10 of the Best Substitute for Greek Yogurt in Any Recipe

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Are you looking for the best substitute for Greek yogurt but don’t know where to turn? Listen up; we have a long list of alternatives for your baking needs.

Before you start to panic or rush to the store, read this article. Here we provide you with all the best substitutes to replace Greek yogurt. No matter what the dish is. 

From delicious desserts to savory sauces, our top 10 can save them all.

Let’s Talk About Greek Yogurt

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Greek yogurt is a popular dairy product that results from strained yogurt. After straining the whey,  yogurt develops a thick consistency unique to its original form. (*)

Yogurt in this form is much better for your health than other options. This is because when you remove the whey, you also remove much of its carb and sugar content. So at the end of the process, you have a protein-rich dessert. 

Greek yogurt is most famous for its unique textures and smooth taste. You can find this product in the dairy aisle at your local grocery store. You’ll be happy to know it doesn’t cost that much.

Most brands of yogurt offer customers a variety of flavors and sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free options.

We suggest using the plain variety when using greek yogurt while cooking or baking. Only plain greek yogurt helps maintain the flavor of the other ingredients in your dish.

10 Substitutes For Greek Yogurt

We love using Greek yogurt when baking for many different reasons. Some of the benefits of this ingredient include:

  • It adds a boost of nutritional value
  • It helps baked goods rise better
  • It makes baked goods moister

Even though there are many great reasons to use Greek yogurt, sometimes it is always possible.  That is why we provided a list of great alternatives for you to try.

Before scanning your options, take a few moments to read through the list of items. It is essential to know what properties each ingredient has. This is going to ensure you get the best outcome with your recipes.

1. Sour Cream is Just as Smooth

(To substitute: 1 cup of sour cream for 1 cup of Greek yogurt)

Sour Cream Shares many of the same properties as Greek yogurt. For one, this option is just as thick. This dense texture is perfect to use in baked goods and heavier recipes. 

The tanginess of sour cream is also the same, but not as strong. You can add sour cream to menu items like soups and stews to get a thick consistency without an overpowering taste. 

2. Mashed Banana (What an Interesting Thought)

(To substitute, add one cup of mashed bananas for one cup of Greek yogurt)

If you have a bunch of bananas lying around, try mashing them up. While it may seem odd to some people, this is a great substitute. This is especially true for those following a vegan or keto diet.

Bananas are naturally sweet and offer a slew of health benefits, like,

  • Supports gut health
  • Full of nutrients like potassium and magnesium
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Full of antioxidants

This little yellow fruit is a good alternative to Greek yogurt. Albeit, it might be a little sweeter. If this seems to be the case in your recipes, there is a solution. Adding a little citrus juice will help counterbalance the natural sugars of the banana.

A slight acidity also benefits the recipe by providing the missing tang from the yogurt. 

3. Buttermilk Can be Useful Replacement in Certain situations.

(To substitute, use ¾ buttermilk to 1 cup of Greek yogurt)

Although buttermilk is nowhere near as thick as Greek yogurt, it can still be a good substitute. This is an excellent option for baked goods on the lighter, fluffier side. You should use this ingredient when making foods Such as 

  • Cupcakes
  • Pancakes
  • Crepes

Even though you can use buttermilk in various situations, it won’t get thick like yogurt. Due to this, you shouldn’t add it to things like soups, sauces, and stews.

4. Just Substitute With Plain Yogurt

(To substitute, use one cup of plain yogurt to one cup of Greek yogurt)

Everyone has their own opinions on which yogurt tastes better. But when it comes to cooking, they are both equally as beneficial. 

No worries if you don’t have any Greek yogurt in the fridge, but your current recipe calls for it. Swap it out for its less expensive cousin, plain (regular) yogurt instead.

You might find that regular yogurt doesn’t provide the same robust flavor as Greek yogurt. But that is okay, especially when you have other ingredients with an intense taste.

