31 Foods That Start With The Letter X

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Coming up with a list of foods that start with X is not so easy! Plus, it might take you a while to remember all the foods you can find in the grocery stores for this letter.

If you’re struggling to think of foods that start with X, it’s now time for you to put your pen and paper down as we already have the answers for you!

Are There Any Foods That Start With The Letter X? Here’s A List To Inspire You

One of the foods that start with X is called Xacuti.

1. Xacuti

image of Xacuti

Xacuti is a popular traditional Indian spicy and coconut-flavored curry dish that originated in Goa. This type of tasty curry dish is often prepared with beef, chicken, or lamb.

It composes a variety of ingredients such as white poppy seeds, black pepper 0r meerya, clove, nutmeg, turmeric, onion, cinnamon, dried red chilies, and grated coconut.

Next to the foods that start with X, we have the Xapala punch.

2. Xalapa Punch

Xalapa punch is a refreshing cocktail similar to sangria. It has a sweet and tart flavor, a perfect cool pink drink to enjoy at summer parties.

This cocktail is made from strongly brewed black tea, red wine, brandy, lemons, and oranges.

3. Xampinyons en Salsa mushrooms

Xampinyons en salsa mushrooms is a mushroom in sauce Catalan recipe. This dish usually uses wild mushrooms such as girolles, ceps, and vierge. You can still use cultivated common field mushrooms as well.

To make Xampinyons En Salsa, you’ll need onion, olive oil, tomato, garlic clove, Amontillado sherry wine, water, mushrooms, and salt and black pepper to taste.

4. Xanthan Gum

If you’re someone who’s into reading a food product’s label, you’ve probably heard of xanthan gum. It is derived from the fermentation of corn sugar.

Xanthan gum is a type of polysaccharide food additive used as a thickening, stabilizing, and emulsifying agent in food and other products.

You can find xanthan gums indicated in the product labels of salad dressings, bakery products, fruit juices, soups, ice creams, sauces and gravies, syrups, and gluten-free products.

5. Xanthia

If you’re into cherry-flavored cocktails, then you’ll most likely enjoy the taste of Xanthia. 

Xanthia is a type of rich and tart fruit native to the South Pacific region. It’s a cocktail combination of cherry brandy, gin, and yellow Chartreuse stirred in ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.

6. Xavier Soup

Xavier soup is a type of classic Italian soup named after Saint Francis Xavier. It is a typical soup dish that is served every December during the feast of St. Francis.

The Xavier soup has parmesan dumplings, chicken broth, heavy cream, butter, egg yolks, and fresh parsley. It also has spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes.

7. Xavier Steak

The Xavier soup prepared during the feast of Saint Francis Xavier is not related to the simple grilled steak called Xavier steak.

Xavier steak is a grilled meat dish with canned asparagus and melted swiss cheese on top.

8. Xi Gua Lao

The xi gua law, also known as watermelon jelly, is a Beijing jelly dessert that originated in Beijing, China.

When you get the chance to visit Beijing, make sure to grab this watermelon-based jelly dessert!

Xi Gua La is made with watermelon, cherries, vanilla, and agar. This sweet treat is often formed into fun watermelon shapes.

So, how do they make xi gua lao? The process involves mixing water, sugar, agar, and vanilla powder then bringing it to a boil until the mixture reaches a syrup consistency.

Then, the cherries are sliced into smaller pieces, and the juice of the watermelon fruit is extracted from its flesh. Finally, all the ingredients are mixed together with the syrup and then cooled.

9. Xia Mi

Xia mi is a Chinese dish called rice shrimp. It does not mean it contains rice, but it is actually made with dehydrated small shrimps or dried shrimps. Dried shrimp is a famous ingredient commonly used in Asian cuisines.

Like other dried seafood, the purpose of using dried shrimp is to make a flavorful dish. This is also one of the ingredients added in a spicy, savory seafood-based condiment called XO sauce.

10. Xia Mi Bai Cai

Xia Mi Bai Cai is one of the traditional Chinese dishes known as cabbage with dried shrimp. This delicious dish is a favorite of many because of its unique seafood aroma that makes it incredibly appetizing.

The dish contains dried shrimps, Napa Cabbage, ginger, salt, and sliced green onion for garnish.

11. Xiang Cai

Xian Cai is referred to as Hunan cuisine. It pertains to deep-colored delicious recipes with hot and sour flavor, aromatic, and greasy.

We have another specific food that is called “Xiang Cai” as well. This time, it is a traditional Chinese rice noodle dish with stir-fried cabbage and other vegetables.

12. Xiang Cao Jing

If you’re in China and your recipe calls for vanilla extract for your baked goods and sweet dishes, just look for Xian Cao Jing in the Chinese grocery stores. Yes, Xiang Cao Jing is called vanilla in Chinese.

13. Xiang Jiao

Have you ever tasted a sweet and spicy pastry? You can find them more in China!

Xiang Jiao is a traditional Chinese sweet and spicy pastry primarily made in the region of Nanjing.

This pastry was usually made in the winter during the old days. Producing it during the summer season will remain a sticky state because of the hot temperature.

14. Xiaolongbao

Xiaolongbao is a type of Chinese steamed bun that looks like a dumpling. The coiled shape of these steam buns has made them a symbol of Shanghai cuisine.

It is usually cooked in bulk, and it must be served piping hot. Why? That’s because it is best eaten while it’s hot plus straight out of the bamboo basket to make the dining experience more enjoyable.

