The Best Substitutes For Meringue Powder (#3 Will Surprise You!)

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Do you want to whip up meringue cookies, meringue pies, or pavlova but can’t find your stash of meringue powder?

Don’t beat yourself up.

It happens to most of us—even with veteran bakers.

Before you head out to the nearest grocery store, why don’t you check out your pantry first for any potential meringue powder substitutes?

Do you want to know what these are? Continue reading!

The 10 Best Meringue Powder Substitutes

Before you go crazy looking for meringue powder, you may want to check your pantry first for any of these meringue powder substitutes:

1. Fresh Egg Whites

When it comes to the best meringue powder substitutes, fresh egg whites are at the top of the list. Fresh egg whites were used for all the meringue powder applications before the latter was invented.

However, there’s a lot of legwork involved when using whipped egg whites in place of meringue powder.

To make the egg whites a suitable meringue powder substitute, you have to add lemon juice, citric acid, or cream of tartar to them. These ingredients can stabilize egg whites and prevent them from collapsing.

Pro Tip: To minimize wastage of egg yolks, use pasteurized egg whites instead of whole raw eggs.

Please note that you don’t have to whip pasteurized egg whites to stiff peaks, unlike raw egg whites. Instead, replace your paddle attachment with a whisk attachment and use it to combine powdered sugar or confectioners sugar and egg whites until the mixture ribbons off it.

How to Substitute:

Use only one egg white for every two teaspoons of meringue powder mixed with 2 tablespoons of water that the recipe needs.

2. Egg White Powder

Also called powdered egg whites, this substitute for meringue powder is your best bet if you don’t have enough time to work with fresh eggs.

So how does it differ from fresh eggs? Is meringue powder the same as egg white powder?

Well, egg white powder is the product of dehydrating pasteurized egg whites.

Many people consider this to be the most convenient meringue powder substitute because you no longer have to separate the egg whites from the egg yolk.

Additionally, this dried egg whites powder is shelf-stable and can last in the pantry for 12 months.

Lastly, powdered egg whites are widely available in grocery stores and supermarkets.

To use this, you will have to reconstitute it with water. Luckily for you, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of water and 1 teaspoon of egg white powder.

How to Substitute:

Use 1 teaspoon of powdered egg whites for every 1 teaspoon of meringue powder needed.

3. Xanthan Gum

Have you heard of Xanthan Gum? Perhaps not since it’s not a common household item. However, take a look at the bottle of your salad dressing, and you’ll find it as one of the listed ingredients.

Xanthan gum is a food additive made from fermented corn sugars and is commonly used in thickening dressings, sauces, sweet treats, and baked goods.

This is an excellent meringue powder substitute because it takes on a thick and gel-like texture when mixed with water.

With that said, you have to mix ¼ teaspoon of xanthan gum with ¼ teaspoon of water, then whip the entire mixture before using.

Warning: Xanthan gum may come from soy, dairy, corn, and wheat, so you may need to look for a different substitute for meringue powder if you’re allergic to any mentioned ingredients.

How to Substitute: Use only ¼ teaspoon of xanthan gum powder for every 2 teaspoons of meringue powder needed.

4. Gelatin

If you’re a baker or lovemaking Jellos, you might already be familiar with gelatin.

Like Xanthan Gum, gelatin is used as a thickening agent for desserts like puddings, yogurts, and ice creams.

Fact: It’s colorless, tasteless, and water-soluble, which are the exact reasons why it’s one of the best meringue powder substitutes out there.

You can use it in two forms—powder and sheets—so how you prepare it will depend on the form, you’ll be using.

You simply need to mix it in 3 tablespoons of warm water with gelatin sheets. On the other hand, you have to mix a tablespoon of gelatin powder with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Regardless of which gelatin form you use, you need to whip the mixture first before using it in place of meringue powder.

Warning: Gelatin is made from collagen collected from the connective tissues, skins, and bones of cattle, pigs, and other animals, so it’s not a recommended alternative for vegans or vegetarians.

How to Substitute:

Use 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder or 1 gelatin sheet for every 2 teaspoons of meringue powder needed.

