Where to Find Minced Garlic in Grocery Store | Step-by-Step

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Did you know that there are about 450 types of garlic worldwide? (*)

More than that, there are also many garlic forms you can choose from, and minced garlic is one of the most popular.

But despite its wide range of uses, some people still need help to look for it in the grocery store. So, where to find minced garlic in grocery store?

Quick Answer:

Check out the Produce or Salad Dressing Section for preserved minced garlic. For the dried version, visit the Herbs and Spices Area.

Now that you know where the products might be, you need to determine which of these variants you should use.

The good news is we’ve got the information you need below, so keep reading!

Where to Find Minced Garlic in Grocery Store?

The first Aisle you should check out when looking for minced garlic is no other than the Produce Section. You can find it near the racks where other fresh herbs, spices, and seasonings are displayed. Try looking for a bag of pureed herbs since minced garlic will most likely be beside it.

Another section you should visit is the Salad Dressing and Condiments Aisle. In this Area, you can find both jarred and dried minced garlic. It’s usually displayed beside salad toppings and dressings.

Lastly, check the Herbs and Spices Area. In this section, you’ll most likely find containers of dried minced garlic.

Pro tip:

Jarred and dried minced garlic are displayed in different parts of the store, so it’s best to determine which one you need and ask the store staff for assistance. 

What Does Minced Garlic Look Like in the Store?

Different types of minced garlic come in another packaging. For example, the jarred garlic comes in a glass jar, while dried minced garlic is packed in a plastic jar.

Smaller amounts of minced garlic sometimes come in a glass jar that is taller than it is wide. This packaging comes with a spice lid that allows you to dispense only a small amount of the garlic. 

Which Stores Sell Minced Garlic? Plus, the Brands to Check

Since this is a popular cooking ingredient, you can find minced garlic in almost all grocery stores. To help you enjoy the best shopping experience, we’ve listed the top stores you can visit, along with the best-minced garlic brands they carry and which Aisle you can find them.

Whole Foods

Check out the store’s Foods aisle for both jarred and dried garlic.

Pro Tip:

 If you decide to make minced garlic, you can find organic garlic in the store’s Produce Section.


This store sells the Great Value Minced Garlic, a brand known for delivering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Aside from that, Walmart also sells other top-tier brands. You can check out their website for all their brands.

Since the product location varies depending on the branch, it’s also best to download their mobile app and use its product locator feature.


At this store, you can buy the Goya and Signature Kitchen brands. You can find both at their Spices and Condiments Aisle.

Trader Joe’s

If you’re a fan of Trader Joe’s, you’ll be happy to know that they sell their own minced garlic brand.


Like Trader Joe’s, this store also sells minced garlic under its brand name.


Here, the most popular brands that you can get your hands on are Badia and Spice World.


Amazon is the website to visit if you want access to the broadest range of minced garlic products based on size and brand. The website doesn’t just carry different brands, but they offer various sizes and types too.

Those looking to buy the item in bulk can enjoy lots of discounts from here.

For dried garlic, some of the brands to check out are:

For jarred ones, take a look at these brands:

What to Choose Between Jarred Minced Garlic and Dried Minced Garlic?

Type is the most important thing you need to consider when buying minced garlic, and you have two options for this—freshly minced and dried versions.

Since it’s dehydrated, dried minced garlic has a more concentrated flavor and crunchy taste. On the other hand, jarred minced garlic is soaked in olive oil to maintain its freshness. Because of this, it delivers the same texture as fresh garlic.

Due to their differences in texture and flavor, they suit different dishes. With that said, dried garlic works well on dry rubs, sauces, dressings, toppings, or any meals that don’t require the aroma of garlic.

On the other hand, you can use jarred garlic in dishes that require fresh garlic and those that need a strong garlic aroma.

What Can I Get Instead of Minced Garlic?

If you can’t find minced garlic at the store, there are certainly plenty of substitutes that you can use instead. Here are the best ones:

Fresh Garlic

Of course, you can always go for fresh garlic. You can just slice the cloves into small, uniform-sized pieces and add them to your dishes.

When using this as a substitute, remember it has a stronger and more intense taste than preserved and dried minced garlic.

With that said, use 1 clove of fresh garlic for every ½ teaspoon of jarred minced garlic that the recipe needs.

Garlic Powder

Since it has a similar taste and potency as dried minced garlic, garlic powder is an excellent choice. The best part is it’s easier to find at the grocery store since it’s often displayed in the Dried Herbs and Spice Section.

As a rule of thumb, use around 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder for every ½ teaspoon of garlic powder the recipe calls for.

Chives and Shallots

These herbs are your best non-garlic options. Chives and shallots taste a mix of garlic and onion flavor.

That’s not all. They also release the similar pungent smell of garlic once cooked.

When using these substitutes, use one tablespoon for every ½ teaspoon of dried minced garlic the dish needs.

The Bottom Line

Where to find minced garlic in grocery store? If you want preserved minced garlic, head straight to the Produce Aisle or the Salad Dressings and Condiments Section. On the other hand, check for dried minced garlic in the store’s Dried Herbs and Spices area.

Before you head to the store, make sure that you determine whether your recipe calls for preserved or dried minced garlic to make your shopping experience a breeze.

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