What is a Good Substitute for Bisquick? (6 Great Options to Try)

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Are you sick of searching for the best Bisquick substitutes, often ruining your dish before it has ever reached the oven? We have all been there and know just how frustrating this can be.

STOP self-sabotaging your meals, and take a look at the great substitutes we found for Bisquick. Whether you are avoiding the product on purpose or you just ran out, we have six items that can take its place with ease.

Before moving forward with your next recipe, take a look at the article below for information on this popular product. We will also teach you how to substitute it when necessary.

What is Bisquick?

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Before we offer you ways to replace Bisquick, let’s talk a little bit about what it is.

Bisquick is a powdered mixture of multiple ingredients that can create numerous food items simply by adding a little bit of milk or water. This is a staple in busy households as it is quick and easy to use.

According to the back of the Betty Cocker Box, Bisquick is made from 

  • Enriched bleached flour (combines and thickens)
  • Corn starch (thickening agent)
  • Dextrose (Sweetener)
  • vegetable oil (Keeps foods moist)
  • Monoglycerides (emulsifies)
  • Yeast (Leavening agent)
  • Salt (Enhances flavor, controls yeast)
  • Sugar (Sweetener)
  • DATEM (Emulsifier)

All of the ingredients in this mix have a purpose and play a large role in the outcome of your recipe. For this reason, always make sure you pay attention to what your substitute for Bisquick does or does not have.

What Do You Use Bisquick For?

Bisquick is often used when baking and is almost always associated with pancakes and waffles. Even though this product does a great job in this area, it is useful in other areas as well.

Here is a list of only a few delicious recipes you can make with Bisquick.

6 Great Bisquick Substitutes

Now that we have your attention and made you a little hungry. Let’s get into the top six substitutes you can use when you don’t have a box of Bisquick around. 

Pancake Mix is the Ideal Go To Replacement

Breakfast lovers know that most pancake mixes contain the same dry ingredient as Bisquick, or at least most of them. 

While many people have their go to brands when making their morning breakfast, any ole pancake mix can take the place of Bisquick. In fact, this is a great option for a lot of sweet treats, desserts, and dishes too.

With that, remember most pancake mixes will have more sugar than Bisquick. When substituting this ingredient in a savory recipe, counterbalance the sugar with something spicey. 

In a situation where you need a thicker dough, reduce the amount of water in the recipe. This is important because pancake mixes are often runnier than Bisquick.


  • Pancake mix is sweeter than Bisquick
  • Pancake mix works well in sweet recipes
  • Pancake mix is thinner than Bisquick when mixed with liquid

Cake Flour For Light Results

Thanks to the finely milled grains and low protein, cake flour is ideal for lighter recipes. This means you should use it on delicate foods like soft cookies, airy cupcakes, and (of course) cakes. 

Because cake flour aims to create delicious cakes, it doesn’t provide the same binding properties as regular flour. If you are using this option to substitute for Bisquick, we suggest doing it for desserts and baked goods.

If you want to use cake flour in heavier dishes, add something with protein. Protein is required to create a thicker, stronger dough for things like bread.


  • Cake flour is lighter than regular flour.
  • Cake flour is ideal for sweet, soft, and airy desserts
  • Add a protein to provide thickness to your mix 

Self-Rising Flour a Flaky Dough

Self-rising flour is another common Bisquick replacement in the culinary world. We tend to use this product in recipes that aren’t looking for a sweet taste. If you are substituting it for a dessert, you must add a little sugar to the mix. 

To replace the missing sugar in self-rising flour, consider adding 1-2 TSP for each cup of flour.

Another ingredient in Bisquick that you will not find in self rising flour is shortening. Shortening is often used to give foods a tender and flaky texture. Without this ingredient, the end result could get messy. (Trust us, we know.)

When substituting self-rising flour for Bisquick, always add a cup of shortening to mimic the doughy outcome. This ingredient would work best in recipes for things like pies, bread, and cakes.


