30+ Tasty Fruits That Start With A (#6 You Might Now Know!)


If you play a game on fruits that start A, we bet you’d say apple or apricots, right?

If you aim to ace better in this game, we recommend you take a peek at this list of A fruits! Tick which among them is new to update your fruit vocabulary!

Discover 30+ fruits starting with letter A, find out their location, taste, benefits, and different ways to eat and prepare them.


1. Ackee 

The first of the fruits that start with Ai is the one that splits when it ripens – the ackee (Blighia sapida). Yes, this is the one and only famous Jamaica’s national fruit!

  • Taste: Ackee has a nutty taste with a mildly sweet garden pea flavor and a texture similar to a fresh bean.
  • Benefits: It has a high amount of fiber which aids in metabolism and digestion and improves heart health. 
  • How to Eat: The only edible part is the creamy and tender flesh on the inner part. You can purchase a canned ackee as a convenient option. 
image of Abiu

2. Abiu

The second on the list of fruits with A is the Abiu (Pouteria caimito). This exotic fruit is commonly found in South American countries and in Hawaii. 

  • Taste: It is comparable to creme caramel, which has a sweet and creamy taste. You’ll notice some notes of vanilla and caramel as its aftertaste. 
  • Benefits: It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A and C, phosphorous, and calcium. 
  • How to Eat: You can eat this fruit fresh or add it to some ice cream or a fruit smoothie. 

3. Acerola 

Our third W fruit is the acerola (Malpighia emarginata), a cherry-like berry found in Mexico and Caribbean countries.  

  • Taste: It has a sweet cherry-like tart flavor with an extra sour hint, giving a blast a juicy flavor with every bite.
  • Benefits: Acerola is loaded with Vitamin C content comparable to citrus fruits. 
  • How to Eat: The acerola fruit is usually eaten fresh or prepared into jams and syrups.
image of  Acai Palm

4. Acai Palm

The fourth on the list of fruits start with A is the Acai Palm (Euterpe oleracea), a native fruit from the Acai Palm trees in the rainforests in the Central Southern part of America.

  • Taste: It has a unique taste: a medley of raspberry, blackberry, and an earthy flavor, similar to a bar of unsweetened chocolate.
  • Benefits: It is rich in antioxidants, higher than other berries. Antioxidants are good for cancer prevention.
  • How to Eat: Soak the acai palm fruit in water to soften the skin and then mash them into a paste. Then, add them to your fruity smoothie bowl.  

5. Abiurana

The fifth of the A fruits we have is the Abiurana (Pouteria bullata), a fruit endemic to Brazil. The fruit is brown in color and usually 1 – 2 inches long. 


This fruit has a sweet white pulp with a gelatin-like texture.  


They are filled with Vitamins A, C, and B3, calcium, phosphorous, and fiber.  

How to Eat?

The fruit must only be eaten when very ripe. Abiruana is usually eaten fresh. 

6. African Breadfruit

Number six is the African breadfruit. 

The African breadfruit (Treculia africana) is commonly grown in West and Central Africa.

  • Taste: It has a flavor and scent similar to freshly baked bread. 
  • Benefits: It helps promote clear skin and healthy hair. 
  • How to Eat: African breadfruit can be eaten raw or cooked by steaming. 

7. African Cherry Orange

We have another African fruit that starts with A – the African cherry orange!

African Cherry Orange (Citropsis articulata) is a native fruit from West Africa.

  • Taste: It has a sweet tangerine-like citrus flavor.
  • Benefits: It helps in strengthening the bones and teeth. 
  • How to Eat: African cherry oranges can simply be eaten raw out of hand.

8. African Star Apple

Next, let’s get to know the African star apple. 

The African star apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) is a fruit grown in Ghana. 

  • Taste: It has a unique sweet taste when ripe or sour when unripe. 
  • Benefits: The African star apple is used in folk medicine and is packed with antioxidants. 
  • How to Eat: Peel the African star apple, then consume fresh. 

9. Akebia

Introducing the akebia as one of our fruits with A. 

Akebia fruit (Akebia quinata) is also called chocolate vine and is native to Korea, China, and Japan. Some people would even consider this one of the weirdest fruit in the world.

  • Taste: Its taste is similar to a mixture of banana, litchi, and passionfruit.
  • Benefits: It is considered a natural antibiotic.
  • How to Eat: Split it open and scoop out the pulp. 

10. Alligator pear 

You undoubtedly know this kind of A-fruit! 

The alligator pear (Persea americana) is another name for avocado.

  • Taste: It has a mild sweet taste with a creamy texture.
  • Benefits: Alligator pear is famous for its high monounsaturated fats content, good for your heart health. 
  • How to Eat: Slice in half and then scoop the flesh.

11. Almond

They may be nutritionally considered nuts, but we can add them to our list of fruits that start with A. 

