Discover 20 Local & Exotic Edible Fruits That Start With L


How many amongst nature’s plethora of fruits begin with L?

Lemons, limes? I guess that’s all you’ve got.

Well, this article will enhance your awareness by listing up to 20 fruits starting with the letter L.

It also highlights each’s flavor, which could leave you craving them, distinct health benefits, and the most fitting ways to relish them.


What Are Fruits that start with the letter L?


1 – Lablab Fruit

Let’s get underway with one of nature’s most aesthetic fruits!

First on our list of edible fruits that start L is the lablab fruit.

The lablab fruit is a legume pod usually many centimeters long of variable size, shape, and color.

Taste and Benefits

Lablab seeds or beans are reportedly bitter.


The beans of the lablab fruit are rich sources of protein.

How To Eat?

Most people directly consume the seeds after removing them from their pods.

2 – Lady Apple Fruit

The second one on our list of fruits that start with L is the lady apple fruit. (*)

Lady apples, on maturity, have a green, red, or pink outer skin.

Also known as Cripps apples, lady apples are smaller than regular apples, ellipsoid in shape & range in size.

What Does a lady Apple Taste Like?

Lady apples have juicy inner white flesh which gives off a sweet and tart flavor.


A piece of lady apple holds an excellent source of fiber and vitamins.

How To Eat?

You can consume them directly as a snack. It can also be used for sauces, canning, or garnish.

3 – Lakoocha Fruit

Third on our menu of fruits that start with L is the tropical fruit called lakoocha or the monkey jack.


Lakoocha’s sop has a sweet-sour flavor.


The lakoocha fruit extract helps stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

How To Eat?

You can eat lakoocha fruit or monkey jack raw, boiled, or roasted.

4 – Langsat fruit

Fourth on our menu of fruits that start with L is the langsat under the Mahogany family.

The langsat fruit is a potato-looking edible fruit that is native to Southeast Asia.


The flesh of the langsat fruit is sweet, sour, and tangy; added with some hints of grape flavor. And, their seeds are bitter.


They are natural remedies for fever, flu, and cold.

How To Eat?

They can be eaten raw and also made into candies.

5 – Lapsi fruit

Placed on number five of our menu of fruits that start with L is the lapsi fruit.

Native to Nepal, a typically ripe lapsi fruit has green to yellow skin with soft, whitish flesh.

This edible fruit is about three centimeters long and two centimeters thick.


A mature Lapsi has a delightfully tart taste.


Experts claim that this edible fruit can enhance the body’s immunity.

How To Eat?

Some people enjoy them fresh, but you can also make them into fruit tarts, pickles, and spicy-sour candies.

6 – Lardizabala Fruit

Next of our fruits that start with L is the Lardizabala fruit.

The fruit grows from the lardizabala tree called coguil or cógüil (in the Mapuche language). Interestingly, this fruit is considered a standard traditional delicacy in Chile.


The lardizabala fruit pulp has a sweet flavor.


Lardizabala fruits are rich in protein, but also beware of calories.

How To Eat?

You can consume the lardizabala fruit raw or eaten cooked.

7 – Lemato Fruit

Then, we have the lemato as one of our fruits that start with L.

Lemato fruits have proven to be a hybrid fruit between lemon and tomato, equals to “Lemato.”


This hybrid fruit has a sweet, juicy flavor, with hints of lemon and rose aromas.


Lemato fruit facilitate controlled body weight.

How To Eat?

You can eat them raw or employ them in cakes or pies.

8 – Lemon Aspen Fruit

Standing on number eight on our fruits that start with L is the aromatic and acidic fruit called the lemon aspen!

Lemon aspen fruit is a small, round, pale green fruit that grows in bunches.

This type of acidic fruit is also called “rainforest lemons” because their trees are solely rainforest species.


People say that the lemon aspen is an aromatic and acidic fruit. The flavor is lile lime and grapefruit when combined.


Lemon aspen is an excellent source of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and folate.

How To Eat?

You can munch them fresh, off-the-tree, or include them in chutneys.

9 – Lemon Fruit

Another of the fruits that start with L are the lemons.

World-renowned lemons (Citrus limon) are round and slightly elongated with a bright yellow color when ripe.

The lemon fruit has a tough exocarp and exude a characteristic aroma when dissected.


Lemons’ pale-yellow pulp is juicy and acidic.


The lemon or Citrus limon can help prevent kidney stones, boost heart health, help control weight, and reduce cancer risk.

How To Eat?

Divide the lemons with a knife, and remove the wedges. Serve and enjoy!

10 – Leucaena Fruit

Next of our fruits that start with L the leucaena.

Leucanena is a elongated fruit or adehiscent pod that bursts open on maturity and shed seeds between 10 to 15 weeks.

The leucaena fruit has brown or reddish-brown pods can be any length between 8 to 22 centimeters and 10-20 mm wide.


Their seeds’ flavor incredibly hints at a blend of pepper, garlic, pumpkin seed, okra, and avocado.


They are remedies for flu, fever, and colds.

How To Eat?

