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The Luxardo Bitter Bianco is one of the more popular herbal liqueurs today, which offers an infusion of aromatic plants, bitter herbs, and citrus fruits.

It’s similar to the Luxardo Bitter, but before the blending process, those infusions are distilled, which gives it a transparent color.

Not only can you enjoy the Luxardo Bitter Bianco neat or on the rocks as an aperitif, but you can also use it to give a classic twist to cocktails like the Negroni or Paloma. But what if you don’t have this liqueur?

You can always use a Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitute!

Read on to learn what alternatives work well for this liqueur.


What are The Best Substitutes For Luxardo Bitter Bianco?

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The Luxardo Bitter Bianco was developed with the white Negroni in mind, with higher proof and wormwood than the original Luxardo Bitter.

Fun fact:

Luxardo had a Bitter Bianco recipe in the record in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, when the company was destroyed in Zara, there were no existing bottles or samples ever found!

While you can use the Luxardo Bitter as the best substitute, there are also other brands you can use!

1. Suze

Suze is a French aperitif made of gentian root, an herb growing in the mountains of France and Switzerland. It’s ideal for sipping before or after meals or using cocktails. The liqueur can add umami or soy to dishes, boosting its flavors with its grounded depth.

Suze is one of the closest to the Luxardo Bitter Bianco, making it an excellent alternative. It tastes surprisingly bitter with a soft citrus undertone and some sweetness, staying refreshing. You can use a 1:1 ratio when using Suze as a Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitute.

2. Campari

Campari is one of the more popular bitter Italian aperitifs, known for its flavors and brilliantly-red color. It’s made of various herbs and spices, giving it the strong bitter flavor highlighted with an orange taste. Like Suze, you can enjoy Campari on the rocks or in cocktails, and its herbal, bitter flavor makes it an excellent Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitute.

That said, Campari does have a different color, so this is something to take into account with your cocktail’s appearance. Moreover, Campari may taste more citrusy than the Luxardo Bitter Bianco.

3. Salers

Salers is a French aperitif made from a gentian root, like Suze. Expect a bold flavor of herbs and citrus peel with hints of coffee and earth. Some even say you’ll taste tequila-like flavors!

While it tastes more bitter, you’ll find a nice sweetness to follow. You can enjoy this drink over ice with lemon or in lemonade. You’ll also find it in cocktails like the Blond Negroni or Dolin blanc.

While Salers makes a great Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitute, it might be too pricey for those on a budget.

4. Aveze

Aveze is another gentian-based aperitif known for its authentic flavors and lingering bitterness. It’s one of the most common gentian-based liqueurs worldwide, alongside Suze and Salers. You can enjoy this liqueur chilled, over ice, with soda water, and garnished with a citrus wedge or twist.

It makes a suitable Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitute given its similar bitter flavor. It isn’t the best one on the list, but it still works in cocktails like the White Negroni or the traditional Margarita. 

5. Strega

Strega is an herbal Italian liqueur and digestif made from a secret recipe of 70 botanicals like juniper berries, mint, and saffron. Because of its sweet, medicinal, herbal flavor can make a suitable Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitute for cocktails or enjoy after meals.

Fun fact:

Strega comes from Benevento, Italy, known as the witches’ liqueur!

Note that Strega may be too sweet, but with a higher ABV of 40%, so it’s best to lessen any sweeteners your cocktail calls for. Moreover, the bright yellow color may change your drink’s appearance!

6. Aperol

Aperol is another Italian bitter but has a bright orange color with sweeter flavors. This liqueur comes from the amaro family and would have notes of orange and spice, which works well in cocktails. That said, it may be sweeter and have a lower ABV!

You can easily find Aperol in liqueur stores, making it an excellent Luxardo Bitter Bianco substitutes if you’re in a pinch.

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Fun fact:

Luxardo Bitter Bianco has an ABV of 30%, so it’s possible to get tipsy over it if you have too much!

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