What Herbs Go With Mushrooms? (#4 YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE!)


Did you know that mushrooms are a lot more nutritious than a banana? Yes, it contains higher amounts of potassium than this famous fruit. (*)

Here’s the best part: Mushrooms are pretty versatile, and you can cook them in various ways—grill, bake, fry, and even roast them.

Not only that but there are also different ways to season them. The best and most natural option would be to use herbs.

What herbs go with mushrooms? Continue reading to check out our top 10 herbs for mushrooms.

Which herbs pair well with mushrooms?

There’s no denying that mushrooms are nutritious and offer plenty of health benefits. (*) However, it’s not the most mouthwatering dish out there since the taste of mushrooms is pretty straightforward—just earthy and nothing more.

Well, herbs can take your mushroom dish to a whole new level.

Here are your 10 best options:

1. Parsley

This is probably one of the most common herbs in the culinary industry, and for plenty of good reasons. For one, it’s quite versatile and can also be considered one of the best herbs to use in pork, beef, and of course, mushroom!

Same with mushrooms, parley has a slightly earthy flavor. We like the most about parsley. After all, it adds depth to mushrooms because it’s also peppery at the same time.

Pro Tip: One of the best ways to cook mushrooms with parsley is to mix parsley with breadcrumbs, garlic, and grated cheese. Afterward, spoon the mixture on top of the mushrooms, then bake to perfection.  

2. Sage

Coming from a mint family, sage brings a refreshing taste to any dish. Its flavor is described as having hints of pine and citrus and a touch of earthiness.

One of the recipes we love is the mushroom and crispy sage stir-fry. The crisp texture of the sage enhances the texture of the entire dish. This simple recipe is the perfect topping for a slice of baguette.

Pro Tip: If you’re using dried sage, please take note that it has a slightly bitter taste. With this in mind, you should use a smaller amount of dried sage if the recipe calls for fresh sage.  

3. Thyme

Same with Sage, Thyme also has a minty flavor. But there’s so much to its taste than you think. In addition to being minty, thyme is also peppery, slightly sweet, and earthy with floral hints.

We love most about Thyme because it has a subtle flavor that works well with just about all types of spices and herbs.

Pro Tip: Pair thyme with Parmesan and Garlic for the tastiest mushroom dish you can ever taste.

4. Coriander

The coriander taste is best described as citrusy, tart, sweet, and refreshing. When toasted, it releases an irresistible floral aroma.

Did You Know? Coriander is often mistaken for parsley.  Here’s the difference: cilantro leaves are more rounded, while parsley leaves are more pointed.

Coriander is most commonly used in Egyptian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cooking.

Pro Tip: Coriander is often paired with cumin and cinnamon.

5. Garlic

Well, what can we say? Garlic works with just about all types of dishes. It’s one of the most commonly used herbs across the globe. (*)

Garlic has a strong and distinct pungent flavor that mellows down when cooked. The main reason why it’s extremely popular is it’s quite versatile.

Did You Know?

Garlic is one of the healthiest food in the world as it contains 17 amino acids, 33 sulfur compounds, antioxidants, multivitamins, and minerals. (*)

You can use garlic in all cooking methods, including roasting, frying, braising, baking, and sautéeing.

6. Caraway Seeds

Nutty, peppery, licorice-like, and citrusy—these are the flavors you’ll enjoy when you use caraway seeds on your mushroom dishes.

In addition to its unique flavor profile, caraway seeds also contain high amounts of essential oils and antioxidants that delivers lots of health benefits like weight loss, better digestion, and anti-inflammation properties. (*)

Pro Tip: Caraway is the perfect herb for mushroom soups.

7. Rosemary

You can easily identify Rosemary because it’s highly fragrant and has a pronounced lemon-pine flavor while having a peppery and woodsy flavor at the same time.

In addition to its trademark scent and signature flavor, you can also enjoy a wide range of health benefits when you add rosemary to your dishes.

Did You Know?

Rosemary is known as a love of remembrance because it’s known to help enhance memory and boost mental alertness. (*)

The best technique is to mince it well and use it as a garnish for your dish when using rosemary.

Pro Tip: Rosemary has an intense mint-like scent so use only small amounts of it in your dish.

8. Ginger

Same with garlic, ginger is also pungent and slightly spicy. However, what makes it unique is it also tastes a bit peppery and sweet, which pairs well with the umami of the mushroom.

We love using ginger in mushroom soups and stir-fry dishes.

Did You Know?

In addition to adding natural flavor to dishes, ginger can also help treat different types of nausea, including motion sickness, pregnancy-related, and chemotherapy-related nausea. (*)

Pro Tip: You can incorporate ginger in your mushroom dishes in a lot of ways. You can mince or sprinkle it all over the dish. Another idea is to blend it into a juice and add it to your soups and stews.

9. Dill

This annual herb has a grassy and licorice-like taste that goes oh so well with mushroom’s trademark umami flavor.

Dill is best used for creamy mushroom dishes as its citrus-like taste can help cut through the richness of the dish.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that dill has a potent flavor, so use it sparingly in your dishes. Because of this, it’s best used as a garnish.

10. Chives

If you like the taste of leeks, garlic, and green onions, you’ll surely enjoy using chives in your recipes.

Chives are commonly used in Asian and European dishes like omelets, soups, dips, and baked and mashed potatoes.

Pro Tip: Our favorite mushroom recipe with chives is quite simple—butter garlic mushroom with chives topping. The chives add a crispy texture that balances the mushroom’s spongy texture and the richness of butter.

The Bottom Line

Do you love mushrooms but can’t figure out how you can enhance their natural flavor? Seasoning them with the right herbs is the perfect solution to your dilemma.

And now that you know what herbs go with mushrooms, you’ll never have to eat another bland mushroom dish again.

If you have any favorite mushroom recipes, try adding any of these herbs. Then, let us know if you enjoyed them in the comments section!

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