What Can You Substitute For Green Chiles?


From spicy curries to sandwiches – green chilis are a major ingredient in many dishes. Without them, some dishes are really incomplete, especially Mexican, American and Indian dishes. However, foodies who have a love-hate relationship with green peppers often look for the Green Chilies substitute.

Short answer: If it ever happens that you don’t have green chilis, but your recipe calls for them, you can try these alternatives – banana pepper, Anaheim pepper, bell pepper, chili powder, red chili, or red pepper, green Fresno pepper, etc. With these substitutes, you can easily add spiciness to your food even if you don’t have green peppers at home.

In this post, you are going to discover more about green chilis and their substitutes through these points:

  • What green chilis are
  • How they are used
  • What you can use as a Green Chilies substitute

What Are Green Chilis?

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Green chilis, an indispensable culinary ingredient, are used to add heat to dishes. It comes in different sizes, and they offer a lot of health benefits.

They are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and minerals like potassium. Also, they have zero calories.

Health fact: Green chilis contains healthful benefits from improving gut health to promoting eye and heart health. (*)

How To Use Green Chilis?

Apart from their nutritional value, green chilis taste great when added to salads and cooked.

There are several ways to enjoy the taste of green peppers! And how you want green chilis to be prepared depends on the spice level you like.

You can add them to chicken curry and vegetables; use them in stews and soups, and combine them with omelet or eggs.

Furthermore, fresh green chilis are often used in soups, curries, pickles, and more!

Also, you can eat them raw to enjoy their hot taste.

Also, You can use chopped chilis or paste to spice up your meals and add them to chicken, salads, and vegetable dishes. Moreover, finely chopped green peppers are also a great ingredient.

Did You Know? Adding a green chili paste to your dishes is a great way to get its full flavor. To make chili paste, grind them properly with little or no water.

The Best Green Chilies Substitutes

Finally, it’s time to answer your question about green chilis substitutes. Find the right substitute that suits your recipes the best.

1. Anaheim Pepper

First on the list of green chili substitutes is the anaheim pepper.

Anaheim pepper, a good substitute for green chilis, is popular for its mild flavor. The heat of Anaheim pepper is approximately 500-2,500 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

Being versatile in nature, they are ideal for canning and roasting.

There are several ways to enjoy their flavor!

You can make roasted Anaheim peppers with cheese or use them in soups and stews.

2. Banana Pepper

Second, on the list of green chili substitutes is the banana pepper. As a substitute for green peppers, banana chilis always add a bit of spiciness to dishes as well.

Also known as banana chilis, banana peppers come with a tangy taste that is ideal for pickles and salsas.

It is also possible that you can eat banana peppers raw.

They have a great nutritional value, especially for vitamin C.

3. Bell Pepper

Third, on the list of substitutes for green chili is the bell pepper. A close relative to green chilis, you can either cook or eat bell peppers raw.

This type of pepper is a good source of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Note that unripe bell peppers have a bitter flavor.

The ripe ones, on the other hand, taste sweet.

Although sweet peppers don’t taste like green chilis, they can have the same texture as chilis.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Another good green pepper alternative for spicy food lovers is called the cayenne pepper.

Try adding a few chopped Cayenne peppers to your favorite recipe and see how they blow your mind with their hotness!

Cayenne peppers go well with several dishes, including egg dishes, seafood, stew, meat, and more.

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5. Chili Powder

So, you want to try a new recipe, and you need green chilis for this. But you don’t have them at home, and you are looking for an alternative. Don’t worry. The answers are on your condiment rack!

So number five on the list of alternatives for green chili is the chili powder.

Chili powder is your go-to ingredient to spice up your food.

Just grab some dried chili flakes or chili powder and add them to your dish! Chili powders are always readily available at grocery stores.

6. Green Fresno Pepper

Sixth on the list of green chili substitutes is the Fresno pepper.

Green Fresno peppers are known for their mildly hot flavor and they come in both green and red colors.

You can use green Fresno peppers in sauces, soups, stews, and dips as an alternative to green chilis. Additionally, green Fresno peppers are rich in vitamin B and C!

7. Habanero Pepper

Seventh on the list of green chili alternatives is the habanero pepper. Your search for a hot and spicy ingredient ends here!

Habanero peppers are a popular ingredient in hot sauces as well as spicy dishes.

Yes, you can use it as a substitute for green chilis.

To bring heat and floral aroma to your favorite recipes, just add them in small amounts.

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8. Jalapeno Pepper

Eighth on the list of green chili alternatives is the jalapeno pepper.

Perfect for spicy seasoning, Jalapeno peppers are an important ingredient in American and Mexican dishes.

Whether you make pickles or stuff them, their hot and spicy flavor is truly irresistible.

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9. Pasilla Pepper

Eighth on the list of green chili substitutes is the pasilla pepper.

For spice lovers who like to try new recipes, green chilis are not the only option to spice up their meal.

Another good alternative can be Pasilla peppers.

These wrinkly-looking pasilla peppers are a staple to sauces like mole sauce, salsa, etc. You can use them on dishes such as seafood, mushrooms, lamb, and more.

10. Poblano Pepper

Ninth on the list of green chili substitutes is the poblano pepper.

Want to add an extra bit of hotness and spice to your recipes? You can use Poblano peppers instead of green chilis.

The poblano pepper is a staple of Mexican cuisine.

You’ll only need a few amounts of this pepper to spice up your dish.

So, you can roast or peel them to enjoy their full flavor.

11. Red Chili or Red Pepper

Tenth on the list of green chili substitutes is red chili or red pepper.

Did you know? Green chilis turn into red chilis when they ripen!

Red peppers are mostly used in powder form, while green ones are often peeled or chopped before being added to recipes.

You can use the red pepper fruits just like how you originally intended to use green peppers for your recipes.

12. Serrano Pepper

Last but not least on our list of green chili substitutes is the serrano pepper.

Comes in green, orange, yellow, and red colors, the serrano peppers can be trimmed, sliced, chopped, and peeled for your spicy recipes.

Use them in soups and other dishes as an alternative to green peppers.

But remember, Serrano peppers are hotter and spicier than green peppers!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Green Chilies in a Can Spicy?

Whether you use fresh green chilies or canned chilies, you can expect to have the same spicy flavor.

Anaheim peppers are usually used as canned chilies.

You can get both whole and diced chilies as canned.

2. Are Green Chilies Good for You?

Rich in vitamin C, green peppers are good for healthy and glowing skin. They can also help you in reducing cholesterol levels and thus, improve your heart health.

However, consuming excessive chilies may cause pain and a burning sensation.

3. Which Are Hotter Green Chilies or Jalapenos?

In short, jalapenos are hotter than green chilies. (*)

However, there are a lot of factors that determine how hot and spicy both green peppers and jalapenos are, and they include – growing condition, weather, and ripeness.

Take Away

Green chilies add not only hot and spicy flavor to dishes but also offer several health benefits. However, if you want to try something hotter or milder, find the right green chilies substitute.

The above mentioned alternatives taste almost like green peppers with a slightly hotter or milder flavor.

Try them in your favorite recipes and find your go-to green chili substitute.

Happy Cooking!

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