Their processed or unprocessed forms are safe to eat. They are fermented into Tempe or are consumed as sprouts or bean cakes in some regions.

11 – Liberty apple

Let’s talk about liberty apples as one of the fruits that start with L.

Ripe liberty apples are dark red with tiny visible dots. They are hybrid cultivars of regular apples, hence look similar.


People say that the liberty apple is sweet and tarter than apples and clues citrus and melon.


The liberty apple is rich in fiber and antioxidants.

How To Eat?

You can enjoy them straight from the tree as a snack or process them into juice or stewed apples.

12 – Lilly Pilly Fruit

Now, let’s explore the lilly pilly as part of our fruits that start with L.

Lilly pilly fruits are small and conspicuous due to their striking pink to violet color when mature.


The Lilly pilly fruit is characteristically sweet and tart.


They promote skin rejuvenation.

How To Eat?

You can eat them straight off the tree or employ them in sauces, cordials, and jams.

13 – Limeberry Fruit

The thirteenth on our list of fruits that start with L is lime berries.

Limeberry fruit also called lemon China is a typical small citrus fruit that has an edible hesperidium.

This slightly sweet lime is red and small: between 10 to 15 diameter thick when grown.


Their fleshy pulp flavor is reminiscent of lime – a slightly sweet lime.


Limeberry treats cough, diarrhea, skin diseases, colic, antifungal, and antibacterial ailments.

How To Eat?

Whether you prefer them raw and fresh or steeped to make an aromatic sweet tea, it’s your choice!

14 – Limequat Fruit

Number 14 on the fruits that start with L is the limequat.

Limequat fruit is among the citrofortunella hybrid. They are small, almost-oval, and greenish-yellow on complete development.


Limequat fruits have a bitter-sweet pulp similar to limes with sweet-flavored skin.


This hybrid fruit aid heart and atrial health, mitigate anemia effects and treat respiratory infections.

How To Eat?

You can consume either raw or cooked limequats whole. You’d want to remove the seeds when cooking owing to the bitter flavor they can potentially impact.

15 – Lingonberry Fruit

Listed on number 15 of our fruits that start with L is the lingonberry.

Lingonberries are small and reddish edible berries that weigh between 0.17 to 0.45 grams.


The flavor of the lingonberry fruit is similar to cranberries’ but less tart.


They are high in antioxidants and promote eye health. They also reduce cancer risk.

How To Eat?

You can transform them into tasty jams or syrups!

16 – Loganberry Fruit

Now, we have the loganberry as one of fruits that start with L.

Loganberries are a hybrid of the European raspberry and the North American blackberry.


The loganberry fruit has a slightly tart flavor; like a blend between raspberry and blackberry.


Loganberries are rich in vitamin C and manganese, vitamins B5, E, and K.

How To Eat?

You can savor these edible berries like raspberries and blackberries. People also enjoy them after stewing or baking with them.

17 – Loquat Fruit

One of our following fruits, starting with the letter L, is the loquat.

Loquats are small-sized, round fruits that range from yellow to red-orange when fully developed.


A fully-ripe loquat fruit tastes sweet but slightly tart.


Loquats are high in antioxidants, especially carotenoids, which boost the immune system.

How To Eat?

To enjoy them fresh, peel off the skin and slice it in half or eat around the seeds.

18 – Lord Lambourne Apple

Lord Lambourne apples are hybrid cultivars of apples and therefore look like them.


Fully ripe ones have crisp flesh with a sharp, sweet flavor.


This edible fruit is a good source of dietary fiber.

How To Eat?

As with traditional apples, take a big bite off the snack straight from the Lord Lambourne apple tree.

19 – Lucuma Fruit

Then, we have lucuma as part of our L-fruits.

Lucuma fruit grows on trees native to South America.

These edible fruits has a soft yellow dry-textured flesh covered by a hard, green outer shell.


Lucuma’s inner flesh is sweet compared to a blend of butterscotch and sweet potato. That’s why they are commonly used to used to prepare ice creams.


Thanks to its antioxidant richness, this edible fruit is excellent for preventing heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

How To Eat?

Enjoy the flesh after disposing of the skin and large seed. Lucumas are also popularly ground into powder after drying as a sugar substitute.

You can prepare ice creams or baked goodies with lucuma.

20 – Lychee Fruit

Last but not least of, the L-fruits are the lychees.

Cultivating lychee fruits date far back to the 11th century in Southwest and Southeast China regions.

Their rough toxic skin of this edible fruit covers a white fleshy aril and a large seed.


Some people say that the sweet and aromatic lychee fruit is like watermelon or pear.

We can conclude that it has a tarty and sweet flesh.


This tropical fruit can help promote liver health.

How To Eat?

Peel their tender skin with your fingers and suck the sweet flesh off the seeds.

Final thoughts

From striking lablab fruits to less conspicuous Leucaenas, L-beginning fruits also prove beautiful in their diversity.

Have you tasted nearly half of the fruits listed? Which do you recommend, and conversely disapprove?

Please reach out to us. We’d love you to be our fruit connoisseur!

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