Frozen Pork Chop Crock Pot Recipes: 8 Easy Cooking Ideas

img of Frozen Pork Chop Crock Pot Recipes 8 Easy Cooking Ideas

Quick Glace:  Key Ingredients and Allergies for Each Frozen Pork Chop Crock Pot Recipe

RecipeKey IngredientsAllergy Information – based on dairy, gluten, eggs(Always check ready-product labels for allergy clarity)
Mustard Pork Chops and GravyThawed boneless pork chops, dry mustard, chicken brothgluten
Ranch Pork Chops – Only 3 ingredients!Thawed boneless pork chops, butter, ranch dressing mixdairy
Bonus Recipe: Make your own Ranch Dressing!Buttermilk, mayonnaise, herbs and spicesdairy, eggs
Smothered Pork Chops and VegetablesThawed thick-cut and bone-in pork chops, white wine, Worcestershire sauce, herbs, and spicesgluten
Creamy Pork Chops and MushroomsThawed thick-cut and bone-in pork chops, canned cream of mushrooms soup, beef brothdairy
Marry Me Pork ChopsThawed boneless pork loin chops, heavy cream, sundried tomatoesdairy
Teriyaki Pork ChopsThawed bone-in pork chops, teriyaki saucesoy
Orange Rosemary Pork ChopsThawed boneless pork chops, orange juice, rosemary, brown sugarnone
Holiday Season Apple Cinnamon Pork ChopsThawed boneless pork chops, granny smith apples, fuji applesdairy

Picture this dinner scenario: you have thawed pork chops in the refrigerator and lack cooking inspiration!

Don’t worry; we know these days come around occasionally. In the same way, how do you overcome this demotivation and still create a delicious meal?

Simply put, dump all the ingredients in the crock pot, and viola, dinner is en route.

Whether you want to make a family meal, something special for a date night, or need an easy recipe, we have you covered. 

Our list of flavor-packed pork chop crock pot recipes ensures tender and juicy results every time.

So, pre-heat your crock, and let’s get dinner sorted!

img of Frozen Pork Chop Crock Pot Recipes 8 Easy Cooking Ideas

Frozen Pork Chop Crock Pot Recipes

Before we explore our recipes, let’s discuss the importance of thawing pork chops before putting them in the crock pot.

The USDA crock pot food and safety guidelines recommend thawing pork chops before use. (*)

Frozen pork chops will take too long to reach the safe consumption temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing the risk of foodborne illness.

Don’t panic; you only need to thaw the pork chops thoroughly, and you are good to go. (*)

Secret Tip:  always opt for thick-cut bone-in or boneless pork chops for crock pot cooking.  Thinner cuts can be tough and rubbery.  

Okay, let’s dive in!

Mustard Pork Chops and Gravy: A Tangy Family Favorite

Pork pairs exceptionally well with the mild tang and sweetness of mustard.

This recipe’s flavorsome combo of mustard powder and garlic powder works tasty wonders.  Also, the amount of mustard powder is not overpowering, so heat-sensitive palates will not likely feel the “burn,” only the flavor. 

The best part is this meal is ready in 2.5 to 3 hours on the high setting. So, you can pop everything into the crock pot between 3 and 4 pm and have dinner ready before the children get ratty.

Serve on top of polenta alongside blanched or flash-fried broccoli or green beans.

Pro Tip:  grab some large burger rolls and make pork chop burgers! Butter the rolls, then layer fresh lettuce and sliced tomato with the pork chop. There is no need for extra sauce, as the thick gravy is more than adequate! 

To bulk up this meal, make some frozen potato wedges in the air fryer 10 – 15 minutes before the pork chops complete the cooking time.

Get Recipe here.

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Allergy information: gluten

3-ingredient Ranch Pork Chops: A Simple Yet Moreish Meal

When you see 3-ingredient and Ranch in the same sentence, you know you are in for a quick and tasty dinner.

