What to do with Frozen Cucumbers: 13 Cool and Creative Recipes

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Summer is the cucumber’s time to thrive!

It plays a vital role in salads, dips, summer soups, and pickling, to name a few.

Of course, buying or growing seasonal fruit and vegetables is better for your diet and pocket. 

When you have an abundance of cucumber in the summer, freezing them is an excellent option for future use.  

So, what can you do with frozen cucumbers? Will the texture and flavor be the same?

Our list of refreshing and fun recipes gives the expression “as cool as a cucumber” a whole new delicious meaning.  

What To Do with Frozen Cucumbers

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Before exploring our exciting recipes, let’s explain how to thaw cucumber effectively. 

How to Thaw Frozen Cucumbers?

The best way to thaw frozen cucumber is to place it in the refrigerator for 6 – 8 hours. 

Once it has thawed fully, drain it in a stainless steel colander to remove any excess liquid.

Remember, cucumbers contain approximately 95% water, so when you freeze them, it expands, resulting in this excess liquid.  

Notably, thawed cucumber loses quite a bit of its firm and crisp texture. It is slightly more mushy but perfectly edible.

Pro Thawing Tip:  We suggest you allow them to thaw thoroughly in the refrigerator. If you leave them to thaw at room temperature, this could produce a more mushy product.  

Do you want to learn more about freezing cucumber?  Have a look here.

Right, the cucumber is thawed and ready to make some enticing dishes.

Let’s dive in!

Our first recipe is the most useful method of using frozen cucumber. You guessed it: Cucumber Ice Cubes. 

Cucumber Ice Cubes

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How to Make Cucumber Ice Cubes

We love this method. It is quick and practical, and you can use it in various ways depending on how you freeze the cucumber.

This recipe offers two methods, namely:

  • Puree ice cubes
  • Sliced ice cubes

Pureed cubes make an excellent addition to smoothies and soups. In contrast, sliced ice cubes brighten up a simple glass of water, add nutritional value to store-bought box juices, and bring some fun to summer pool parties.  

Pro Tip: Place one slice of cucumber, one slice of a strawberry, and one or two blueberries into each ice block compartment and freeze. Pop these into a jug of water or iced tea!

Get Recipe:  How to make Cucumber Ice Cubes

By the way, our recipes specify fresh cucumber. Don’t worry; all you need to do is use the same amount of the thawed cucumber.

Ready, let’s go!

Cold Cucumber Soup – Smooth, creamy with a chili bite (Vegetarian)

We know a thick and hearty winter soup warms the soul. So, why not cool off with this refreshing soup on a hot summer’s evening?

The creamy secret is the Greek yogurt, and the freshly chopped jalapeno pepper adds a delightful crunch and subtle heat.  

If your Greek yogurt is running low, look here for a suitable substitute.  

Pro Tip: You can leave the hazelnut garnish off if you have nut sensitivities and replace it with some crumbly feta cheese.  

Get Recipe:  Cold Cucumber Soup

Allergy information: dairy, nuts

Easy, Freezy Cucumber Pickles – Tangy and the Perfect Side Salad or Condiment (Vegan)

This recipe uses quite a large quantity of cucumber. Therefore, you can make it before you freeze the finished product.  

If you choose this method, we suggest you portion and freeze it in ziplock bags.

That said, if you use thawed slices, it is best to use a glass jar with an airtight lid and store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.  

Pro Tip: Pair with a cheese platter or use them in plant-based or meat-based wraps.

Allergy information: none

Get Recipe:  Easy, Freezy Cucumber Pickles 

Cool by the Pool Summer Smoothies

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Did you know cucumber is a superfood and the perfect ingredient for a smoothie? 

Check out our two favorites.

Avocado Cucumber Lime Smoothie – Superfood smoothie with a zesty punch (Vegan/Vegetarian with honey)

Calling all green smoothie lovers!

This smoothie is easy to make and packed with superfood goodness. The recipe calls for ice cubes. 

Herein lies the perfect opportunity to use the pureed version in your freezer.

Furthermore, you can leave out the pepper and add a teaspoon (5ml) or two of honey or maple syrup, creating a sweet version.  

Pro Tip: You can use lemon instead of lime

Get Recipe:  Avocado Cucumber Lime Smoothie 

Allergy information: none

Cucumber Tropical Smoothie – Island-style sweetness with a green kick (Vegan)

While an Island holiday may not be on the cards this year, you can still transport yourself by sipping this smoothie beside the pool.  

The pineapple and papaya give it an authentic tropical taste, and the coconut milk is the perfect island finishing touch.  

Again, the recipe calls for ice cubes, so get the pureed version ready.  

Pro Tip: Garnish with fresh garden mint and a slice of pineapple hooked on the side of the glass

Get Recipe:  Cucumber Tropical Smoothie

Allergy information: none

Delicious Dips

Homemade Authentic Tzaziki Sauce Dip – Take your palate to the Mediterranean (Vegetarian)

Tzatziki is a versatile dip or sauce hailing from Greek cuisine. 

This authentic recipe pairs beautifully with chicken and lamb. In the same way, it makes the perfect dip to serve with crackers or crisps. 

Also, it enhances vegetarian Mediterranean dishes, such as falafel.  

