BowlVeganFrozen dragon fruit, oat, or nut milk
Pineapple Dragon Fruit SmoothieVeganFrozen dragon fruit, fresh or frozen pineapple, hemp seeds
Dragon Fruit Juice MojitoVeganDefrosted dragon fruit, agave, white rum
Dragon Fruit and Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse CakeVegetarianDefrosted dragon fruit puree, cocoa, raspberry essence
Dragon Fruit Vanilla and Almond CakeVegetarian Defrosted dragon fruit, cream cheese, package vanilla cream frosting
Dragon Fruit Jam TartletsVegetarianDefrosted dragon fruit, sugar, lemon
Recipe Surprise #10VegetarianKeep reading for the reveal

Have you seen dragon fruit in your local grocery store or farmers market?

Undoubtedly, this unique and beautiful tropical fruit has caught your eye. Also known as Pitiya, it has gorgeous deep pink skin with green scales that resemble a dragon.

The most common variety has vibrant purple flesh and an allure that has avid fruit lovers experimenting with its unusual flavor combination of pear, kiwi, and citrus.  

Like several fruits, dragon fruit freezes exceptionally well. It makes a tasty ingredient for icy sweet treats, healthy smoothies, and fruity baked goods.

Our list of bright and colorful recipes showcases all this exquisite fruit can offer. 

So, if you are wondering what to do with frozen dragon fruit, check out our favorites.

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Note: Dragon fruit comes in white and purple flesh varieties. You can use either for these recipes. You may need to add food coloring or pink dragon fruit powder to the white variety if you want a vibrant pink hue.  

img of Frozen Dragon Fruit Recipes: Creative Ideas

What to do with Frozen Dragon Fruit

Before we dive into our enticing recipes, let’s explore the freezing and defrosting process.  

Suppose you are new to freezing dragon fruit. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to prepare and freeze it successfully.  

For those who have ready-prepared frozen dragon fruit cubes, let’s show you how to defrost them.

Of course, any fruit that has been frozen and defrosted alters in texture slightly.

In the case of dragon fruit, it has a somewhat more mushy texture, but the delicious tropical flavor remains intact.

Here is a table displaying the best ways to defrost dragon fruit. 

Defrosting MethodTime RequiredAdditional Notes
Best Method: RefridgeratorOvernightPlace the bag on a plate
Room Temperature3 – 4 hoursNot recommended as the texture becomes more mushy. It is still safe to eat and use in recipes that call for dragon fruit puree.  Also, you can use it in smoothie, ice cream, and frozen yogurt recipes.  

Right, you have bags of defrosted dragon fruit cubes ready to go.  

Let’s explore creative recipes that elevate this unique fruit to new heights.    

Frozen Dragon Fruit Recipe Icy Delights

Dragon Fruit Sauce – Vegan

Compote is a versatile, sweet, fruity syrup that adds color and flavor to waffles, pancakes, ice cream, and sundaes, to name a few.

This recipe uses 2 pantry- ready ingredients and mashed dragon fruit. In 15 minutes, you have a beautiful deep burgundy compote.

Although the taste may be new to younger palates used to traditional mixed berry or strawberry compote, the distinct tropical flavor may become a new favorite.

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: none

Dragon Fruit Cheesecake – Vegetarian

Cheesecake and compote make a heavenly match!

We love this layered frozen dragon fruit recipe of lush white and plush pink. It is incredibly eye-catching and sure to raise curiosity as to the flavor.  

In addition, the cream cheese and heavy cream ensure that extra creamy touch you have come to expect from a decadent cheesecake. 

The graham cracker buttery base adds to the indulgence.

Serve as a dessert or tea-time treat.

Pro Tip: add a thin layer of the Dragon Fruit Sauce to the top. This idea adds another layer of trickling complementary color and sweetness.

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: dairy, gluten 

Dragon Fruit Panna Cotta – Vegan

Speaking of creamy delights, this vegan dragon fruit recipe reminds us that not all creamy treats need to be dairy-based.

The coconut milk adds to the tropical flare, while the maple syrup brings a super sweet pop.  

Also, the recipe calls for agar agar (plant-based gelatin).  Don’t worry; you can use regular gelatin, but remember it is not a vegan product.  

Serve these little beauties on Valentine’s Day, or add them to your Christmas table.  

Certainly, the white and deep red will complement the color theme alongside a scrumptious meal ending.

Pro Tip: serve with a sprinkle of desiccated coconut and fresh garden mint

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: none

Pitaya Bowl – Vegan

Bright, colorful, and packed with nutrients, this frozen dragon fruit cubes recipe is an excellent way to start your day!

The recipe calls for frozen dragon fruit, frozen banana, and frozen berries. What a delicious and energy-packed combo.  

That said, if you have frozen mango, you can add it or replace it with bananas or berries.  

In addition, you can substitute oat or nut milk with dairy milk for vegetarian diets.  

Go wild and have a bit of foodie fun!

Serve this refreshing breakfast with granola and Greek yogurt for extra pazaz.  

Pro Tip: add a teaspoon (5ml) of chia seeds to up the nutritional value and fiber content. 

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: nuts, gluten

Pineapple Dragon Fruit Smoothie – Vegan

The sweet yet tart taste of pineapple complements the complex flavor of dragon fruit perfectly.

