What is Tajin Good On? (18 Delicious Recipes with a Zesty Twist)

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Do you want to know how to use Tajin seasoning?

This renowned Mexican cuisine seasoning combines chiles de arbol, guajillo, pasilla, dehydrated lime, and salt.

Tajin brings a satisfying chili bite and zesty citrus pop to several dishes.  

To help you break it down, we have compiled a list of enticing and delicious recipes, including appetizers and snacks, lunch and dinner options, complementary side dishes, and exciting beverages.

Let’s get the Mexican party started!

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What is Tajin Good On?

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If you are wondering what Tajín appetizers and snacks you should prepare, here are the perfect party starters to consider.

Appetizer and Snack Tajín Seasoning Recipes

Roasted Tajin Nuts – Spicy and Insanely Addictive (Vegetarian/Vegan)

Your guests will go nuts for this snack!

These roasted tajín nuts have a pleasing crunch with a pleasant chili-lime taste. Certainly, they wash down perfectly with welcome beverages.  

This recipe calls for unsalted mixed nuts. 

However, you can use any nuts you like. 

Also, the butter ingredient adds richness to this snack. That said, extra virgin olive oil works just as well for vegan diets.  

Allergy information: nuts, dairy (if you use butter)

Tajin Crispy Snacking Chickpeas – Crunchy and Zesty (Vegan)

If you are not a nut fan or have nut sensitivities, crispy-snacking chickpeas are the way to go.

Chickpeas roast beautifully, resulting in a crispy outside with a slightly chewy center. 

While the texture may differ from nuts, these tajín snacks will surely get the party going.

Pro Tip:  double up on the recipe and add to salads and guacamole for a crunchy topping

Allergy information: legumes

Dehydrated Mangoes with Tajin – Sweet, Spicy, and Tart in one bite (Vegan)

Dry mango is delicious on its own. Yet, when you add tajín seasoning, the chili and lime enhance the fruity taste. 

You only need 2 ingredients: fresh mango and tajín. Indeed, the dehydration process takes a while, so preparing ahead of time is advantageous.

The best part is you do not have to own a dehydrator, as this recipe includes clear instructions on drying mango in your oven.  

Pro Tip:  keep the end product in an airtight glass container to maintain the flavor 

Allergy information: none

Mango Tajin Lime Salsa – Zesty and Refreshing (Vegan)

Of course, we have to include a sensational Summer salsa.

The main ingredients of mango, avocado, and jalapeno pepper blend harmoniously with the right amount of fresh lime juice and herbs. Let’s not forget the Tajin touch.

This texture-rich salsa recipe is sweet and spicy with a hint of tartness.

Pro Tip: serve with your favorite tortilla chips or rice paper chips

Allergies: none

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Watermelon Tajin Skewers – Light, Fresh, and Juicy (Vegetarian/Vegan)

Probably the most versatile recipe on our list and bursting with juicy zestiness. 

You can serve these bright and colorful skewers as an appetizer, side dish, or dessert.  

This recipe calls for cotija, a creamy, crumbly aged Mexican cheese made from cows’ milk. (*)

While cotija is in line with traditional Mexican cuisine, feta or vegan tofu cheese works well as a replacement.  

Pro Tip:  For the feta fans, alternative one cube of watermelon and one cube of Danish Feta for the whole skewer. Creamy, crispy, and delicious simultaneously.  

Allergy information: dairy

Have you chosen your appetizers?  

Great, let’s jump into Tajin side dishes before finding the perfect main course to complete your Mexican feast extravaganza.  

Side Dish Tajín Seasoning Recipes

Tasty Tajin Rice – Perfectly Spicy (Vegetarian/Vegan)

Rice is an extremely versatile side dish. It pairs with almost any meal, and this Tasty Tajin rice recipe is no exception.

The butter or vegan butter ingredient gives it a slightly creamy, moist texture. Yet, the rice crunch remains intact. 

Pro Tip:  squeeze some fresh lime juice over the rice before serving

Allergy information:  dairy (if you use butter)

Stove Top Grilled Corn – Crunchy and Creamy (Vegetarian)

Elote, or corn on the cob, is a popular Mexican street food. While you can serve it as an appetizer, it makes an ideal side dish.

Roasting corn on the cob enhances the natural flavor. When you use Tajin seasoning and top it off with creamy cotija cheese, sour cream, and crema Mexicana dressing, it is morish!

Pro Tip:  add a teaspoon of lime rind into the dressing for a zesty punch

Allergy information: dairy

Grilled Sweet Potatoe Steaks with Chimichurri and Tajin Crema – Sweet and Spicy (Vegetarian)

Your tastebuds are in for an exciting and flavorful experience.

The combination of spices in this recipe takes Vegetarian food to new heights. 

Chimichurri is similar to herb-based pesto, bringing a fresh, slightly sour back taste. 

Using chimichurri alongside the Tajin crema creates a sour meets zesty and creamy dish with a warm touch.  

You can easily serve these sweet potato steaks as a main dish and bulk it up with Tajin rice and the cucumber salad.

Pro Tip:  garnish with crushed roasted Tajin nuts or Tajin Crispy Snacking Chickpeas

Allergy information: dairy, nuts (if you use it as a garnish)

Cucumber Salad with Lime and Tajin – Fresh and Citrusy (Vegetarian/Vegan)

We love this fresh and crispy cucumber salad.  

The jalapeno peppers bring a pleasant crunch and heat, while the cucumber, lime juice, and Tajin seasoning enhance the flavor.