Almond (Prunus dulcis) is native to Southwest Asia and is widely grown all over the world. 

  • Taste: Almonds taste nutty, and they can either be sweet, slightly bitter, or bitter.
  • Benefits: They are a good source of vitamin E and magnesium – essential for blood pressure regulation. 
  • How to Eat: Crack them open with a knife and then sprinkle some salt. 

12. Alpine strawberry

If you remember strawberries, just say alpine strawberry as an addition to your list of fruits that start with A.  

The alpine strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is originally native to Europe and Asia. 

  • Taste: It has a sweet taste similar to most strawberries.
  • Benefits: It helps boost digestion and hydration. 
  • How to Eat: They are usually enjoyed fresh or made into a jam.  

13. Alupag

The following fruit that begins with A is called the alupag. 

Alupag (Dimocarpus didyma) is a fruit known for its bumpy skin and is indigenous to the Philippines. 

  • Taste: It has a fruity taste similar to the longan. 
  • Benefits: It aids in digestion and may boost the immune system. 
  • How to Eat: The alupag fruit is usually enjoyed fresh.

14. Amanatsu

This time, let’s see what amanatsu fruit is all about.

Japan’s amanatsu fruit (Citrus natsudaidai) or natsumikan is a hybrid orange fruit believed to be genetically derived from pomelos. 

  • Taste: It has a sour taste with a bit of bitter aftertaste.
  • Benefits: It is packed with Vitamin C, folate, and potassium.
  • How to Eat: It is commonly eaten fresh or used in jams and marmalades. 

15. Amara

Don’t forget to include amara in your list of fruits, starting with the letter A!

The Amara fruit (Albizia amara) is usually grown in East and South Africa.

  • Taste: The taste of the fruit pods is unknown as it is inedible, and the seeds are found to be poisonous.
  • Benefits: The seeds of the amara fruit are usually used as an astringent.
  • How to Eat: How to consume the fruit pods is unknown. 

16. Amazon Tree Grape

Following next on our menu of fruits that start with A is called the amazon tree grape. 

The Amazon Tree Grape (Pourouma cecropiifolia) is a fruit that resembles the look of a usual grape, which originates from South Africa. 

  • Taste: It has almost the same taste as the usual grape with a wintergreen mint aroma. 
  • Benefits: It is known to aid in weight loss and diabetes.
  • How to Eat: It is seedless and can straight up be eaten fresh.

17. Ambarella

Another of the fruits beginning with A is the ambarella. 

Ambarella (Spondias cytherea) is an exotic green fruit native to Polynesia and Melanesia. (*)

  • Taste: It has a sour taste, a flavor in between a pineapple and a mango. 
  • Benefits: Ambarella is loaded with Vitamin C and is known to improve immune function. 
  • How to Eat: You can enjoy it fresh with some salt, chili powder, sugar, or shrimp paste. 

18. Amra

Then, another A-fruit we have is called the amra. 

Amra or hug plums (Spondias mombin) is a tropical fruit commonly grown in Asian countries.

  • Taste: The unripe fruit has a sour and astringent taste, while the ripe ones have a sweet and cooling taste. 
  • Benefits: The amra fruit is also used as Ayurvedic medicine to treat diarrhea and wounds. 
  • How to Eat: Unripe fruits are usually made into pickles, while the sweet ripe fruits are typically made into jams and chutney. 

19. Anchovy Pear

Another fruit that begins with A is called the anchovy pear. 

The anchovy pear (Grias cauliflora) is a green to brown fruit endemic to the West Indies. 

  • Taste: This fruit has a sour taste which resembles a mango. 
  • Benefits: Similar to other fruits, the anchovy pear is rich in vitamins and minerals. 
  • How to Eat: It is usually eaten as a pickle. 

20. Andean Blackberry

Coming next to the fruits that start with A is the Andean blackberry.

The Andean blackberry (Rubus glaucus) is a type of berry usually grown in the countries in Latin America. 

  • Taste: It has a sour and tangy flavor and a milder sweet taste compared to most blackberries.
  • Benefits: This fruit is rich in antioxidants which help in cancer prevention. 
  • How to Eat: You can eat them fresh or add them to yogurt or smoothies. 

21. Annato

Included in our list of fruits that begin with A is the annato.

Annato (Bixa orellana) is a red hairy fruit native to South and Central America. 

  • Taste: The fruit is inedible. The seeds are gathered from the fruit to turn into a tasteless food coloring. 
  • Benefits: Some people use annato for diarrhea and fevers, while some directly apply them to burned areas to aid in healing. 
  • How to Eat: The seeds of the fruit are made into a red condiment which can add color to the food.

22. Apple

Here we have the simplest A-fruit to remember – apples!

The apple might be the most famous among all fruits, usually called the “forbidden fruit.”

