Top Tasty Fruits That Start With X (#7 You Might Now Know!)


As we dive deeper into the English alphabet, you would agree that it gets more difficult to identify names of fruits that start with X. 

If you find yourself in trouble searching for the answers, we got your back on this! 

We don’t only have three, four, or five fruits on the list, but we can introduce more than your fingers can count!

Read on to get to know the names of fruits beginning with the letter X and discover where they are from, their taste, health benefits, and ways of eating them. 

Fruits Beginning With X

We have xigua as our number one in our list of fruits that start with X. 

1. Xigua

Xigua (Citrillus Lanatus), pronounced as “she gwah,” is just your regular watermelons with yellow flesh with fewer seeds. (*)

They are widely grown in China and in several tropical African locations.   

Like the watermelon, Xigua has a refreshing watery, juicy, and sweet taste. 

Xigua contains various vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B, and tons of antioxidants and minerals. 

Xigua can be eaten out of hand, best served when chilled. You can also add some cream on top for additional sweetness.

Number two on our list of fruits that start with X is the ximenia. 

2. Ximenia 

image of Ximenia 

Fruits from the Ximenia genus have a distinct flavor.

They are also very aromatic, the blossoms have a sticky texture, but they can have a strong lilac scent!

The flavor can range from a bitter almond-like flavor to quite sweet, depending on the fruit.

Ximenia contains a significant amount of vitamin C, yellow flavonoids, total extractable polyphenols, and antioxidants.

They are commonly consumed raw, but they can also be cooked, processed into preserves, jam, or jelly, juiced, or fermented into pickles, kombucha, wine, or beer. 

However, do not consume the huge inside seed kernel; instead, spit it out.

Number three on our list of fruits that start with X is the Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit.

3. Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit 

From the peak, the ripe fruits break into four sections, each revealing up to 20 seeds. 

The Xylocarpus granatum fruit has a brown seed that can grow up to 6 cm long and has a corky seed coat. It thrives in mangrove forests along the coast.

Surprisingly, this fruit has a taste of cheese!

It’s used as a febrifuge to treat dysentery, diarrhea, and other stomach problems. 

In India, the Xylocarpus granatum fruit is used to treat breast swelling and elephantiasis. 

Itchy skin has been treated using a mixture of burned seeds, sulfur, and coconut oil

Due to its sourness, it is commonly added to soup dishes.

On number four of the fruits that start with X is the xarello. 

4. Xarello

Xarello (Vitis vinifera) is a white grape variety from Spain that is grown primarily in Catalonia. 

It’s located between Brustiano faux and ‘Gibi,’ a term for the Hebén grape from Spain. 

Xarello is one of the three traditional varieties used to make sparkling wine cava, along with Macabeo and Parellada.

Xarello is very much tastes like a regular hybrid grape; it has a perfect balance of sugar and tartness. 

They contain polyphenols, micronutrients that are naturally occurring in plants.

Xarello is a very popular fruit for making wine. It produces the best varieties due to its perfectly-balanced flavors. 

Fifth on our menu of fruits that begin with X is the xinomavro. 

5. Xinomavro

Xinomavro (Vitis Vinifera) is derived from the Greek words xino (sour) and Mavro (water) (black). In truth, the skin of its berries does not have a very dark hue to it.

It has a premium taste of a grape. 

It contains tannins which act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

Process them into wines!

Xinomavro wine can be well paired with any type of meat stew, grilled beefsteaks, sausages, game, roasted lamb, or wild mushroom risotto with Parmesan flakes wine-flavored cheeses, aged gouda, or cheddar can be served with Xinomavro wines.

Then, we have the Xanthium for our next discussion of the fruits that start with the letter x.

6. Xanthium Fruit 

Xanthum is a flowering plant that has a spikey exterior. They’re mainly found in the Americas and in the eastern and southern parts of Asia.

Only the seed oil of the fruit is edible. The fruit usually has a slight odor and a bit bitter taste. 

It is one of the most significant herbs for sinus congestion, persistent nasal blockages and discharges, and respiratory allergies, and it is used to dissipate wind and moisture.

It can be eaten raw or cooked.

If you remember bananas, just say xiangjiao to make it part of the fruits that start with X.

7. Xiangjiao Fruit 

Xiangjiao (Musa) is the Chinese name for banana, which is a very popular fruit, especially in America. It is green or yellow in color and elongated in shape. (*)

When it is perfectly ripe, it is sweet and soft in texture. 

It contains a good amount of fiber, good aid for digestion. And it also contains a good amount of potassium and vitamin C. 

Another fruit that begins with X is an apricot, otherwise called Xing Zi. 

8. Xing Zi (Apricot) 

Xing Zi or apricots (Prunus Mume) are fruits that originated in China and are now grown all over the world. 

Xing Zi is sour and sweet, especially when it is ripe.

It is filled with nutritional and therapeutic value, making it one of the world’s healthiest fruits. It contains vitamins A, C, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Xing Zi can be eaten fresh and right out of hand. 

9. Xoài 

Xoài is simply mangoes (Mangifera indica) in Vietnam. 

We all know that mangoes are tropical edible stone fruits that come in different sizes, shapes, tastes, colors, and flesh colors. 

Xoai has a sweet and fleshy profile. 

It is packed with nutrients containing a good amount of magnesium and potassium.

You can peel the skin off and use a spoon to scrape off the meat. 

It is best eaten raw or fresh, or you can also add them to your desserts or even to your pastries. 

Don’t forget to include the xoay fruit as part of the fruits beginning with the letter X. 

10. Xoay 

Xoay (Dialium cochinchinense) is known as velvet tamarin in Vietnam. 

It is both sweet and sour.

Vitamins such as thiamin, vitamin A, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and most importantly, vitamin C are abundant in black velvet tamarind.

It’s used in cooking and can also be turned into drinks, beverages, jam, alcoholic beverages, syrup, and other products. 

The pulp is usually only licked, but this refreshing drink is a great way to use this fruit.

We have the xoconostle as the last fruit that starts with X. 

11. Xoconostle 

 Xoconostle or pear cactus (Opuntia joconostle) is a native plant found in Mexico, and they are known to have existed in this world for thousands of years.

Xoconostle has a complex taste. It has a sour tang and an acidic finish.

The fruit of the Xoconostle cactus is high in fiber, vitamin C, and calcium, as well as phytonutrients like betalains, which have antioxidant properties.

Scoop out the seeds and flesh by cutting the fruit in half. 

The fruit of the Xoconostle cactus is commonly used in savory dishes, but it can also be used to produce jellies, jams, and chutneys. 

Green juices and smoothies can be made with the flesh of the Xoconostle cactus fruit.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are all the fruit we can find for you. 

Now you can confidently say that you know at least 11 fruits that start with X!

How many of the fruits have you heard about? Which one of them are you excitingly looking forward to tasting? Let us know your thoughts.

image of Discover 10+ Fruits That Start With X (#8 Will Surprise You)

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