Discover 11 Fruits That Start With U (#1 Sounds Wheeze!)

image of Ububese Fruit (Dwarf custard apple)

As you go farther in the order of the alphabet, coming up with fruit names gets more challenging, especially those fruits that start with U. If you are curious to learn more about the fruits beginning with U, you just came to the right page!

Get to know the ububese, ugli, ugni, umari, umbu,urava, usakhelauri, usuma, and Uva Rara grape, Uva Tosca grape, and Uvalino grape!

Let’s explore what these fruits are and discover how unique they are as well!

1. Ububese Fruit (Dwarf custard apple)

image of Ububese Fruit (Dwarf custard apple)

Ububese fruit (Annona stenophylla subsp. nana.), also called the “dwarf custard apple,” “ground sop,” or “muroro.”

The ububese fruit grows from a small-sized African subshrub that can grow up to 100 centimeters tall.

The ububese plant is commonly cultivated in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

As for the shape and size of the ububese fruit, it comes with a round or oval shape which can grow up to 4 centimeters long, with a diameter of 1.7 to 3 centimeters.

Ububese fruits or the dwarf custard apple fruit has a dark yellow or reddish color with a network-like pattern.

The yellow or red fruit is a nutritious and fiber-rich fruit with a delicious and sweet taste when ripe.

It can be eaten raw or cooked, and some African people turn this fruit into preserves.

2. Ugli Fruit

Other names of ugli fruit are “unique fruit,” “ugly fruit,” “tangelo,” or Jamaican tangelo or Jmai.

The ugli fruit is a crossbreed between grapefruit and orange or tangerines! These days, ugli fruit is commonly found in Jamaica, but it is also grown in the US. (*)

Just because the name “ugli” is pronounced similarly to the word “ugly,” it does not mean that this ugli fruit is literally too ugly for you to dislike it!

The ugli fruit has the size of a grapefruit (about 10 cm to 15 cm), but it comes with a sweeter taste with a wrinkly appearance. It can come off as weird-looking because of its light yellow to green thick, rough, and puffy skin.

The ugli fruit has a fragrant rind and juicy sweet and tangy flesh that contains nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, and dietary fiber.

If you have a sweet tooth for fruits, you might like the pleasant taste of ugli fruit better over the tart or bitterness of orange, tangerine, or grapefruit. You can add ugli fruit into your fruit salads, or turn it into ugli fruit juice, or add them in your=marinade or sauce recipes.

One of the fruits starting with u is called the ugni fruit.

3. Ugni Fruit

The Ugni fruit is mainly cultivated in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. In these areas, it is occasionally marketed as “Ugni berries.”

Commonly known as Chilean guava or strawberry myrtle, the middle-sized tree can grow from 30 cm to 170 cm tall.

Ugni fruit (Ugni molinae) is a small edible berry commonly used to produce commercial strawberry flavors. Yes, not all strawberry flavorings are made from strawberries. The ugni fruit comes in tiny red, white, or purple berries that mature only up to 1 to 1.5 centimeters in diameter.

Lastly, the ugni fruit can also be processed into jams, jellies, or piquant drinks. And, it is also made into a famous local dessert called Murta con membrillo.

A part of our list of fruits with U is called the Umari fruit.

4. Umari Fruit

Umari  (Poraqueiba sericea) is a famous evergreen, tropical tree native to South America, particularly in northern Brazil and the Amazonian jungle in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Aside from the wild, it can be grown in home gardens too. (*)

The germination of this plant can take up to six weeks after sowing. In the third year of this plant’s life, that’s the time the plant can start bearing fruit.

The umari fruit has a shape and size that looks like a smooth mango, and it has an aromatic yellow-orange buttery textured flesh that can be consumed raw or cooked.

In some parts of the Peruvian province, the umari fruit is turned into Cahuana – a non-alcoholic drink made by mashing the umari fruit pulp with yuca starch. It is also often served with Cassava flours. The oil it yields is also edible.

Lastly, the umari wood is typically used for charcoal production, and it is also often used for carpentry and construction purposes.

The sour-tasting umbu fruit is one of the fruits that begin with u!