These steamed Chinese dumplings filled with an interesting mix of ingredients are a favorite of many. It is made with pork and seasoned with ginger, garlic, sesame, and soy. Other versions of the xiaolongbao have a mixture of pork and crab filling.

15. Xidoufen

Xidoufen, also called pea porridge, is a very spicy food of the Chinese. It is a soup with peas, pepper oil, garlic, ginger, and chili flakes.

In Yunnan, this boiled pea meal is often eaten with deep-fried Chinese flatbreads called “youtiao.”

16. Xigua

Xigua is a Chinese name of a refreshing and popular breakfast fruit called watermelon. Yes, most people’s favorite summer fruit has a hard green rind and juicy red flesh with tiny black seeds.

17. Xihongshi

Xihongshi, or red sorghum, is a gluten-free soft grain produced in China. This grain is commonly used to make noodles, dumplings, and fermented alcoholic beverages. It can also be used as a good rice substitute.

18. Xilacayota Squash

Xilacayota squash is a type of winter squash that is found in the Andean region of South America.

It has a small round shape, and it can be used for cooking even if it has not matured yet. The xilacoyata squash is commonly used in stews, side dishes, and soups.

19. Ximenia

The Ximenia is also known as the desert date or the wild date. This is a type of plant that can be found in the southern African regions.

20. Ximenia caffra

Ximenia caffra or sour plum is a small fruit-bearing tree that has thin branches.

It grows in the tropical regions in southeast Africa. It is mainly found in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

The sour plum is, of course, sour with a dry aftertaste. It is known to have rich amounts of potassium. Even if it is a sour-tasting fruit, it can be processed into jams and jellies.

21. Xingren Doufu

Xingren Doufu, known as almond beancurd, is a famous traditional dessert of the Chinese consists of almond milk or apricot kernel milk, sugar, and agar or gelatine. It can also be called almond jelly or the Chinese panna cotta.

22. Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro grapes are rare grapes that are only cultivated in four vineyards in Greece. Why? That is because these types of grapes are challenging to grow as they are susceptible to many diseases.

Compared to other grape varieties, the xinomavro grapes take one year to reach maturity.

The Xinomavro is a dark-skinned grape with acidity and tannins that give red wine good cellaring potential.

23. Xiphias

Xiphias is a Greek word for swordfish. The Xiphias swordfish or broadbills are giant, highly migratory, predatory fishes with the most tender fles, especiallyy fortheirs cheek meat and belly.

Xiphias is excellent for fillets and delicious European dishes. And, it is typically cooked in olive oil and served with squeezed lemon juice.

24. Xmas Cookies

Xmas or simply Christmas cookies are a variety of festive baked cookies prepared around the holiday season.

These are simple, vanilla sugar cookies cut out in cute Christmas shapes and topped with festive and attractive colorful frosting.

Do you make Xmas cookies too?

25. Xnipec

If you love some spicy salsa, then you’ll surely love xnipec as an appetizer, a dip, or taco garnish.

This is a fresh Mexican salsa made with fresh habanero peppers, sour orange juice, tomato, onions, and more.

Xnipec is pronounced “Shnee Pek,” which means “Dog’s Nose” or “Dog’s Snout.” In Mayan, it implies that you will sweat like a dog’s nose when you eat this kind of salsa.

26. XO Sauce

XO sauce, named after XO cognac, is a luxurious condiment developed in Hong Kong. This condiment is used to enhance the savory umami flavor of dishes. It can also be used as a dip for appetizers or as a burger topping.

The XO sauce contains a rich blend of dried seafood such as dried scallops and dehydrated shrimp. As for the rest of the ingredients, it has chili peppers, ham, and dried garlic.

27. Xoài

image of Xoài

Xoài is a fruit from the Annona squamosa tree. The other name of this fruit is sweetsop, sugar apple, custard apple, or loofah.

The xoài fruit has a sweet white, creamy flesh with a mildly tangy flavor. Most people enjoy it best when chilled.

28. Xocolatl

Are you looking for a rich chocolate beverage?

Xocolatl is a heavy and sweet Mexican hot chocolate drink that is spiced with chili or cinnamon.

The milky sweet hot cocoa was considered an elite drink exclusively consumed by the rulers and nobles of the Aztec empire.

29. Xoconostle

In Mexico, Xoconostle is the fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus. This fruit has a sour, lemony flavor, and it is no secret that it is rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, and calcium.

The Xoconostle cactus fruit adds sour flavor to sauces, fresh salsa, and various Mexican dishes.

30. Xôi

image of sticky rice dish

Xoi is a sticky rice dish cooked with sliced pork and commonly eaten with shrimp paste, fish sauce, or soy sauce. This is a traditional dish commonly prepared in Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. (*)

Last but not least, we have the sugar alcohol, xylitol, as one of the foods with X.

31. Xylitol

Xylitol is a food additive and sugar substitute. It tastes like sugar, and it has 40% fewer calories which do not immediately raise blood sugar levels.

It is a common ingredient that you can find in chewing gums, peanut butter, and candies.

Furthermore, it is often recognized as the “weight-loss-friendly sweetener.”

Final Thoughts

Finding foods that start with X sure is a challenge. And we did our best to give you a good list of interesting foods for this alphabet.

As you can see, many foods that start with X are in their Chinese name, right? Then, we have a few foods coming from Mexico, Greece, and the African regions.

If we missed any, please comment your answers down below.

image of foods that start with x (1)

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