This recipe is excellent to prepare while the children eat their breakfast or lunch. All you need to do is layer pork chops with butter and the ranch dressing mix, cover, and cook. Yip, that’s it!  

The rich, buttery sauce is ideal to spoon over a side dish of mashed potatoes and green or mixed veggies. 

Alternatively, you can dab up every drop with a sliced French loaf, but remember to get your veggies into your diet, too.

Simple with succulent and mouthwatering results, be sure to add this recipe to your “lack of inspo” list. 

Pro Tip: add Ranch Dressing Mix to your weekly grocery shopping list. It is an excellent quick fix, complementing several recipes across the diet spectrum.  

Allergy information: dairy

Bonus Pro Tip:  if you have time to spare, why not whip up a fresh restaurant-style Ranch dressing

Certainly, it is a healthier alternative, and while the flavor may not be as strong as the dressing mix counterpart, the results are just as delicious.

Keen to give it a try?  Get the bonus recipe here.

Remember to use half the butter in the original recipe to balance the liquid content.  

Allergy information: dairy, eggs

3.  Smothered Pork Chops and Vegetables: A Heartwarming Show Stopper

If you plan a romantic dinner for that special someone, this recipe will melt their heart.  

Sure, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients. However, we encourage you to bring on your love vibes and pour them into the preparation.

We love crock pot recipes that include mushrooms, and this recipe calls for Portabello mushrooms, which offer a deep, earthy taste. Furthermore, mushrooms absorb every bit of flavor from the paired ingredients. 

The Worcestershire sauce, mushroom gravy mix, and dry white wine slowly infuse each pork chop, ensuring a flavor burst with every bite.

All this goodness, smothered in a punchy umami gravy, is the perfect kiss-worthy dinner. 

Serve with lightly toasted sourdough bread and garnish with chopped flatleaf parsley and a sprig of rosemary.  

Romantic Tip:  To gain extra date night points, complete the plated presentation with a few edible flowers, such as lavender, rose petals, and borage.  

Pro Tip:  the recipe uses 1 cup (250ml) of dry white wine, so remember to chill the rest of the bottle to serve with dinner.  

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: gluten

4.  Creamy Pork Chops and Mushrooms: A Creamy and Decadent Delight

Speaking of mushroom-based recipes, this creamy crock pot recipe is ideal for a small dinner gathering.

It is packed with infused mushroom flavor and smothered in a rich onion gravy. The recipe calls for a homemade cream of chicken soup. 

Even so, a can of creamy chicken soup will yield similar tasty results.

But here’s the mouthwatering kicker: add half a cup (125ml) of sour cream or heavy cream. In particular, sour cream complements a pork and mushroom combo exceptionally well.  

Also, if you love to cook while sipping a glass of dry white wine, sacrifice half a cup (125ml) to add to the soup mixture. The perfect dinner party touch!

Serve this inviting and decadent meal on a bed of fluffy white rice alongside blanched asparagus with freshly squeezed lemon and black pepper.

Pro Tip: Substitute the paprika with a smoked paprika. Smoked paprika offers a pleasant smokiness and earthy flavor with a touch of sweetness. Therefore, it enhances the similar earthy taste of the mushrooms and pairs perfectly with pork.

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: dairy

5.  Marry Me Pork Chops: A Proposal-Worthy Memorable Meal

Okay, we know what you are thinking: how can a romantic dinner come close to the Smothered Pork Chops and Vegetables?

In short, the ingredients vary, so it all depends on what your special someone enjoys. Oh, and this recipe has fewer ingredients yet still offers a proposal-worthy eating experience.

The secret to this recipe is the sun-dried tomatoes. Decidedly, it adds to the color aesthetic with its vibrant red. Still, the best part is the intensely concentrated tomato flavor.

Due to the long cooking time, the sundried tomatoes and the heavy cream create a memorable decadence. Apart from this, the fork-tender pork chops pull apart with ease.