5. Umbu Fruit

The Umbu fruit (Spondias tuberosa) is also called the Brazil plum, which was used as a symbol of the Brazilian Northeast. It also serves as a symbol of the century-long resistance.

What’s more? The umbu fruit is a symbol that promotes biodiversity and the resiliency of Brazil’s agricultural system.

The interesting fact about the umbu, it is called “the tree that gives drink.” How? It has a robust root system that can hold up to 3,000 liters of water for several months.

Umbu grows as a chaparral shrub that bears reddish or yellow color sour fruit.

Umbu fruits can be eaten fresh or made into preserves, juices jams, fruit ice creams, and umbuzada – a meal substitute made of umbu fruit’s pulp with milk and sugar.

Need more fruits? Just say Urava fruit!

6. Urava Fruit

The other name of urava fruit is the mangrove apple tree or perepat grown in the swamps of the East African areas, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, northern Australia, and Borneo.

Urava can grow up to 24 m in height, and it has a fissured bark that comes in colors grey to reddish-brown. And, its leaves are rounded, leathery with a broad egg-like shape.

The urava fruit has a sour taste. It has a small and spherical shape that looks like a tiny hat while it has thick green-colored skin.

The fruits can be eaten raw or cooked, and their leaves are used as a vegetable in Indian cuisines.

As for the wood of the urava tree, it is known that it is resistant to shipworm and other pests infestations. That’s why it makes it a good material for building boats, houses, piling, and posts for bridges.

We can add more fruits beginning with u, and that’s Usakhelauri!

7. Usakhelauri Fruit

The ushakelauri grape is ideally grown on the mountain slopes in western Georgia – Lechkhumi.

There’s only a limited amount of land is available to cultivate usakhelauri. The production can only reach about three tons of grapes each year. Thus, they are sold at a high price.

The term “Usakhelauri” in the Georgian language means “nameless.” It is nameless because red wines made from usakhelauri grapes cross between “beyond words” and “priceless.”

Usakhelauri is a type of grape known for its naturally semi-sweet taste for premier Georgian wine.

Thinking of other names of fruits with u? Add usuma fruits to the list!

8. Usuma Fruit (Peanut butter fruit)

The usama tree is a rainforest tree native to the South American areas such as the Andean region – Peru and Ecuador. Lately, this plant has been quite popular in Florida as it is used as a multipurpose ornamental tree grown in shady locations.

Usuma fruit (Bunchosia argentea) is called the peanut butter fruit because its orange to red-colored sweet fruit is tasty as peanut butter! The usuma fruit has a sweet fleshy indehiscent fruit with a size of a medium-sized fig.

Usama fruits are typically eaten fresh, and they can be made into drinks, smoothies, juices, shakes, or jams.

If you want some grape, let’s begin with the Uva Rara grape!

9. Uva Rara Grape 

Uva Rara is a rare type of grape produced in the northern region of Italy, and it is used for wine production in the southern part of Lombardy.

The term “Uva Rara” means “rare grape” – it is not easily available at any time.

The Uva Rara grapefruits are one of the components of Croatina. It is a based sparkling Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda Frizzante.

As for the following grape, it’s Uva Tosca grape!

10. Uva Tosca Grape

Uva Tosca is grown in the Emilia-Romagna region of east-central Italy. This is the only red Italian wine grape variety that can thrive in the higher elevations of the Val Secchia area.

Other names for Uva Tosca re Montanara, Tosca and Tosco. The wine produced from Uva Tosca grapes is described as “spicy, elegant and very healthy.”

11. Uvalino Grape

Uvalino is a red Italian wine grape variety cultivated in some part of northwest Italy – in the Piedmont wine region.

Uvalino means “small berries.” It was found that this grape variety has a potential health benefit as it has high antioxidants levels


In summary, this is the list of 11 fruits that starts with U. We have:

  • Ububese fruit
  • Ugli fruit
  • Ugni fruit
  • Umari fruit
  • Umbu fruit
  • Urava fruit
  • Usakhelauri fruit
  • Usuma fruit
  • Uva Rara grape
  • Uva Tosca grape
  • Uvalino Grape

Do you think more missing fruits that we didn’t mention in this article? We’d be happy to get to know more!

Write down in the comment section below.

image of 11 fruits that start with U

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