When you add the oat milk, hemp heart seeds, and protein powder, it is packed with immune-boosting goodness.  

This frozen dragon fruit drink recipe is quick to prepare and excellent for rushed mornings or an easy and healthy afternoon snack.

Get your tropical vibes on, and whip up this delicious smoothie.  

Pro Tip: replace half the oat milk with coconut milk for a tropical taste boost

Get recipe here. 

Allergy information: gluten

Dragon Fruit Juice Mojito – Vegan with Alcohol

Are you planning a summer celebration?  This frozen dragon fruit cocktail will have the dance floor going in no time.

We love the lime ingredient. It subtly bounces off the dragon fruit’s pear, kiwi, and citrusy notes. 

Moreover, lime and white rum is the perfect combo.

Sweet and tropical with a refreshing zing, your guests will surely ask for the recipe.

So, double the batch and dance the night away!

Learn more here.

Allergy information: alcohol

Okay, that’s our cold dessert and icy refreshment recommendations.

Let’s dive into baked heavenly indulgences!

Baked Dragon Fruit Recipes 

Dragon Fruit and Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake – Vegetarian

The title says it all!

We love this creative and decadent dragon fruit recipe. 

Although the recipe uses several ingredients, we assure you it is worth every penny and effort you put in.

The creamy, chocolatey, and fruity mousse center has a crumbly chocolate cake base and top, resembling a large, round, sweet sandwich. 

The best part is the “out of the baking box” idea for the topping.  

The baker has used fresh white and pink dragon fruit triangles to create a beautiful mosaic design. 

Certainly, it is aesthetically appealing and in alignment with dragon fruits’ uniqueness. 

Serve this extraordinary cake for dessert, as a Birthday cake, or if you feel like getting creative in the kitchen.

Pro Tip: garnish with a dollop of whipped cream or coconut cream and fresh garden mint. Outrageously delicious!

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: dairy, gluten, eggs

Dragon Fruit Vanilla and Almond Cake – Vegetarian

Are you a vanilla cake fan? If so, this dragon fruit recipe idea is the one!

You can expect a moist, fluffy, two-layered vanilla cake with a smooth, perky pink cream cheese frosting. 

Using butter in the cake and the frosting enhances the decadence. Also, the almond essence adds a hint of marzipan nuttiness.  

Should you not like the marzipan taste, leave the almond essence out.  

Serve this vanilla sweet treat with freshly brewed coffee and herbal tea at a garden party.

Pro Tip: decorate with an assortment of edible flowers, such as pansies, purple violas, and lavender.  

Learn more here.

Allergy information: dairy, gluten, eggs

Dragon Fruit Jam Tartlets – Vegetarian

We get excited when we see a two-in-one recipe, even more so when it is fun to prepare. 

These cute pop-in-your-mouth tartlets with a citrusy dragon fruit jam add fun to children’s tea parties or are ideal to include in a high tea pastry selection.  

We suggest you double the pastry recipe and blind-bake a few shells. Then, add any filling you like! 

The filling could be chocolate spread, lemon curd, or even jello with a splash of custard.

Furthermore, if you double the jam recipe, you can save some to pair with toast or freshly baked scones.

Get recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy, gluten, egg

Are you ready for our recipe surprise?

Let’s check it out.

Dragon Fruit Bread – Vegetarian

There is nothing better than freshly baked bread. Just the smell of it baking gets our tastebuds salivating. 

We know that raisins and dried fruit work exceptionally well in bread recipes, so we had to share this unusual frozen dragon fruit idea with you.

This recipe is not prepared the traditional way, using yeast. It is more like a savory meets sweet cake.  

The recipe calls for pantry-ready ingredients, and the dragon fruit seeds offer a pleasant subtle crunch.  

By the way, herein lies an excellent opportunity to use the extra batch of Dragon Fruit Jam. 

Spread a generous layer on a buttered slice. Indeed, food for the soul!

Learn more here. 

Allergy information: dairy, gluten, eggs

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you eat frozen dragon fruit by itself? Yes! You can eat frozen dragon fruit by itself. A bag of frozen dragon fruit cubes or slices makes a sweet, refreshing melt-in-your-mouth treat. Also, you can freeze dragon fruit puree into popsicles without adding other ingredients. Simple, quick, and tasty.  

What does dragon fruit pair well with? Dragon fruit pairs well with other tropical fruits, such as bananas, mangos, pineapples, and lychees. Also, you can pair it with berries, strawberries, and citrus. The best citrus to pair it with is lime and lemon.

Is dragon fruit good for you? Dragon fruit is considered a highly nutrient-dense fruit. It has a high amount of magnesium and fiber alongside a low-calorie content. When compared to other tropical fruit, it has a lower sugar content.

img of Frozen Dragon Fruit Recipes: 10 Creative Ideas

Final Frozen Thoughts

Let’s recap. 

We understand that dragon fruit may be on the more costly side of the tropical fruit varieties.  

Even so, we can not help but feel drawn to its flashy appearance and complex fruity flavors. 

Indeed, it is an extraordinary fruit that brings new and exciting tasty recipes to the epicurean world.  

So, wonder no more about what to do with frozen dragon fruit.  

Get your culinary groove on and create some Pitaya magic!

What is your favorite frozen dragon fruit idea?  Let us know!

We would love to hear from you.  

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