Can You Mix Vodka and Milk? OR Will It Curdle? (THE TRUTH)


We know the classic mixers for liqueurs and alcoholic beverages. We’ve got the classic coffee and milk, vodka and pineapple juice, rum and coke… But what about vodka and milk?

Wait, hold up! Vodka and… MILK?!

Who the heck created the idea of mixing these two incredibly different drinks together? More so, can you mix vodka and milk, or will it create hell in your tummy (and tastebuds)?

Yes, you can mix vodka and milk, but we can’t say for sure if the drink looks nice after, as milk will curdle when mixed with alcohol with over 40% ABV.

Let’s talk more about this odd combination below!

Can You Mix Vodka and Milk?

While it sounds like a strange combination, mixing vodka and milk is possible. But we didn’t say it’s always a good idea!

That’s because vodka has a high ABV level of 40% and above. Not only will you react to the high alcohol content but so will milk. As soon as milk mixes with vodka, it may coagulate and separate. Definitely not a sight you want to see, nor something you want to serve guests unless you want a laugh.

Think of it as serving spoiled milk… It will make anyone retch and think it was a science experiment gone wrong!

But what about the White Russian?

Alright, now THAT’S the exception. The White Russian is a classic cocktail that tastes so sweet and good, mixing vodka, milk, coffee liqueur, and cream.

Usually, we make this cocktail with cream, but you can try using milk with it. The whole milk might not sit well with the liqueur, but you still get a creamy flavor making the drink worthy of calling a White Russian.

There are other cocktails that use milk and some form of alcohol as well, which are worth trying. But if you’re thinking of using milk as a plain mixer with vodka or other liqueurs, the bartenders will raise eyebrows, and so will your poor stomach.

Fun fact:

  • People think that drinking milk or yogurt before alcohol can line their stomach to avoid getting drunk or throwing up.
  • It’s a MYTH, as all alcohol consumed would reach your bloodstream, no matter how much you eat or drink.
  • Sorry folks, while bread or food can slow down the rate of alcohol absorption, it won’t prevent drunkenness or intoxication. (*)

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the answer to “can you mix vodka and milk,” you might be left with other questions. We’ve got you, so keep reading!

Is it unhealthy to mix milk and alcohol?

You might think that milk and alcohol are fine because milk is healthy, and vodka has some health benefits. But nope, it’s actually the opposite.

Fun fact:

  • Vodka may increase blood flow and circulation to the body, preventing clots or other heart diseases.
  • Moreover, it’s lower-calorie alcohol! Liqueur isn’t the healthiest, but it’s good to know there are a few benefits to your favorite alcoholic drinks when consumed in moderation. (*)

Alcohol will prevent the nutrient breakdown present in milk as it decreases the secretion of digestive enzymes.

It will impair nutrient absorption and damage cells lining the intestines and stomach.

And we’re not even touching base on the crazy things vodka can do to a person while intoxicated.

We do not recommend mixing milk and alcohol because of the stomach problems it can cause.

Alcohol will increase acid in your stomach, and so can milk, especially if you are lactose intolerant. That can cause stomach or intestinal ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, acidic attacks, and the like.

Can I drink milk after taking alcohol?

As mentioned, alcohol can increase acid in your stomach. Dairy products made from cow’s milk are a significant acid reflux trigger. Taking milk as a chaser or mixer with vodka is not good if you suffer from acidity problems or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

What cocktails have milk in their recipes?

Besides the White Russian, other cocktails have milk and other alcohols in their recipes. Here are some recipes you can follow:

  • Milk Punch Cocktail
  • Bourbon Milk
  • Red Wine Hot Chocolate
  • Tipsy Apple Pie

That said, we don’t recommend taking too many of these cocktails at once. As we warned, there are side effects, and it isn’t healthy to drink too much in the first place.

Wrapping It Up

Did we answer your question, “can you mix vodka and milk?” Awesome, now you know what NOT to use as a mixer.

If you want to know what is worth using as mixers with your favorite liqueurs, we’ve got more in store for you here at Nomspedia. Please read our other blogs to whip up fantastic drinks for parties!

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