Pro Tip: Using a clean fabric kitchen towel, dab the thawed cucumber to get as much moisture out as possible

Get Recipe:  Homemade Authentic Tzaziki Sauce Dip

Allergy information: dairy

Fresh Cucumber Salsa – The good old Mexican favorite (Vegan)

Summer and salsa go hand in hand!

We love that this recipe uses finely diced cucumber alongside the other ingredients. 

Thrawed cucumber can be mushy, so this method disguises the mushiness. Brilliant!

While the recipe does not call for olive oil, fresh lime, or lemon juice, we recommend you add 1 tablespoon (15ml) of extra virgin olive oil and a generous squeeze of either fresh lemon or lime.

Pro Tip:  Add your favorite Mexican chili spice and serve with guacamole and tortilla chips

Get Recipe:  Fresh Cucumber Salsa

Allergy information: none

Sensational Salads

Refreshing Cucumber Salad – Light and hydrating with an Asian touch (Vegan/Vegetarian)

Talk about a plant protein-packed salad!

This recipe uses snow peas, edamame, and cucumber, all tossed into a red quinoa and cauliflower rice base. 

The Asian touch is tamari sauce and the perfect finish to this light and texture-rich salad.

Suppose you do not have tamari sauce. Don’t worry; try out one of these tamari alternatives.

Pro Tip:  Enhance the texture and flavor with a crumbly nut cheese or feta garnish

Get RecipeRefreshing Cucumber Salad

Allergy information: soy, legumes, dairy (if you use feta)

German Cucumber Salad – Cool and creamy (Vegetarian/Low Carb)

Cucumber goes exceptionally well with creamy-based ingredients, such as cream cheese and yogurt.

This recipe calls for sour cream and apple cider vinegar. These two ingredients give the salad a super zesty meets tangy pop.  

What brings this dish together is the fresh dill. Dill is cucumber’s best herb friend, so this salad will surely be a summer favorite.

Pro Tip: You can replace the sour cream with plain or Greek yogurt. It may miss the super sour tang. However, the apple cider vinegar will ensure it still has sour touch.  

Get Recipe:  German Cucumber Salad

Allergy information: dairy

Now for some delicious spoils!

Refreshing Icy Treats

Cucumber Margarita – The ultimate summer cocktail (Vegetarian with alcohol)

One can not deny that summer and cocktails make the perfect combo.

This refreshing margarita recipe calls for ice cubes. Again, here is the perfect opportunity to use the pureed ice blocks. 

Also, you can pop one ice cube with a cucumber slice in, just for aesthetics and added fun. 

We love the Tajin spice glass ring, the ideal finishing chili touch. 

It’s okay to leave the ring off if your palate is chili-sensitive; it is still just as tasty.

Furthermore, consider one of these chili powder substitutes if your Tajin spice is on the low side.  

Pro Tip:  You can replace the lime with lemon

Get Recipe: Cucumber Margarita 

Allergy information: none, alcohol

Cucumber Sorbet – Refreshing and invigorating (Vegan)

The best part of sorbet is that it only needs a few ingredients to yield a tasty result.

This recipe consists of 3 ingredients and is a satisfying summer dessert or treat.  

Although you do require an ice cream maker, it is okay to mix the ingredients in a blender until smooth and place them in an airtight plastic container to freeze.  

The texture may be grainy due to the sugar, but the refreshing sour punch remains intact.

Pro Tip:  Garnish with some fresh garden mint and a pinch of lemon zest before serving

Get Recipe:  Cucumber Sorbet

Allergy information: none

Lemon Cucumber Popsicles – Cool, sweet and rehydrating (Vegan/Vegetarian)

They say that kids love popsicles. Well, there is a kid in all of us, and these popsicles will surely be a family favorite. 

We understand how difficult it is to rehydrate the kids when they are having a blast in the pool. 

The beauty of these popsicles is they contain coconut water.  

Not only does it bring a sweet coconut flavor, but it also assists with rehydration. It’s a win-win summer combo!

Pro Tip:  The recipe calls for agave nectar or honey. However, you can use any natural sweetener in your pantry, such as maple syrup or molasses.  

Get Recipe:  Lemon Cucumber Popsicles 

Allergy information: none

And it doesn’t stop there!

Lucky Recipe #13: Something for your four-legged canine family members

Cucumber Pup Pop Frozen Dog Treats – Tail-wagging goodness (Vegetarian)

These refreshing doggy treats calm and cool your pets down. 

In addition, the cucumber ingredient brings nutritional value to their diet alongside the plain or Greek yogurt that assists in balancing their gut bacteria.

Every dog loves to chill in the shade on a hot summer day, so why not cool them down further with these cute and fun treats?  

Get Recipe:  Cucumber Pup Pop Frozen Dog Treats

Allergy information: diary

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Cool Closing Thoughts

Okay, we know what you are thinking.

Decidedly, fresh cucumbers’ crisp and satisfying crunch is preferred for tossed green salads, crudite platters, and healthy snacks for kiddy’s lunchboxes.

Yet, frozen and thawed cucumbers create exciting and tasty dishes, even for your four-legged canine family pets.  

Have you mastered a frozen cucumber recipe?  Let us know.

We would love to hear from you!

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