10 Amazing Egg Substitutes for Meatloaf

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Who doesn’t love a good meatloaf? Sadly, without using the appropriate substitute for egg in meatloaf, it’s not going to be any good. 

Not to worry! We did something special to ensure our readers always end up with the most delicious meatloaf out there.

We scoured the internet and came up with a list of 10 ingredients that make great egg replacements. 

  • Flour
  • Mayonaise 
  • Olive oil
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Applesauce
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Flour and Oatmeal
  • Egg Replacement

So, take a few moments, look through our list and choose the best option for you. (Or at least the one you actually have in your pantry.)

Flour Instead of Egg

Flour can be a great substitute for eggs in many types of recipes. One recipe you can use flour in when you don’t have any eggs is meatloaf. 

Flour is a powerful binding agent that is used a lot when baking and cooking. This white powder can take the place of eggs, but it will not provide the same amount of moisture. 

Because eggs act as a binder and liquid ingredient, substituting the flour in its place can make your meatloaf dry. This issue is something you want to watch for when measuring this item out.

A dry meatloaf will crumble and totally ruin the taste of your meal. To counteract this problem, you can always add a little mayonnaise or oil.


  • Acts as a great binding agent
  • Readily available (long shelf life)


  • Can dry out your meatloaf
  • It doesn’t add any flavor

Mayonaise is Made From Eggs

Mayonnaise is one of the best substitutes for eggs in a meatloaf because it has eggs in its ingredients. The tasty flavor profile is an additional bonus. 

You can replace any amount of egg with mayonnaise when making a meatloaf by using 3 TBSPs for every egg. 

Because mayonnaise is already moist, there is no need to worry about this recipe drying out. 


  • Mayonnaise is a liquid replacement
  • Mayonnaise offers an excellent flavor profile


  • It will create additional oil in your meatloaf.
  • It is high in saturated fat.

Try Using a Little Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Vergin Olive Oil is known for being one of the best alternatives to eggs when making meatloaf. This is because of how well it binds the ingredients together. 

Are you surprised to hear this exciting information? We were too. Yet it is true. Extra virgin olive oil is a binding agent, and a pretty good one at that. However, it is essential to note you must use extra virgin; regular oils will offer the exact opposite effect.

Another benefit to using extra virgin olive oil in your meatloaf in place of an egg is the added flavor profile it provides. 


  • Extra virgin olive oil tastes great
  • Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy option 


  • It is an expensive alternative
  • It can make your meatloaf a little greasy.

Mashed Potatoes (Wait, What?)

You might be scratching your head right about now, and it is understandable. But hear us out. Mashed potatoes are moist and have starch, making them the perfect binding agent.

Many people love to hear this, especially when they realize they still have leftovers in the fridge.

Remember that you want to use real mashed potatoes and not instant packets. This option is going to offer you much better results. You also want to ensure that the potatoes aren’t too soggy, or your meat might fall apart.


  • You can re-purpose last night’s dinner
  • Easy to use in place of eggs


  • Not always available
  • It can ruin your meatloaf if the potatoes are too soggy.

Add a Little Applesauce (Vegans Love this Option)

We often get side eyed when mentioning this idea as well. But many people are unaware of how good applesauce is as a binding agent.

Not only can applesauce pull all of the ingredients in your meatloaf together. But it can also offer added moisture to keep it from drying out. 

This option is perfect for vegans and a gluten-free alternative. 

To top it all off, applesauce will give your dinner a delicious flavor profile that will have your guest begging for the recipe. 


  • An excellent option for vegans
  • A staple item in many homes (readily available)


  • Can sweeten your meatloaf
  • Too much will cause your meatloaf to fall apart (too much liquid)

Cheese Packs a Flavorful Punch

There are many different types of cheeses out there that can provide a delicious alternative to eggs. This ingredient has many of the same properties as eggs and offers a unique flavor.

Like eggs, cheese acts as a fantastic binding agent. It also offers moisture to the dish and is high in fat and proteins. This will hold all of the ingredients together in a perfect little package. 

Be careful when substituting eggs with cheese; some types can add to the already greasy recipe. 

If you add cheese to your meatloaf in place of eggs, ensure you disperse it evenly throughout the mix. If you don’t, you can end up with a sticky mess in some areas and a crumbly dried lump of meat in others. 


  • Readily available in most kitchens
  • It provides a beautiful flavor profile


  • Too much can ruin a meatloaf
  • Some cheese can cause your meatloaf to get greasy.

Yogurt Will Work in Most Recipes

Yogurt is the perfect substitute for eggs in meatloaf. While many people might not think of this option initially, it will be easy to understand why.

Like eggs, yogurt is a good source of protein. It also provides the same binding qualities and moisture. Using yogurt in your meatloaf will help keep it together and keep it moist and juicy.

Using Yogurt in your dinner can change the flavor profile and give you a whole new outlook on meatloaf.


  • Yogurt is high in protein and other nutrients
  • Yogurt is a binding agent and adds moisture


  • Some yogurt can alter the flavor too much.
  • Too much yogurt can provide too much moisture

Breadcrumbs are an Oldie But Goodie

You must have heard your parents or grandparents swear by adding breadcrumbs to their meatloaf. While it may seem like a simple old fashion tradition, it is actually a brilliant choice.

Breadcrumbs do a phenomenal job holding all of your recipe’s ingredients together. At the same time, they offer a mouth watering flavor profile you simply can’t beat.

Keep in mind bread crumbs do absorb moisture, which can ultimately dry your meatloaf out. Add a little extra virgin olive oil or mayonnaise to the recipe to counteract this error. 


  • Breadcrumbs are a great binding agent
  • Breadcrumbs offer a yummy flavor profile


  • They can dry your meatloaf out
  • You have to use other extra ingredients to use breadcrumbs.

Try a Bit of Oatmeal Instead

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Oatmeal, like breadcrumbs, is another moisture-absorbing dry ingredient that can take the place of eggs.

While oatmeal will help bind the ingredients in meatloaf together, it could also suck up too much of the liquid, causing your dinner to dry out.

If you decide to use breadcrumbs in place of eggs in your meatloaf, choose the right ones. Many oatmeal options have added flavors and ingredients that can alter the taste of your meal. 


  • Structures your recipe and binds it together
  • It can absorb too much liquid, keeping your meatloaf from being too greasy.


  • It can absorb too much liquid and cause your meatloaf to dry out
  • It can alter the flavor of your meal.

Chia Seeds to the Rescue

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If you are looking for an alternative to eggs and want something that provides tons of health benefits, chia seeds are it. Chia seeds are not just good for you but will do an excellent job holding your meatloaf together.

To use chia seeds in meatloaf, you first have to add them to water and allow them to soak for about five minutes. Once the mixture is thick, you can add it to the rest of the recipe.

Chia seeds are perfect for those who don’t want additional flavors added to their food. Once placed with other ingredients, you won’t even know they are there.


  • Chia seeds are great for you.
  • Chia seeds won’t alter the flavor of your meatloaf


  • If you don’t let the seeds soak long enough, they could expand in the meatloaf.
  • Chia seeds can be a bit expensive.


Can You Skip the Egg Altogether? 

You put eggs into meatloaf as a binding agent. This property is fundamental to keeping your meal together. If you don’t use eggs, you have to use one of the other options listed above, or your dinner will crumble apart.

What Can You Use In Meatloaf in Place of Egg that won’t Change the Flavor?

If you want to keep the flavor of your meatloaf, you can use chia seeds or flour instead of eggs.

How Many Eggs Should You Put in Meatloaf?

You should use two large or medium eggs or three small ones for a two-pound meatloaf.

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