The recipe suggests you remove the cucumber seeds. Although this method does assist with less liquid in the salad, the seeds bring a slight sweetness balancing the lime and heat factors. 

Pro Tip:  add some feta or vegan cheese for a creamy touch.  Also, throw a few Tajin Crispy Snacking Chickpeas for crunchiness

Allergies: dairy (if you add feta)

Let’s dive into the mains!

Lunch and Dinner Tajin Seasoning Recipes

Are you wondering what main course to pair with your appetizers or side dish?

Don’t worry; we will help you along the way.

Tajin Chicken – Quick and Crispy

Chicken and citrus are a match made in heaven, especially lime.

This 3-ingredient Tajin recipe is healthy and ready in a flash. 

You can serve the chicken breasts whole with a side dish of tajin rice or cucumber salad. Alternatively, strip the chicken breast for fajitas or tacos!

To bring the chili factor down a notch, serve it with plain brown rice and fresh avocado slices.

Appetizer Suggestion:  Watermelon Tajin Skewers

Allergies: none

Sirloin Steak and Chicken Fajitas – The best of both worlds in one Fajita

Who said you can’t enjoy beef and chicken in one dish?  This bright and colorful recipe is proof this combo works a tasty charm.

We love the added spice ingredients of garlic powder, cumin, chipotle chili powder, and oregano alongside the Tajin seasoning. 

The fresh lime juice squeezed on before serving packs a powerful zesty punch.  

Appetizer or Side Dish Suggestion:  Sweet Potatoe Steaks with Chimichurri and Tajin Crema

Allergy information: dairy (if you choose our suggested appetizer or side dish)

Tajin Shrimp Tacos – The Mexican Prawn Cocktail! (Seafood)

Remember the “Prawn Cocktail” foodie craze from the 1980s? So many restaurants offered this popular shrimp appetizer in margarita glasses.

This taco recipe uses the base ingredients of shrimp and avocado alongside sour cream, mayonnaise, and fresh crunchy veggies to create a mouthwatering taco filling.

Say goodbye to the Prawn Cocktail and hello to these new and exciting tajin shrimp tacos!

Appetizer or Side Dish Suggestion:  Stove Top Grilled Corn

Allergy information: shellfish, dairy

Tajin Salmon with Black Bean Mango Salsa – Light, Spicy, and Zesty (Seafood)

Fabulously flakey with a delightful zesty bite!

This recipe includes a tasty black bean and mango salsa. However, if you are not a black bean fan, consider serving this dish with the mango Tajin lime salsa.  

We suggest your serve Tajin salmon with a side of Tajin rice. Squeeze a generous amount of fresh lime juice on the salmon and rice to create an extra citrusy flavor sensation.

Appetizer Suggestion:  Watermelon Tajin Skewers or Grilled Sweet Potato Steaks

Allergies: fish, legumes, and dairy (if you choose grilled sweet potato steaks)

Chili-Lime Tofu – Zesty with an Umami Kick (Vegan)

Jump on the Vegan train and make these delightful, crispy chili-lime mini tofu fingers.

The ingredients include coconut aminos which bring a flavorful umami touch. Any vegans at your party will love them.

While this recipe calls for chili-lime spice, substitute it with Tajin seasoning using a 1:1 ratio. Then serve with Tajin rice and cucumber salad.

Appetizer Suggestion:  Watermelon Tajin Skewers (vegan opinion)

Allergy information: none

Your menu is complete and ready to go!

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Let’s explore the best party drinks using Tajin seasoning.

Summer Treat and Tajin Seasoning Drink and Cocktail Recipes

The Best Mango with Tajin Seasoning Popsicles – A Refreshing and Spicy Treat (Vegan)

Popsicles are the best summer treat.

If your children like chili, these sweet and spicy mango popsicles will be a summer hit.

This recipe calls for 2 tablespoons (30ml) of Tajin seasoning. However, you can reduce the amount for less heat.  

Be warned; your adult guests will enjoy them as much as the kids!

Pro Tip: serve as a dessert

Lime Mocktails with Chili Lime Rim – The Ultimate Alcohol-free Zesty Beverage (Vegan)

Don’t mock this drink before you try the recipe!

It is super quick and easy to prepare and uses syrup, fresh limes, and lime-flavored sparking water.

The secret is the Tajin seasoning rim giving it a slight chili boost. 

Pro Tip:  add a few fresh garden mint leaves

Mango Margaritas with a Tumeric Chili Twist and Tajin Rim – Sweet and Fragrant (Vegan)

These turmeric syrup-infused mango margaritas will surely be the star of the show.

By now, we know that mango and Tajin seasoning work culinary wonders together. 

The turmeric adds a fragrant touch and makes the color pop!

Don’t worry, turmeric syrup is easy to make, and your guests can sip away as they munch on some nuts and chickpeas.  

Skinny Spicey Jalapeno Margarita – Bring the summer heat DOWN

Last but certainly not least are these bright and colorful spicy margaritas with a Tajin seasoning rim. 

With every sip, a satisfying “aaaahh” sound will follow. 

The jalapeno peppers add the right amount of heat. Yet, it cools you down at the same time.

This spicy beverage recipe is the one for all traditional margarita lovers out there.

Drinks are done, so dive into some summer party fun!

Final Entertainment Thoughts

Remember to whip up your favorite guacamole and sprinkle it with Tajin seasoning and crispy chickpeas to add to your Mexican table spread.

Which meal combo did you like the most? We would love to hear from you.  Get in touch!

(Important note: Allergy information covers nuts, dairy, legumes, shellfish, and fish only)

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