Can You Mix Vodka and Whisky? (Making The BEST Cocktails)


So, you’re trying to experiment in your home bar and suddenly thought of creating an extremely strong drink meant to take you out on a wild night!

This begs you to question: Can you mix vodka and whisky?

These are two of the most popular liqueurs readily available and either drunk straight or featured in cocktails.

It makes sense to mix these two… Right?

Short answer: In general, it’s fine mixing vodka and whisky since these are the typical alcoholic base in cocktails. But since they have high ABV levels, you may end up feeling the buzz after a few sips!

Let’s delve deeper into that question below.

Can You Mix Vodka and Whisky?

We’ve talked about the wonders of vodka and whisky in separate articles. It makes sense to see them popularly consumed through shots or in cocktails!

That’s why it’s totally fine to mix vodka and whisky but take heed.

We only recommend mixing these two hard liqueurs when creating a cocktail, which means that you also have to mix other non-alcoholic ingredients.

Vodka and whisky aren’t drinks you would usually mix on their own and enjoy drinking. But that’s up to your taste preference and alcohol tolerance.

We tried doing it ourselves, and believe us; we did NOT like the taste. Sure, you can appreciate the flavors of these two liqueurs, but mostly, you’ll taste a lot of bitterness from the alcohol, and it won’t be enjoyable.

If you aim to get drunk as quickly as possible, it may make sense to mix vodka and whisky. But we’d instead enjoy the flavors and sweetness, so mix these with other juices, herbs, sweeteners, or spices!

Why Is It Bad to Mix Vodka and Whisky?

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While there’s no strict rule banning us from mixing vodka and whisky, it’s important to note its disadvantages.

For starters, vodka and whisky are hella strong, with ABV levels reaching up to 95%! Because of that, those who mix these two liqueurs together, and drink a lot of them, can get drunk pretty quickly. The worst part is you can get a more intense hangover!

  • Fun fact: Hangover symptoms can be exacerbated from drinks with a lot of congeners. In clear drinks like vodka, Congeners are lower than in darker drinks like whiskey. But still, they can irritate your stomach when you mix different liqueurs together.

It’s possible not to experience extreme drunkenness and hangover symptoms as long as you drink in moderation.

Our not-so-secret tip is always to drink water as you drink alcohol. Also, avoid drinking too much too quickly, and keep to your limits to prevent painful headaches, stomachaches, or worse, alcohol poisoning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know more about mixing vodka and whisky, we will answer more of your questions below!

1. What kind of alcohol should you never mix?

While you can mix vodka and whisky, there are alcohol combinations out there you should never try, such as:

  • Beer and wine
  • Wine and tequila
  • Beer and tequila

Pro-tip: Besides alcohol, you shouldn’t mix; we also recommend never mixing liqueurs with energy drinks, marijuana, pain relievers, opioid painkillers, muscle relaxers, sleep aids, cough syrup, or even mushrooms!

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2. Is whisky or vodka stronger in terms of alcohol content?

There is no stronger alcohol between vodka and whisky since they have similar alcohol contents of about 40%. That said, you can find vodka with an ABV as high as 95%!

Pro-tip: Mix these two liqueurs using a 1:1 ratio with juice, fresh fruits, or other non-alcoholic drinks. You can add more whisky than vodka since it has more flavor. Vodka is a plain liqueur and is best mixed with other ingredients.

3. What do you recommend mixing vodka or whisky with?

When making drinks with vodka, you can keep it simple and mix it with orange juice, pineapple juice, soda, lemonade, or even ginger beer.

As for whisky, you can enjoy it straight or with soda water, Coca-Cola, a lemon wedge, milk, or mixed with amaro, a bitter liqueur. Whisky pairs well with other alcohols like rum and tequila, bringing out interesting flavors in a cocktail.

Pro-tip: Ginger is actually an excellent pairing with whisky because of the complex flavor profile, ranging from sweet to spicy, earthy to medicinal!

Wrapping It Up

We hope we have answered your question, “can you mix vodka and whisky?” Why not try mixing the two in your next cocktail and see how it can elevate your drink’s flavors and boozy kick? Just make sure you don’t take too much!

If you’d like to find out more about different liqueurs and food, we’ve got you covered with a lot of information on cooking, baking, and drinking.

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