What Does Red Lentil Pasta Taste Like? (The Truth Flavour!)


Wheat-free pasta alternatives like red lentil pasta have become very popular recently but have you ever wondered what lentil pasta tastes like?

Short Answer:

Due to the fact that red lentil pasta is made from red lentil flour, it will taste just like regular red lentils with no seasoning.

Some of us avoid pasta alternatives because we think their flavor is too strong, or it just doesn’t live up to the real thing. 

However, if you enjoy the flavor of red lentils and you cook it correctly, red lentil pasta can be just as good, maybe even better.

In this article, we are going to teach you a little bit about red lentil pasta, tell you what it tastes like and why it might be even better than regular pasta.

Let’s dive in.

What’s Red Lentil Pasta Made Of?

Red lentils are one of many pasta alternatives are pastas that have been made without using regular wheat or semolina flour.

But how is this possible?

Red lentils are part of the legume family, along with beans, split peas and chickpeas

Legumes can be dried and ground into flour, and that is what is used to make red lentil pasta.[*]

The only two ingredients needed to make red lentil pasta are red lentil flour and water.

It’s really that simple!

The water is added to the red lentil flour and kneaded to form a dough before being rolled out and shaped.

This can also be done with other flour alternatives, including chickpeas, quinoa, and rice flour.

Many pastas use eggs as a binder, but red lentil pasta simply uses water, which makes it suitable for vegans.

What Does Red Lentil Pasta Taste Like?

One of the main differences between wheat flour pasta and red lentil pasta is the flavor.

Plain white flour doesn’t really have a flavor. In comparison, legumes like red lentils have a distinctive nutty flavor.

Essentially, red lentil pasta tastes like unseasoned red lentils if you cook them regularly. It will even have that signature slightly grainy texture.[*]

What are the Red lentil Pasta Benefits?

Apart from its beautiful red color, there are a few ways that red lentil pasta is better than wheat pasta.

Plain pasta is pretty much an empty carb, something to hold your chosen sauce. Red lentil pasta, on the other hand, is actually healthy, even by itself.

Red lentil pasta has the following health benefits:

1. High in Protein

Protein is an essential part of everyone’s daily diet.

Since it is a legume, red lentil pasta is very high in protein.

This makes red lentil pasta ideal for vegans or vegetarians who might struggle to get enough protein into their diets. 

We also recommend it for anyone who likes to work out because it helps with muscle gain.

2. High in Fiber

Fiber is essential for our digestive systems to work healthily.

Red lentil pasta has double the fiber as regular pasta. This can benefit your gastrointestinal health as well as prevent strokes and obesity.

3. Rich in Potassium

Red lentils are one of the highest foods in dietary potassium.

Eating high potassium foods has been proven to reduce your blood pressure, which can lower your risk of heart disease.[*]

A lot of people are put off by the flavor and texture of wholewheat pasta, so red lentil pasta is a delicious healthy alternative.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Red Lentil Pasta?

There are two things that might trip you up when making red lentil pasta: the cooking time and the strong flavor.

As we mentioned, red lentil pasta tastes strongly of red lentils, so it may be hard to taste the sauce through it. We recommend using a stronger tasting sauce like a ragu to really work with the flavor.

If you really love the flavor of red lentils then the flavor will be nothing but an upside!

Red lentil pasta doesn’t have any gluten and very little starch. This means you must be careful to cook to the exact packet instructions to stop it going mushy.

We also recommend adding it to the sauce right away to stop it sticking together.

Bonus: Home-made Red Lentil Pasta Recipe

Get recipe: tedisarah.com



So after all that, what have we learned today?

  • If you love red lentils, you’ll love red lentil pasta.
  • This is an excellent option for those on a diet
  • Red lentils pasta is healthier than regular pasta

Pasta alternatives are a great way to get extra nutrients into your diet while still eating your favorite food: pasta!

We hope this has inspired you to try out this delicious and nutritious pasta alternative for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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