List Of Best Dipping Sauces For Chicken: Top 10 Picks

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Quick Glace: Key Ingredients and Allergies For List of Best Dipping Sauces For Chicken Recipe

Recipe and Dietary PreferenceKey IngredientsAllergy Information – based on dairy, gluten, eggs, fish, soy, nuts(Always check ready-product labels for allergy clarity)
Homemade Ranch Sauce (Vegetarian)Mayonaisse, sour cream, herbs and spicesDairy, egg
BBQ Dip(Vegan/Vegetarian)Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, white wine vinegarNone
Homemade Raising Cane’s Sauce (Vegetarian)Mayonnaise, ketchup, Lawry’s seasoned saltDairy, egg
3-ingredient Honey Mustard Dip(Vegetarian)Honey, Dijon mustard, Greek yogurtDairy
Hot Honey Dip(Vegetarian)Honey, chili spices, lemonNone
Refreshing Thai Style Dip(Fish-based)Thai chilis, lime, coriander, fish sauceFish
Homemade Teriyaki Dipping Sauce(Vegetarian)Honey, soy sauce, pineapple, gingerSoy
Satay Dipping Sauce(Vegan)Peanut butter, coconut milk, fragrant spices, chiliNuts, soy
Creamy Herb Dip(Vegetarian)Sour cream, yogurt, fresh herbs, mustard, horseradishDairy
Blue Cheese Dip(Vegetarian)Blue cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, herbsDairy, egg
Bonus Recipe!(Vegetarian)Fresh and VersatileDairy

Do you know what the best part of chicken finger food is?

Yip, you guessed it, the dip!

When you plan a ball game gathering, platters of crispy chicken wings, nuggets, and grilled tenders adorn the living room table. 

Of course, every chicken platter deserves a delicious and complimentary sauce.

Our list of quick and easy recipes takes you on a dipping journey, from the ever-popular Ranch and BBQ to homemade versions of your favorite store-bought products.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Keep reading as we reveal the best dipping sauces for chicken.  Be prepared for exciting new ideas that may become the ball game’s tasty home run.

Let’s get started!

List Of Best Dipping Sauces For Chicken

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Ranch Dip – A Tangy and Creamy Favorite

Ranch has stood the test of time since the late 1940s.

Its popularity has had several epicures trying to duplicate its distinct mild and creamy taste. We agree a homemade version may be different. Yet, some recipes have come close.

This recipe uses pantry-ready ingredients alongside mayonnaise and sour cream, which offer a pleasant tangy sourness. 

Moreover, the dried parsley brings a subtle herb flavor, but you can use dried thyme if you want a more robust herb taste.  

Pro Tip: Substitute the mayonnaise for a full-fat cream cheese for less tanginess and extra creaminess. Decadently delicious!

Get recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy, egg  

BBQ Dip – A Flavor Burst Sensation

Undoubtedly, BBQ sauce is a global culinary phenomenon. 

Its versatility stretches across food cultures, and most home kitchens in the US have a bottle on hand to use in marinades, cooked meals, and dips.  

The secret in this recipe is the unique flavor spectrum. You can expect sweet, savory, umami, salty, tangy and smokey. 

Indeed, it may appear overwhelming, yet the flavors balance perfectly.

We understand you have a favorite store-bought version. On the other hand, making your own is easy-peasy and will surely be a crowd-pleaser.  

Pro Tip:  The recipe calls for molasses. However, you can use maple syrup or increase the amount of honey.  

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: None

Copycat Raising Cane’s Dip – A Sweet yet Salty Dipping Delight

The Raising Canes franchise has come a long way since starting in 1996 with its succulent chicken fingers and mouthwatering sauce.

Consequently, we get super excited when Epicures take on the challenge of trying to replicate their famous sauce. We love that this recipe calls for any hot sauce you fancy, allowing you to decide on the heat level.

In addition, Lawry’s seasoned salt is an excellent choice.  Even so, check out this easy copycat recipe if your stash is complete.  Grab it here!

There is room to play with this renowned dipping sauce for chicken, so it is ideal for those who like to experiment on “home ground.” 

Pro Tip:  substitute the mayonnaise with full-fat cream cheese for a creamy touch. Although it may lack the mayo tang, the taste is just as delicious and complements any chicken platter you serve.

Get recipe here. 

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Allergy Information: egg, dairy

Now that we have spoken about the famous chicken dipping sauces let’s explore honey-based options.

Honey Mustard – Pleasingly Sweet and Mildly Spicey

Ah, yes. The notorious honey and mustard dip!

Honey and mustard make a heavenly combo and is a popular dipping sauce for crispy or grilled chicken tenders.

We love that this recipe uses 3 ingredients: honey, Dijon mustard, and Greek yogurt. While Dijon is an excellent choice, using your favorite mustard will yield tasty results.

Furthermore, you can substitute Greek yogurt with full-fat cream cheese. Sure, you may not have the sourness associated with yogurt. On the other hand, the dip becomes doubly thick and super creamy.

Pro Tip:  add a pinch of cumin and a teaspoon (5ml) of dried dill and dried parsley. Alternatively, add 2 teaspoons (10ml) of fresh dill or parsley. The perfect complementary herbs for mustard!

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: dairy

Hot Honey Sauce – A Sweet and Sour Spicy Sensation

If you are not a mustard fan but enjoy a touch of heat, this recipe is for you.

Although the recipe calls for chili powder and flakes, you can use any chili powder or flakes in your spice draw.  

We suggest cayenne, hot paprika, or even your favorite hot sauce will do. Oh, and you can use red pepper flakes, too. The idea is to create a sweet, spicy dip that tickles your tastebuds.