Plain yogurt is the best substitute for Greek yogurt in dishes like

  • Soups and stews
  • Sauces
  • Baked goods

5. Maybe You Should Add Some Cottage Cheese

(To substitute, use one cup of cottage cheese for one cup of Greek yogurt)

Before you skip this option, just hear us out. Cottage cheese may not look much like Greek Yogurt, but the flavor profile and nutritional value are much the same.

You can remove the chunks from cottage cheese to better match Greek yogurt. All you have to do is mix it up.

Cottage cheese is ideal for smoothies, mashed potatoes, and mixed with berries at breakfast. 

6. Sweet Applesauce Works Wonders

(To substitute, use ½ cup of apple sauce for ½ cup of Greek yogurt)

“An apple a day,” well, you know the rest. In the world of cooking, that is all it takes to find a substitute for Greek yogurt. Well, using apples in place of yogurt might sound just as odd as using bananas, but it is also great.

One thing to remember is that apple sauce is much sweeter than Greek yogurt. To counterbalance this sweetness, you can add a little citrus juice. 

Now, if your recipe is looking for a lot of yogurt, apple sauce shouldn’t be your first choice. A recipe calling for cups of Greek yogurt probably wants thickness and a tangy taste, which apples won’t provide.

7. Smooth Cream Cheese is Another Wonderful Option

(To substitute, use ½ cup of cream cheese for ½ cup of Greek yogurt)

Cream cheese is a favorite breakfast because it pairs well with morning bagels. It is also helpful in various recipes of either the sweet or savory kind. 

Another reason we like cream cheese so much is because of how well it can cover Greek yogurt.

Room temperature cream cheese has a consistency almost identical to Greek yogurt. And it offers a similar tangy flavor. 

Because cream cheese is so much like Greek yogurt, they can interchange easily in most recipes. 

8. A Little Mayonnaise Goes a Long Way

(To substitute, add 1 cup of mayonnaise for one cup of Greek yogurt.)

Yeah, we know it sounds a little yucky. Especially when thinking about adding it to a sweet dessert. Yet, mayonnaise is a fantastic alternative to Greek yogurt mainly because of its thick consistency. 

Mayonnaise can provide the perfect amount of moisture in light recipes like cakes. This option is the ideal combination of sweet and tangy. And no one would be the wiser.

9. Mashed Avocado: Don’t Knock it Until You Try it

(Use one cup of mashed avocado for 1 cup of Greek yogurt)

Whether you believe it or not, mashed avocado is one of the best substitutes for Greek yogurt. This green health food offers a similar creamy and thick consistency but lacks in the tanginess department.

While the flavor profile might now be as tart, there is a way to fix this issue. Add a little lemon juice when swapping avocado for Greek yogurt. Doing this will provide that tangy taste we all love.

Avocados work best in baked goods, salads, and dressings. 

10. Silken Tofu for a Non Dairy Option

(Use one cup of silken tofu to one cup of Greek Yogurt)

You never want to use Greek yogurt when baking if you suffer from lactose intolerance. Luckily, silken tofu is a fantastic substitute for yogurt with many of the same benefits.

Silken tofus, not to be confused with regular tofus, is creamy and soft.  This alternative is ideal for keeping your cake recipe moist. It can also be an excellent way to add a bit of zest to your sauces and dressing. 


Can You Use Plain Yogurt Instead of Greek Yogurt?

Absolutely. In many recipes, plain yogurt is a good substitute for greek yogurt. This option has a similar flavor profile that is perfect for baking.

What is the Best Substitute for Greek Yogurt in Cakes and Baked Goods?

We like using apple sauce and mayonnaise as Greek yogurt replacements in cakes. But all of the items on the list will work well.

What Is the Best Substitute for Greek Yogurt in Soups and Stews?

Of the items listed, we prefer plain yogurt or buttermilk instead of Greek yogurt.

What are the Best Non Diary Substitutes for Greek Yogurt?

Out of the items listed above, the best non dairy is applesauce and mashed bananas. Both of these options are healthy and will provide delicious baked goods.

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