What Does MCT Oil Taste Like? Everything You Need To Know!

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MCT oil is a supplement that everyone in the fitness and weight loss communities has been talking about lately due to its unique properties. However, if you have yet to make this part of your routine, you may be reluctant to spend your money on it if you don’t know what it takes like, so what does MCT oil taste like?

Short Answer: 

MCT oil has no noticeable flavor or scent.

MCT oil is a simple ingredient that you can add to your food or just take on its own to help give you a boost of energy without the added fat. The bonus is that it doesn’t taste like anything!

In this article, we are going to get into what exactly MCT oil is and what it tastes like.

Let’s get into it.

What is MCT oil?

Especially in the health space, it can be hard to get a handle on what all these acronyms mean, but today we are here to unlock the mysteries of MCT oil. 

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides.[*]

It is a fat that is extracted from coconuts and palm kernels that can be taken as a supplement in liquid form.

But what makes MCT oil special?

Well, this is because MCT molecules are smaller than normal, long-chain triglycerides. This means they are easier to digest.

Their digestibility means that they get into your system faster to give you a boost of energy more quickly than eating a meal without it.

MCTs also help the body produce ketones, which are a great energy source for the brain.

What Does MCT Oil Taste Like?

MCT oil has no detectable flavor or smell.

We know that a lot of supplements have the reputation of having very strong and often unpleasant flavors, but MCT oil is not one of them.

This means you can benefit from all the qualities the oil has without your food’s flavor being affected.

Since MCT goes through a rigorous extraction process called fractionation, all the scent and taste from the source is stripped away. 

It is also almost colorless but sometimes has a pale yellow hue.

What is MCT Oil Good For?

So, now that we know what MCT oil tastes like, we need to know what it is actually used for.[*]

As we said before, MCT oil is a supplement that you should use in conjunction with a healthy diet.

It is ideal for people who struggle to take in nutrients or fat, as well as anyone suffering from inflammation of any kind.

If you want to lose a few pounds, we recommend MCT oil, as it helps with weight loss and appetite suppression.

MCT oil is also an excellent supplement to take just before a workout to give you an added hit of energy.

How is MCT Oil Used? 

As we said above, the main function of MCT oil is to give you a burst of energy without storing extra fat and keeping you feeling fuller. But how do you ingest it?

MCT oil can be used in various ways. [*]

One option is just to take a tablespoon straight; it won’t taste of anything, and it’s quick and easy to get out of the way throughout your day.

However, the way we like to use it is by adding a tablespoon to a smoothie or to a meal that we are eating. It won’t change the flavor or texture, so you can consume it without even noticing.


How much MCT oil should I use per day?

We recommend taking around 4-7 tablespoons of MCT oil per day.

However, you should spread out the doses across the day, as eating too much at once can make you feel sick.

Are MCT oil and coconut oil the same?

While MCT oil and coconut oil are both sourced from coconuts, they are not the same ingredient.

Coconut oil is an oil that can be used for cooking that naturally contains MCTs.

MCT oil is an oil made from 100% MCTs that are sourced from coconuts and palm oil kernels. It can’t be cooked with, but it can be added to food after it is finished being prepared.

Where can I buy MCT oil?

MCT oil is available in most health food stores or drug stores. It should also be available wherever you buy your supplements.


Now that we know all bout MCT oil, what have we learned?

  • MCT oil is flavorless and scentless.
  • It can be added to food or drink or taken on its own.

We hope this has helped you unravel the mysteries behind this secret ingredient and prepared you for what to expect from the taste.

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