Who knows, your combination could be the next family favorite.  Apart from this, there is no dairy, making this spicy dip ideal for those with lactose sensitivities.

Pro Tip:  this dip makes a delicious stir-fry or chicken basting sauce. So make a little extra and keep it in an airtight glass container in your pantry for up to 2 weeks. Also, no refrigeration is required because honey is a natural preservative.  

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: none

Next, we run from the “honey-base” to “Asian-base” with these salty, sweet, and spicy dips!

Thai Style Chili, Lime, and Coriander Dip – Fabulously Fresh, Light, and Spicy

Calling all extra spicy chili lovers!

This recipe is the perfect dipping sauce for fried chicken fingers and drumsticks.

It is a spectacular combination of Thai chili, fish sauce, lime juice, and cilantro. These ingredients offer a super fresh and zesty dip bursting with Asian flavor goodness.

Notably, there is quite a bit of brown sugar, so if you are watching your sugar intake, consider using an alternative, such as stevia or xylitol.  

Bear in mind that stevia is 30 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore, we recommend adding 2 – 3 drops until you reach the desired sweetness. Meanwhile, you can substitute xylotol with sugar using a 1:1 ratio.

Pro Tip:  Don’t worry if you don’t have fish sauce.  Find a suitable alternative here!

Learn more here.

Allergy information: fish 

Homemade Teriyaki Dipping Sauce – 2 Easy and Exciting Recipes in 1!

Okay, we understand the convenience of store-bought teriyaki.  

Even so, making your own is easy peasy, and this recipe has a sweet and tangy pineapple-infused flavor add-on.

The ginger complements the pineapple perfectly, bringing a warm and peppery taste.

As with the Hot Honey Sauce, it is excellent for basting chicken breasts either in the oven or crock pot. You can expect a fruity meets sour taste alongside rich umami flavors.

We recommend serving this dip with grilled chicken tenders or crispy chicken nuggets.  Whether you opt for the homemade teriyaki or the pineapple version, be prepared for a mouthwatering experience.

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: soy

Satay Sauce – A Silkly and Nutty Dipping Pleasure

Last on our Asian-inspired list is this vegan satay sauce recipe.

Okay, we know what you are thinking. Why a vegan sauce for chicken?  

Well, the coconut milk base and crunchy peanut butter pair perfectly, making a delicious dip for a crudite platter. 

Then again, it is delicious with any vegan nibbles you may want to include in your game-day spread, such as veggie samoosas or deep-fried tofu sticks.

Satay is a creamy and fragrantly spicy dip. Of course, the chili flakes and curry powder add a hot kick. You can leave the chili flakes out and replace the curry powder with cumin for any heat-sensitive vegan palates. 

Pro Tip:  make skewers using chicken nuggets. This way, you can dip and bite off the first nugget, then push the next nugget to the top of the skewer. Then, dip, eat, and repeat! 

Learn more here.

Allergy information: nuts, soy

By now, you must be wondering about creamy sauces. Let’s run to the next “dip-base” with these morish recipes.

Creamy Herb Dip – Smooth and Zesty with a Subtle Bite

When you serve finger foods, a creamy-based dip is always a winner.

We love the flavor profile in this recipe: a delicious combination of fresh herbs, zesty lemon, and tangy mustard. The best part is the pleasant spiciness of the horseradish. 

All these robust and earthy flavors come together beautifully in a sour cream and full-fat yogurt base.

Don’t worry if you do not have horseradish. Certainly, it is a tasty touch, but the mustard provides adequate spiciness and tang.  

Pro Tip:  you can replace the fresh herbs with dried herbs. If you do, remember to half the amount, as dry herbs offer more flavor.  

Get recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy

Blue Cheese Dip – A Cool and Creamy Flavor Burst

By far our favorite dipping sauce for chicken wings!

We understand that you either love or hate blue cheese. Indeed, it has a pungent taste and sharpness that boldly catches the palate.  

So, if you love blue cheese dips, this recipe keeps it simple and balances out the strong blue cheese flavor with mayonnaise and sour cream.

We suggest using a mild mayonnaise, such as Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.  A “tangy” mayo may add to the sharpness and overwhelm some palates.  

Alternatively, you can substitute the mayo with full-fat cream cheese or yogurt. Doing so ups the creamy factor and softens the overall taste.  

Pro Tip: this dip is ideal for buffalo wings, veggie sticks, and crackers.  

Learn more here.

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And now for the final home run stretch. Our Bonus Recipe!

Roasted Tomato Salsa – A Fresh and Healthy Saucy Surprise

We understand that renowned dipping sauces for chicken have creamy bases.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new and enticing.

Salsa may be strongly associated with Mexican cuisine as a dip for corn chips or a condiment for tacos.

In the same way, the traditional combination of tomatoes, jalapenos, aromatic spices, and fresh herbs pairs with just about any finger food, including chicken.

The best part about this recipe is the roasting. When you roast the tomatoes, garlic, jalapenos, and onions, every bit of flavor is drawn out. In fact, if you allow these ingredients to char (burn the edges slightly), the flavor becomes more intense.

Pro Tip:  mix one cup (250ml) of salsa with one cup of cream cheese if you need your creamy dip fix. Delicious!

Get recipe here.

Allergy information:  Dairy with cream cheese

There you have it!  Our star team of dipping sauces for chicken to suit everyone’s taste.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Wrapping up: Our Finger-licking Saucy Journey

In short, the sauce makes finger food better!

Think about it; what would a chicken and veggie platter spread be without dips?!

Decidedly, our list of best dipping sauces for chicken is the culinary winning formula for your next ball game gathering.  

Which dip do you love to serve with chicken finger food?  Let us know.

We would love to hear from you!

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