Can You Substitute Mayonnaise For Eggs In Baking Recipes?

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Do you know that mayonnaise can replace eggs in baking recipes? 

You probably think your cake may taste like mayonnaise. But here’s the kicker: it won’t!

Think about it, mayonnaise ingredients include eggs and vinegar. These two ingredients often appear in several baking recipes, especially cakes and cupcakes.  

Are you curious if you can substitute mayonnaise for eggs when baking your favorite cake?

Keep reading to learn why mayonnaise works well, tips on choosing a suitable mayo alternative, how to substitute mayonnaise correctly, and decadent cake recipes.  

Substituting Mayonnaise for Eggs When Baking

In the early 1900s, renowned mayonnaise producer Hellmans (™) made mayo as an egg replacement in baking.  

The results astonished avid bakers. Hence, egg-free recipes use mayonnaise to this day. Who knew Hellmans stepped out of the baking box so long ago?!

Why Mayonnaise Works as an Egg Replacement

We use eggs in baking to add flavor, richness, structure, and moisture. Apart from these attributes, eggs act as a leavening agent.  

Specific baking recipes call for whole eggs, egg yolks, or egg whites. When using mayonnaise in place of eggs, it is ok to use any mayo regardless of the egg components in the recipe.  

That said, if your recipe requires egg whites or egg yolks and your mayonnaise only contains egg whites or egg yolk, it’s a bonus!  

Mayonnaise contributes well to the attributes eggs offer. However, the results may alter slightly, but your tasty treat indulgence is still scrumptious!

Advantageous Bakers Feedback

“The mayonnaise worked extremely well in Toll House cookies. The cookies were just as tasty – if not better – than the original Toll House recipe” Baker Stef Pollack

“Substituting mayo is a long-held baking secret because it can make your cake more moist and rich in flavor” – Jennifer Schlette (Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach)

Cons of Substituting Mayo for Eggs

We all have our preferences for a cake’s flavor, richness, structure, and moisture. 

However, most with a sweet tooth opt for a rich, fluffy, moist cake where eggs play an essential part.

Protein plays a vital role as a structuring agent and moisture controller. As mayonnaise contains less protein than eggs, the result will differ.  

Also, Mayonnaise is higher in fat, so you must adjust the other fat-based ingredients accordingly. 

The purposes of fat in baking include:

  • Softening the structure by coating and weakening the gluten bonds
  • Assist with browning
  • Evenly moving heat through the product

Adjusting the other fat ingredients may take trial and error to achieve your desired results. Even so, here is a great place to start:

  1. Halve the amount of butter and oil
  2. Halve the amount of butter and ¼ the amount of oil
  3. Halve the amount of butter and take out the oil

It’s all about taking a bold step with your favorite cake recipe and giving it a go. 

Each time your loved ones try it, they can vote for their favorite!

Valuable Bakers Feedback

“Using mayonnaise in place of eggs will affect the flavor, color, and structure of your recipe. While mayo works in a pinch as an egg substitute, it generally produces a lower quality dessert” –Baker Liv

“The Mayo had a huge impact on the Ulitmate Vanilla Cupcakes. The cupcakes didn’t dome, they weren’t quite as light, and the taste wasn’t Ultimate. The cupcakes did NOT, however, taste like mayo – they were still quite good” – Baker Stef Pollack

How to Substitute Mayonnaise Accurately

 is creamy, it varies in vinegar tang and oil-based flavor. For example, choosing a mayonnaise with a high vinegar content and robust olive or avocado oil base will impact the flavor of your cake.

Certainly, it will not be yucky by no means. Yet, the sharp, savory flavors could leave a “bitter” aftertaste. Not the taste you want for a decadent treat!

So, here’s the deal. Take note of the ingredients on the mayo ingredient label. 

Look for a low vinegar content and a more gentle-tasting oil base, such as sunflower, soybean, or canola oil.  

The front label is a great giveaway. If it says “Smooth and Creamy,” it should have less vinegar tang. In the same way, if it says “Smooth and Tangy” or “Tangy Mayonnaise,” it will have more of a vinegar bite.  

Here are a few “Smooth and Creamy” brands to consider:

Mayonnaise Substitution Guide

The general rule of thumb is: 

  • 3 level tablespoons (45ml) for 1 small to medium-sized egg
  • 4 level tablespoons (60ml) for 1 jumbo egg

Let’s dive into some egg-free recipes!

Decadent Recipes

The Best Mayo Chocolate Cake 

Wow! This easy-to-make, rich, and moist vintage recipe is scrumptious. It calls for a full-fat mayonnaise. However, you can use a lower-fat mayonnaise. Of course, the decadence level may go down a notch, but it is still a little piece of chocolate heaven. 

The Best Vanilla Sponge Cake-3 large eggs (180ml of mayonnaise)

If you love vanilla cake, this is the one for you. While there is no mayonnaise in this recipe, we have included the abovementioned amount to replace the eggs.  

As this is a vanilla cake, we highly recommend using a low-vinegar canola or sunflower oil-based mayonnaise. Give the mayo a good stir before adding it as an alternative to eggs. 

Cheap and Easy Fudge Brownies-2 eggs plus 1 yolk (150ml)

Treat yourself to these chewy and yummy fudge brownies. Again, we have included the required mayonnaise amount above.  

There is cocoa powder in the recipe, so if you only have a tangy mayonnaise on hand, the cocoa powder will assist in balancing out the vinegar flavor. Then again, a less tangy mayonnaise is preferable if you have one.  


Final Baking Thoughts

We all have that one family generations old chocolate or vanilla cake or cupcake recipe.

Your grandmother may not have been aware of Hellmans (™) mayonnaise’s success when introducing the product as an alternative to eggs.

You might wonder if you can substitute mayonnaise for eggs in her recipe. Give it a try and make her proud!
Which mayonnaise did you use for the best result?  Let us know!

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Which mayonnaise did you use for the best result?

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