Romantic Tip: place a bunch of roses on the table and steal a few petals to decorate the plated meal. Also, chill a bottle of good champagne or dry white wine in the refrigerator to serve alongside your scrumptious dinner.

Pro Tip:  Pull the pork chops apart with a fork and serve them on garlic sourdough bruschetta. Garnish with chopped flatleaf parsley and green onion. 

Learn more here.

Allergy information: dairy

6.  Teriyaki Pork Chops: An Asian Sweet and Savory Sensation

Teriyaki sauce has a complex flavor profile of sweet and savory meets tangy and salty. For this reason, it pairs exceptionally well with just about any meat.

On the other hand, we believe it is best paired with pork. The similar flavor qualities of teriyaki sauce match the pork’s sweet and savory taste.

Even better, the tangy umami flavors infuse the pork chops, creating a unique and palate-pleasing dinner.

This easy crock pot recipe uses teriyaki sauce as the primary ingredient, with little else to add. Therefore, it is a super “dump-and-go” while you continue with family and work commitments. 

The recipe calls for bone-in pork chops. However, you can use boneless pork chops and pull them apart with a fork.

Then, serve as “pulled pork” on a fresh bread roll topped with microgreens. Truly scrumptious!

Pro Tip: Create a fun element for the children and serve it on a bed of rice noodles.

Get recipe here.

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Allergy information: soy

Did you know pork pairs beautifully with fruit? Check out our recommendations!

7.  Orange Rosemary Pork Chops: A Sweet and Citrusy Crock Pot Surprise

With the chilly winter nights looming, why not make a meal that tastes delicious and simultaneously boosts your vitamin C intake? 

This recipe bursts with citrus goodness and the dried rosemary pairs wonderfully with the orange flavors.   

We love the simple pantry-ready ingredients. Indeed, it is the perfect no-fuss winter recipe that the family will love.

The recipe calls for store-bought orange juice and fresh oranges. We recommend using freshly squeezed orange juice to avoid additives and preservatives.

Serve this zesty and immune-boosting meal with blanched or flash-fried broccoli and green beans. 

Pro Tip: Steam baby potatoes, drizzle them with olive oil, and toss them with orange gravy. Put these little guys in the air fryer for approximately 20 minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit, shaking once at 10 minutes. You can expect delicately crispy potatoes with a subtle citrus note.  

Alternatively, steam baby potatoes and use the orange sauce as a gravy for the potatoes and the green veggies. Delicious and nutritious!

Learn more here.

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Allergy information: none

8.  Holiday Season Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops: A Festive and Juicy Feast

We know that you may be designing your festive meal menu.

Of course, the traditional family recipes will be part of the spread. Yet, trying something different may encourage a new family tradition.

This crock pot recipe is a delicious combination of sweet and savory, with bright, fruity notes and a delicate aromatic touch. It pairs well with fluffy white rice and mixed vegetables like peas and carrots.  

Moreover, it makes a great appetizer and can be served cold. If you want to incorporate the festive food vibe, add a few roasted chestnuts. Yum!

Indeed, the holiday season brings a variety of fruity-based meat dishes. So, make your mark this year and surprise the family with something new and exciting!

Pro Tip: Remove the apple slices once cooked, and blend them into a puree (apple sauce). You can add some of the liquid, a little at a time until it reaches sauce consistency. The family can spoon the sauce over the pork chops or use the sauce for other dishes on the table.

Get recipe here.

Allergy information: dairy

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions?)

Wrapping up: Your Inspiration with Pork Crock Pot Recipes

In a nutshell, there will always be a day here and there when you need a little culinary inspiration.

Luckily, our list of delicious frozen pork chop crock pot recipes offers a variety of tempting and tantalizing dinners.  

But don’t take our word for it; save a recipe or two that tickles your tastebuds, and add them to your recipe file. This way, you can alleviate dinner concerns as we push through the end-of-year rush.

Which recipes will you be adding to your permanent collection?  Let us know.

We would love to hear from you!

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