What Does Aperol Taste Like? Your Guide to the Famous Drink


It’s a hot summer, and imagine yourself by the beach… What’s missing? Oh! A refreshing drink!

You’re probably thinking of those sparkling and vibrant orange drinks you see everyone enjoying in oversized wine glasses. It looks glamorous and quenching, perfect for keeping you cool from the heat.

The Aperol Spritz drink is made from the tasty Aperol liqueur many people love. But wait! What does Aperol taste like anyway, and why do a ton of adults love this drink?

Short Answer:

Aperol tastes bitter with hints of citrus notes there. Personally, we find it comparable to sweet melted orange popsicles with just a bit of bitterness mixed with sparkling water.

Sounds refreshing, eh?

We talk more about Aperol, so continue reading to learn about its flavors, aromas, and wonders of this liqueur.

What is Aperol?

If you’re looking for something light and refreshing, you can’t go wrong with Aperol! We enjoy this classic Italian liqueur as a digestif, created by Gaspare Campari and Luigi Mariani in 1919.

  • Fun fact: Aperol was first produced in Italy but is now sold in the USA, Sweden, Spain, and many other countries worldwide!

You probably know Aperol from the Aperol Spritz, a popular cocktail made from Aperol, dry Prosecco, and soda water with slices of oranges for garnish. It’s a tasty drink you can enjoy in this cocktail, in other mixed drinks, or even on its own.

We absolutely love Aperol because of its flavor and because it has a lower ABV, making it an excellent liqueur to serve if you want a chill day with loved ones.

It’s perfect for strolling on the beach with a glass of Aperol because you get that slight buzz without crawling on the sand from that strong kick of alcohol!

  • Fun fact: Aperol contains only 11% ABV, compared to other hard liquors with over 30-40% ABV! You won’t get drunk from it unless you take it in large amounts or mix it with other liquors. That’s why Aperol makes a great aperitif.

What Does Aperol Taste Like?

So, you know what Aperol is, but what about its flavor and aroma? That’s the winning question because it’s the reason everyone loves this liqueur.

Aperol’s principal active ingredient is the bitter orange extract or rind oil, giving the liqueur its bitterness and refreshing citrus flavor.

Think of its flavor as a combination of Prosecco and Campari. It has a light, citrusy, and refreshing taste with subtle orange flavors on the finish.

For us, this liqueur has a pleasantly bitter orange taste and herbal tang with hinds of conchina and rhubarb. But don’t worry, even if we mention the word “bitter” a lot, it is not entirely bitter. There’s a slight sweetness to it that balances out the entire drink.

  • Fun fact: Aperol uses a secret recipe that has never changed since the liqueur was created in 1919. While we don’t know the exact recipe, we know that Aperol is made of bitter and sweet oranges, bitter orange rind oil and extract, rhubarb, and various herbs and roots.

That said, we can’t gush about Aperol the entire time. While we love Aperol, especially when mixed with soda water, we recognize that everyone has different taste buds.

Some people describe Aperol as a strange cough syrup, tasting butter and sweet. The orange color might contribute to its similarity with medication! To avoid the unpleasant experience, taste Aperol on its own a bit, and you can slowly get used to the flavor until you appreciate it. You can also mix it with soda water or Prosecco to help dilute the bitterness.

For some, it’s an acquired taste. But for us, it’s an enjoyable drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those who continue to wonder about Aperol and its uses, we satisfy your curiosity below:

Are Campari and Aperol the same?

These are Italian aperitivo spirits but have significant differences.

Campari is crimson red with a bittersweet taste, having notes of cherry, clove, cinnamon, cascarilla, rhubarb, and orange peel. It also has an ABV of 24%.

On the other hand, Aperol has a bright orange hue with bitter herbs, rhubarb, and burnt orange notes. It also has a higher sugar content and 11% ABV.

Is the Aperol Spritz unhealthy?

The Aperol Spritz is made of soda water, Aperol, and dry Prosecco, so it contains calories and high sugar content from using fructose. One Aperol Spritz drink has about five teaspoons of sugar! So please don’t drink too many cocktails, which won’t only help your weight, but it prevents a nasty, drunken night and hangover.

Can you drink Aperol on its own?

There’s no best way to drink Aperol, but you can drink it on its own, served with ice. Serve it before dinner to truly enjoy its flavors and prepare yourself for a gastronomic feast.

  • Fun fact: You can find Aperol as an apres-ski cocktail, which helps skiers recover after an entire day on the slopes! It’s not just refreshing during the summer but also during the cold winter.
Where do you use Aperol?

Tried Aperol but confirmed you couldn’t drink it straight? No worries, there are other ways to enjoy Aperol!

You can also mix in tonic water for that extra fizz, making it all the more refreshing. We recommend pairing Aperol with grapefruit juice as well, with the citrus notes complementing each other excellently.

What cocktails can we find Aperol in?

Aperol is a significant component in numerous cocktails, like the Aperol Spritz, Elderflower cocktail, Limoncello, Bird of Paradise, Bittersweet Symphony, Paper Plane, and more!

Wrapping It Up

Aperol is a well-loved liqueur by many drinkers worldwide. It has a bitter taste but is well-balanced by the slight sweetness and citrus herbal notes. Because of that, it’s best served as an aperitif or mixed with other ingredients to make a refreshing cocktail.

We hope we answered your question, “what does Aperol taste like?” If you have got to taste Aperol already, let us know your thoughts!

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