Jim Beam vs Jack Daniel’s (KNOW This NOW Before You Try!)


You’ve probably already heard of Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s…

You might have even drunk a few shots of these or cocktails that feature the two whiskeys!

But hey, have you ever stopped to think about the possible differences between Jim Beam vs Jack Daniel’s?

Here’s a catch: One of the major differences is their taste. Jim Beam tastes more alcoholic and fruitier, while Jack Daniel’s offers a smoother, mellower flavor, tasting less alcoholic. Plus, Jim Beam is a bourbon whiskey, whereas Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whisky.


We’ve got more information about these two whiskeys to learn about, so continue reading!

What is Jim Beam?

Jim Beam is a Kentucky bourbon whisky owned and produced by Beam Suntory of Suntory Holdings. It’s now the number one selling bourbon whisky worldwide!

Fun fact: Jim Beam was established in 1795 and uses the same recipe for its original bourbon until now. It's been managed by the same family for seven generations but was sold to a Japanese group, Suntory Holdings Ltd., which developed the first whisky in Japan.

Today, Jim Beam is available across 200 countries worldwide, with a broader lineup of whisky and liqueurs.

When drinking Jim Beam, you’ll first notice the smell, like freshly-cut hay with a hint of sweetness, vanilla, and cornfields. Drinking it, you’ll probably feel like it tastes thin and watered down, but within seconds, you’ll taste the corn, vanilla, and a hint of sourness because the drink is made of corn mash and fermented in oak barrels.

Fun fact: This whisky has a long fermentation process that distills Jim Beam twice and aging in charred American oak casks for at least four years. That's what gives Jim Beam the woody flavor it’s popular for!

As for the finish, expect a long finish with watery caramel, corn, citrus, and some oak.

What is Jack Daniel’s?

Jack Daniel’s is another type of whisky, this time made from Tennessee. It isn’t a bourbon whisky but a Tennessee whiskey owned and produced by the Brown-Foreman Corporation.

This whisky undergoes a specific distillation process, which gives Jack Daniel’s recognition as the Tennessee Whisky. This term was recognized by the federal government in 1941, about 80 years after Jasper Newton Daniel created Jack Daniel’s!

Fun fact: Jack Daniel's is the highest-selling spirit in the USA and claims to be the fourth best-selling spirit worldwide. Each warehouse can hold up to a million gallons of whisky, and the distillery has over 87 warehouses. It's said that Jack Daniel's site can hold up to a billion gallons of whisky.

The original Jack Daniel’s whiskey offers a smooth and woody smell with hints of caramel and vanilla. It will also have notes of oak and fruit.

You can expect a sweet taste and light body with hints of cinnamon, perfumed wood, and orange touches when drinking it. There will be a quick finish, with the caramel flavor giving way to walnuts and white pepper.

Jim Beam vs Jack Daniel’s

Now that you know about Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s, what makes them different? Here’s a comparison table for a clearer view:

DifferenceJim BeamJack Daniel’s
Whiskey typeJim Beam is a bourbon whisky distilled from corn mash.Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whisky that needs to follow strict rules and regulations, having a distinct style.
LocationIt was distilled in new charred oak barrels. It’s made in Kentucky.Distilled and refined in copper stills. It’s made in Tennessee.
ABV levelAbout 43%About 40%
Aging processIt usually takes about four years to age.It can take 4-12 years to age.
AromaFreshly-cut hay with hints of sweetness, cornfields, and vanilla.Smooth, woody smell with caramel, vanilla, fruit, and oak hints.
FlavorThin and watered down, it follows with corn, vanilla, and sour flavor.Initially, it tastes light and sweet; then, you’ll begin to notice hints of cinnamon, orange, and wood.
FinishLong finish with watery caramel, corn, citrus, and oak flavors.Quick finish with flavors of warm caramel, walnuts, and white pepper.

While these two falls under the similar liqueur category, they have differences from their distillation process and location to their aroma and flavor.

Some people prefer Jack Daniel’s because of its versatility and slightly sweet flavor. However, others like Jim Beam because of the fruity, oaky notes and higher alcohol content!

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered frequently asked questions in case you’ve got a few queries left!

1. Which is better, Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam?

The answer depends on your preferred taste! Jim Beam is more alcoholic and fruitier, while Jack Daniel’s tastes smoother and mellower. Moreover, Jim Beam is much cheaper compared to Jack Daniel’s if the price is a factor.

2. What cocktails can you make using Jim Beam?

There are popular cocktails you can make with the Jim Beam, such as the Highball and Cranberry Cooler. You can also enjoy it on its own, though other bourbon whiskeys taste better straight or on the rocks.

3. What cocktails can you make with Jack Daniel’s?

You can also drink Jack Daniel’s straight or on the rocks, but they also work well with cocktails like Old Fashioned, Jac’s Apple Frizz, or the Jack’s Godfather Highball.

4. What beverages go well with these two whiskeys?

We don’t recommend mixing these whiskeys with fruity juices, but these drinks go well with ginger ale, sparkling water, coke, lemon-lime soda, and even coffee or eggnog!

Wrapping It Up

If there’s one thing Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s have in common, they taste fantastic and are worth trying out. Did our comparison table of Jim Beam vs Jack Daniel’s help you learn what makes them different and what you should get? We sure hope it did!

If so, you can learn even more about your favorite liqueurs and new alcoholic beverages from our other blog posts at Nomspedia!

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