Top Drinks to Order at a College Bar (You’re Sure #5!)


Just like heading to a restaurant the first time (especially fancy ones), figuring out what to order can get daunting. After all, you want to look like a pro and that you know what you’re ordering.

On the other hand, how can you look like that when all the cocktails at the college bar are random names without sharing the ingredient list?

You don’t need to worry about people silently judging you since everyone’s minding their own business or even too drunk to notice.

But if you want to impress your friends or at least know what you’re about to drink, it’s best to know about the good drinks to order at a college bar.

Read on for our list of the best cocktails to get!


What Are The Good Drinks to Order at a College Bar?

College bars aren’t really the swankiest places in town. But if you want somewhere cheap and fun, this is where to go!

We love college bars because of the many people you get to meet and the vibe set.

However, since these places thrive on volume, don’t expect exemplary customer service or the highest-quality services. Since it can get packed with college students looking to unwind every night, bartenders prefer less complicated drinks.

Moreover, don’t expect the highest quality ingredients because, again, it’s more about volume and getting hit with that boozy goodness!

That said, the drinks to order at a college bar are quite different than the ones you would order in restaurants and classier bars. Here are the best ones to get:

1. Just Get Beer

image of Just Get Beer

Ask any college student what they would order at the bar, and they’ll most likely share their favorite beer brand or simply say “beer.”

You can see it in the movies and television shows, where every frat boy would feast on beers, play beer pong, flip cups, or do beer-related challenges!

And for a good reason.

Beer can get you buzzed, and it’s relatively cheap.

You’ll most likely find many promos focused on beers in college bars. Plus, it gives bartenders an easier time since they just need to open the bottle and pass it on to you.

So if all else fails, just go with the local beer. You can’t go wrong with that!

Fun fact:

Some college students do a “beermosa” which is basically their favorite beer mixed with orange juice and champagne. Surprisingly, it tastes incredible, especially since beer gives your typical mimosa a nice dizziness!

2. Red Wine to be Fancy

image of Red Wine to be Fancy

Don’t like the taste of beer or want to feel a bit fancier? Then go for red wine!

You’ll get the bar’s house red wine, and it may not be the absolute best, but it works and will have you feeling a buzz after a couple of glasses.

It’s a perfect drink if you’re looking to celebrate after exams or graduation, where you can give a toast with your friends.

It also isn’t as strong as the hard liqueurs, so you won’t pucker at the taste or get too drunk.

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3. Jack and Coke

image of Jack and Coke

If you’re looking to get drunk but don’t like the taste of alcohol, go a bit stronger but stick with the classic Jack and Coke.

Or, you can go for any rum mixed with Coke or other sodas, whatever works for you, or whatever the bar offers.

We’re not sure how the Jack and Coke came to be, but it’s become such a popular drink just because it works so well.

It tastes refreshing and bubbly, and if you add a bit more Coke, you won’t taste any alcohol. Just be careful because you can get drunk off these without realizing it!


Instead of the usual rum and Coke, why not try root beer? Root beer has something that pairs well with almost any type of alcohol; we can’t explain it! But what we do know is that it tastes fantastic, especially when paired with a darker spiced rum like Captain Morgan.

4. Vodka or Tequila Shots

image of Vodka or Tequila Shots

If you want to go harder and want a wilder night, just go for straight-up vodka or tequila shots. These hard liqueurs have high ABV levels, so a little will go a long way.

You just need to be prepared for a wild night and killer hangover in the morning!


Have a chaser next to you just in case you can’t take the strength of the hard liqueur! You may want to dilute it with your favorite soda or tonic water if it’s your first time.

5. Long Island Iced Tea (Editor’s Choice for Top College Bar’s Drink)

image of Long Island Iced Tea

We like calling the Long Island Iced Tea a “traitor” because it tastes just like your regular iced tea.

It’s so refreshingly sweet and good! But watch out – these drinks contain a lot of alcohol, and the booze may just hit you like a train.

That said, this iced tea contains many ingredients and is a bit tedious to make for busy bartenders.

We don’t recommend ordering this during a hectic night for the sake of your local bartender.

Fun fact:

People tout the Long Island Iced Tea as a sorority girl’s drink, but we have no judgment for any gender who orders it! It’s strong enough for everyone to get the buzz.

6. Vodka Red Bull or Rockstar

Ah, three of the most consumed college drinks: Vodka, Red Bull, and Rockstar. During finals week, Red Bull and Rockstar are notorious for being college students’ best friends.

We’ve got these energy drinks to thank for the all-nighters we pulled!

Whether you want to go hard all night to party or study, you can go for vodka mixed with Red Bull or Rockstar to dilute the flavor.

You’ll get a ton of energy to do wild things, and the alcohol to lift your confidence to do whatever you want! But watch out, this drink is crazy strong and quite risky! (*)

7. Malibu Pineapple

image of Malibu Pineapple to order at bar

The Malibu Pineapple is another favorite because it will transport you to the beach! The sweet coconut rum mixed with tangy pineapple and lime juice works well.

You won’t taste the alcohol here, and it will have you feeling like you’re simply drinking juice.

With that, watch out and avoid drinking too much because, like the Long Island Iced Tea, this cocktail is a traitor and can have you teeter-tottering after a few glasses!


Now that you know what drinks to order, we want to mention keeping things simple. It’s a college bar, not a five-star restaurant. Don’t go too extravagant, especially when the target audience in college bars drinks by volume and not quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have more questions about ordering in college bars or the drinks mentioned above? We’ve got you covered with our frequently asked questions:

Fun fact:

While people love Athens, Georgia, for the many bars around, the best college town belongs to Tacoma, WA. Of course, the list varies based on the surveys conducted and other factors. However, we based this data here. (*)

Wrapping It Up

Do you feel intimidated by the many people in college bars and want to ensure you get your order right? Remember these drinks to order at a college bar, and you won’t have to worry again!

Do you want to share your thoughts and experiences at college bars and the drinks you order? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, we encourage you to check out more of our blog posts if you want to learn more about our favorite alcoholic beverages and food!

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