5. Aquafaba

Here’s another food ingredient you might not be familiar with—aquafaba. The name may sound exotic, but it’s the Italian term that means bean water. To put it simply, it’s thick, golden, and sometimes a bit cloudy liquid found inside canned chickpeas.

While most of us just drain it from its can, it’s an excellent vegan substitute for meringue powder.

To make it a suitable substitute for meringue powder, you have to whip the liquid for about 10 to 15 minutes until you achieve stiff peaks. Additionally, you may have to add cream of tartar to stabilize it.

If the golden liquid has a thin consistency, you can thicken it up by allowing it to simmer on your stove for a few minutes.

Pro Tip: One canned chickpeas already contains ½ to ¾ cup of aquafaba.

How to substitute:

Use 1 ½ cups of aquafaba for every 1 cup of meringue powder that the recipe calls for.  

6. Tofu Aquafaba

Aquafaba is not limited to canned chickpeas – you can get it from tofu too! The liquid from a pack of tofu is an excellent meringue powder substitute for baking pavlova and meringue cookies.

Same with the liquid from chickpeas, you will need to whip it too. You will also have to add cream of tartar to prevent the peaks from collapsing.

How to Substitute:

Use 1 ½ cups of tofu aquafaba for every 1 cup of meringue powder that the recipe calls for.  

7. Agar Powder

Are you a vegan who likes the texture and consistency of gelatin? If so, agar powder is one of the best options for you.

Here’s what you need to know: agar powder is a vegetarian version of gelatin that’s made from a type of seaweed called algae.

To prepare agar powder, mix equal amounts of water and agar powder. Then, place it over low heat and allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Once the mixture has set, whip it up.

How to Substitute:

Replace 2 teaspoons of meringue powder with 1 tablespoon of agar powder + 1 tablespoon of water.

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8. Chia Seeds

You know chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, and many more (*), but did you know you can use them to substitute meringue powder?

More than just a superfood, these small black seeds are also widely used as thickening agents or binders because they form a gel-like consistency when mixed with water.

When using chia seeds in place of meringue powder, you need to ground them to a fine powder and mix a teaspoon of it with 2 tablespoons of water. Allow the seeds to soak in the water for a few minutes. Afterward, whip up the mixture.

Warning: The seeds lend a black and unappealing shade to baked goods due to their color. Because of this, you should opt for white chia seeds if you plan to substitute it for meringue powder.

How to Substitute:

Replace 2 teaspoons of meringue powder with 1 teaspoon of chia seeds + 2 tablespoons of water.

9.  Flaxseeds

Here’s another multi-purpose superfood that you should get your hands on if you’re looking for an excellent meringue powder alternative.

Because of the mucilaginous substances on the surface of these nutritious seeds, they also produce gel when it comes in contact with liquid. This is what makes the seeds suitable binding agents.

Same with chia seeds, you’d also have to grind flaxseeds. After that, mix 1 tablespoon of flax seeds with 3 tablespoons of water. Let it sit for 15 minutes before whipping it up.

How to Substitute:

Substitute 2 teaspoons of meringue powder with a tablespoon of flax seeds.

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10. Bananas

Are we going bananas? How can you use bananas in place of meringue powder?

For your information, bananas are vegans’ well-kept secret when replacing eggs in various recipes.

Using mashed bananas is effective in replacing eggs when adding moisture to recipes. Unfortunately, because of this, you can’t use it to produce meringue pie or royal icing. However, it’s a recommended alternative for making bread and cookies.

Warning: Please consider the distinct flavor of bananas when choosing a baking recipe to use it on.

How to Substitute:

Use ¾ cup of mashed bananas for every 1 tablespoon of meringue powder that the recipe calls for.  

Bottom Line

The next time you run out of meringue powder, you already know which substitutes for meringue powder to look for.

Of course, raw eggs are the best options for this purpose. But the good news is there are a few other fantastic alternatives if you’re allergic to it or you’re a vegan or vegetarian.

When choosing among all the recommended substitutes, please take note of the cooking tips and warnings that we’ve shared so you can find the most suitable option for your recipe.

Happy baking!

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