Best Substitute For Orange Curacao (#8 You Might Have NOW!)

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Like other orange liqueurs, orange curacao has become an integral part of menus in bars and restaurants. (*)

It’s also a staple in a few homes because of how good it tastes when mixed into cocktails!

Unfortunately, we can’t always purchase orange curacao, as it’s either difficult to find in grocery stores or more expensive than expected.

Not to worry, as you can always find and replace it with something elses.

If you’re wondering what to use, then read on for our extensive list of Orange Curacao substitutes to try!

The Best Orange Curacao Substitutes

Orange Curacao is a sweet digestive liqueur derivative of the curacao triple sec, this time with a deep orange color.

It originates from the Dutch, on Curacao Island!

You can usually find orange Curaçao in the liquor store or purchase it online. But if you can’t find any, there are other ingredients to use, such as:

1. Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier is known for its unique orange flavor.

It’s one of the more famous orange liqueurs created with a premium brandy base. Meaning there are no neutral spirits but instead possess the aged, intense, and oaky characteristics brandy offers.

Moreover, manufacturers use bitter orange peels to flavor the fruit liqueur, giving it a deep and distinct flavor and a lovely golden appearance.

While Grand Marnier is typically used in cocktails, it’s also a great addition to baking recipes! Because of its ingredient list and distinct flavor, you can use Grand Marnier instead of orange curacao.

Though orange-flavored, Grand Marnier and Orange Curacao still taste different but serve a similar purpose.

They are different because orange curacao is made from sugar cane alcohol, while Grand Marnier uses brandy rather than rum.

Fun Fact:

Grand Marnier gets its orange notes from Caribbean-grown Citrus Bigaradia, which we know as Seville or bitter oranges.

2. Triple Sec

Triple sec is a clear orange liqueur carrying a citrus flavor. This orange liqueur is made from a neutral spirit and a macerate of dried orange peels.

Triple sec is a French liqueur in various colors, with the high-end versions having a strong orange flavor as it’s made with orange bloom and bitter oranges.

That way, you get a deep flavor from the French beverage.

You can use this French beverage in various cocktails, though you can also serve and enjoy triple sec neat or on the rocks.

The alcohol content can range from 20-42%, depending on the brand and price.

Triple sec is different from orange curacao because the former is usually made with a neutral spirit, whereas orange curacao has a brandy base.

That said, you can find many bartenders using triple sec and orange curacao interchangeably.

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Fun Fact:

Orange Curacao isn’t a protected brand compared to cognac or champagne, protected by law, and must be produced in its region of origin.

3. Aurum

Aurum is another brandy-based liqueur that features an orange scent and flavor. This is a Pescara specialty drink made with old brandy with an orange tint and flavor. (*)

The drink is made with a saffron ingredient to enhance its orange color. Furthermore, it’s aged before bottling, so that would determine the deep flavor it would have.

Expect a smooth and sweet flavor with the orange scent dominating the aroma.

We love using aurum in desserts like ice creams, but you can also drink it with cocktails or on its own.

Add a splash of it in ice creams, and you get an interesting orange flavor with a kick!

4. Gran Gala

Gran Gala is another orange-flavored liqueur with a rich flavor. This Italian beverage is made of brandy, originating from Trieste.

It has an amber color and candied orange or fresh orange smell with a warming and long finish.

Expect a smooth and velvety texture, with many considering this one of the finest brandies around.

Besides oranges, it has other flavor notes like caramel, cocoa, vanilla, and certain spices!

We appreciate its fresh orange infusion, making it an excellent orange curacao alternative.

The smooth and sweet flavor isn’t only used in cocktails but in cooking recipes as well!

5. Blue Curacao

Blue curaçao is actually a kind of Curacao liqueur with a colorless appearance.

The flavor is very similar to the Laraha citrus grown from Curacao.

Like orange curacao, blue curaçao has an orange flavor with a fine taste profile.

Used in cocktails, expect only a slightly different flavor but a major change in appearance because of the blue color.

6. Picon

Picon is a French orange-flavored liqueur with a bitter flavor that you can mix with beer!

It’s made with caramel, various herbs, spices, and neutral alcohol. More specifically, Picon contains orange zest, gentian root, and cinchona bark.

Its flavor makes it popularly used in cocktails!

7. Other Orange Liqueurs

You can also find other liqueurs made of orange peels, orange zest, or bitter oranges with neutral spirits to nail that citrusy flavor.

For example, there is the Cointreau or even basic orange-flavored vodka,

Fun Fact:

The orange peels used to make orange curacao comes from the Laraha citrus grown on Curacao island, hence the name!

8. Orange Juice

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic substitute, we recommend orange juice.

Orange juice is readily available and contains no alcohol content at all.

Orange juice is the way to go if you’re making mocktails or don’t want alcohol in cooking recipes.

We recommend using the orange extract for those who don’t want to add too much liquid but want more of the orange flavor.

Just a few drops of this ingredient will give you so much of the flavor you seek!

Learn more:

Fun Fact:

Traditional Curacao is made from brandy and dried Curaçao orange peels. The modern orange Curaçao isn’t usually made this way.

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