  • Self rising flour doesn’t have any sugar.
  • There is no fat in self-rising flour to act as a binding agent
  • Self rising flour is great for pies, cakes, and bread

Jiffy Baking Mix is a Quick Solution

Jiffy Baking Mix is another home kitchen essential. This combination of dry ingredients helps you get meals whipped up and on the table quickly. We like this product because of how versatile it is, assisting in the creation of many different foods.

The Jiffy brand has an entire line of baking mixes dedicated to specific recipes. With this in mind, reach for the pancake and waffle box, all-purpose, or the buttermilk biscuit one. All of these options offer similar ingredients to Bisquick and can often work well when you are in pinch.

If you are trying to avoid dairy, skip the all-purpose option, as it is made with a milk replacer product. 

Something to remember is that these mixes offer a sweet maple flavoring. This taste pairs well with desserts and sweet dishes.


  • Jiffy pancake/waffle, buttermilk Bisquick, and all purpose mixes are the best.
  • Use Jiffy baking mixes in sweet recipes.
  • The all-purpose option contains dairy (avoid it if you are lactose intolerant.)

Almond Flour

Almond flour is a healthy alternative to the regular flour found in Bisquick. But you can’t substitute almond flour for the latter without adding additional ingredients.

As we mentioned, Bisquick is a combination of various items, with flour being just one. This means you have to add your own salt, baking powder, and butter or shortening. 

To do this, mix together 1- ½ TSP of baking powder, ¼ Tsp of salt, 1 TBSP of butter or shortening, and ¾ cup of almond flour.

We can’t overlook providing examples of why this option is healthier than the alternative. Almond flour is full of ant oxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. This product is high in monosaturated fats (controlling your cholesterol) and contains fiber (great for gut health.)


  • You cant replace Bisquick with almond flour alone.
  • Almond flour is a gluten free substitute for Bisquick
  • Almond flour has a lot of health benefits.

Pioneer Baking Mix

Like Jiffy, Pioneer baking mixes come in different blends depending on the recipe you want to make. But for the most part, it doesn’t really matter which one you use as long as you know your way around the kitchen.

We have learned that ensuring the ingredients in the mix align well with your desired flavor profile. By this, we mean don’t use corn muffin mix when attempting to make cakes and cookies; you will regret it.

These blends are made with natural ingredients, including flour milled by the company. With wholesome ingredients you can trust, using Pioneer to substitute for Bisquick is a no brainer. 


  • Be careful when choosing a specific mix to swap for Bisquick.
  • Pioneer baking mix is made with company milled flour.
  • Pioneer offers a variety of products for various recipes.

DIY Bisquick Mix (Four Simple Ingredients)

Why panic when you can easily create your own Bisquick substitute? Here is a great recipe to make this go to mix, used for all sorts of delicious dishes. 


  • ¼ TSP of salt
  • 1 Cup of all purpose flour
  • 1 TBSP of butter
  • 1 ½ TSP of baking powder


  • Combine the salt, flour, and baking soda in a mixing bowl. Whisk the ingredients together until they are evenly dispersed. 
  • Cut the butter into the mixture of dry ingredients until you have an even blend.

Serving Size: One Cup

What Can You do With this Recipe?

This recipe is a great substitute for Bisquick in just about any dish. You can use it for a wide variety of foods, whether you are baking, cooking, or frying. 

Try this DIY solution in:


Can You Use Milk Instead of Water When Using Bisquick?

Using water instead of milk in Bisquick won’t ruin the taste. But the texture of your dough may end up being drier. 

Can You Use Bisquick Instead of Flour to Fry Foods?

Yes. You can substitute Bisquick for flour when frying foods. Doing this will give your dish a better flavor. 

Does Bisquick Have a Gluten Free Option?

Yes. Bisquick sells a line of gluten free products. It is also interesting to note that this mix is free of dairy. If you have trouble digesting lactose, use water in the mix instead of milk for a dairy free solution.

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