  • Taste: Red apples have a mildly sweet and fruity taste with a lovely scent.
  • Benefits: Apples are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and help aid in weight loss and improving gut health. 
  • How to Eat: You may simply slice them into wedges and eat fresh or add them into salads.

23. Apple Berry

Add apple berry in your fruits vocabulary, beginning with the letter A. The apple berry (Billardiera scandens) is a fruit typically grown in the forests of Australia. It is green and purple in color and turns yellow when ripe. 

  • Taste: The level of sweetness of an apple berry resembles an apple.
  • Benefits: They are known to help in improving heart health and preventing skin cancer.
  • How to Eat: Unripe fruits are roasted before eating, while ripe fruits are eaten fresh or added to a salad. 

24. Apple guava

The apple guava (Psidium guajava) is a fruit commonly grown in the central and southern parts of America and in Caribbean countries. 

  • Taste: The ripe apple guava has pinkish flesh with a sweetness flavor between a strawberry and a pear. 
  • Benefits: The apple guava is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber which helps lower cholesterol levels, improve heart health and aid in menstrual pain. 
  • How to Eat: Eat them fresh by cutting them into wedges or squeezing them into a juice. 

25. Apple Rose

Apple rose (Syzygium jambos) is a rose-colored fruit shaped like a bell grown in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia. 

  • Taste: It has crunchy flesh with a sweet and juicy flavor and a blooming rose aroma. 
  • Benefits: The apple rose has tonic effects that highly benefit the brain and the liver.
  • How to Eat: Enjoy them raw by biting the crisp flesh like an apple, or add to sweet desserts.

26. Apricot

Don’t miss apricots in the menu of fruits beginning with A. 

The apricot (Prunus armeniaca) is a relative of peaches and plums, commonly grown in temperate zones, especially Asia.

  • Taste: This fruit has both sweet and sour flavors, almost similar to peaches. 
  • Benefit: It is associated with healing effects for asthma and infertility.
  • How to Eat: It can be sliced and eaten fresh, added into desserts, or made into jams and preserves.

27. Araca-boi

Never miss the araca-boi as part of the A-fruits.  

The Araca-boi (Eugenia stipilata) or araza is a rare yellow fruit found in the West Amazon forest. 

  • Taste: This fruit has a very acidic and sour taste.
  • Benefits: It is a rich source of Vitamin C.
  • How to Eat: Not usually eaten raw due to extreme sourness, they are typically made into jams and desserts. 

28. Argan

Another fruit that begins with A is the argan. 

This argan fruit (Argania spinosa) is produced by argan trees in the southwestern part of Morocco. 

  • Taste: Not really eaten as it is; and is made into argan oil which has a nutty and cream-like flavor. 
  • Benefits: The oil from the argan fruit is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants. 
  • How to Eat: They are dried, and then the nut inside is extracted to produce the argan oil. 

29. Arrayan

The Arrayan fruit (Luma apiculata) is a green fruit commonly cultivated in Central and South America, Mexico, and Cuba.(*)

  • Taste: This fruit has a dull yellow-orange flesh with a sweet and sour flavor similar to guava. 
  • Benefits: Arrayans have soothing properties and are used to heal sores and wounds. 
  • How to Eat: Enjoy them fresh or add them into green salads or preserved as jams and syrups. 

30. Ashwagandha

Here’s a unique fruit that starts with the letter A – ashwagandha. 

The ashwagandha fruit (Withania somnifera) is considered traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India. (*)

  • Taste: The fruit has a pungent, sweet, and bitter flavor with an earthy taste. 
  • Benefits: It has a lot of medicinal properties for pain relief and cancer prevention. 
  • How to Eat: This fruit is usually eaten fresh. 

31. Asian Pear

If you think of pears, just remember Asian pears for fruits that start with the letter A. 

The Asian Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) is commonly found in the eastern part of Asia. (*)

  • Taste: Asian pear has a light sour taste and has a mildly sweet flavor comparable to an apple.
  • Benefits: It is rich in fiber which can help your digestion and lower cholesterol levels. 
  • How to Eat: You can enjoy them by eating them peeled or unpeeled or adding them to your cakes and fruit salad recipes. 

32. Atherton Raspberry

The last fruit that starts with A is the Atherton Raspberry (Rubus probus), native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. (*)

  • Taste: This type of berry has a very mild taste than most European raspberries. 
  • Benefits: The Atherton raspberry is loaded with antioxidants that help improve brain function. 
  • How to Eat: You can enjoy this exotic berry as either fresh or add its orange syrup to cakes, jams, and sauces. 

Final Thoughts

How many fruits that begin with the letter A do you know from this list?

You would notice that all the fruits are unique and special in their own way. Which of them have you tasted so far, and which ones are your favorite? We’d love to hear your response! 


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