20+ Drinks That Start With N (#10 You Will Now Know)

How many drinks that start with N do you know of? 

As you can see these days, drinks diversity unsurprisingly covers every English letter. 

N, not being an exception, as proven by this post that covers multiple drinks from cocktails to fruit juices beginning with this letter.

Here, you’ll learn their possible types, origin, and tastes. And if you want to find out how they are prepared, just read on!

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What Are Drinks Starting With The Letter N?

1. Naartjie Juice

Topping number one on the list of drinks that start with N is the naartjie juice. 

Starting the list is Naartjie juice, made from a citrus fruit of the same African-originated appellation. It is deep orange with a sweet-tart flavor typical of citrus fruit juices.

How To Make?

Blend the flesh after peeling off the fruit’s skin and add a cup of water to dilute the intense taste.

Strain the blended juice, refrigerate, and enjoy it cold after a while!

2. Naked Juice

The second of the drinks that start with N is the naked juice. 

Naked Juice co., a subsidiary of Pepsi Co., produces juices and smoothies popular in the US and Canada.

They are free from added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors and come in multiple fruit varieties.

The ingredients include various fruit puree and natural additives like spinach and broccoli.

How To Make?

Luckily all the work has been done in the factory so enjoy straight from the bottle.

3. Nalu

Placed on number three on our list of drinks that start with N is the nalu.

Nalu is an energy drink in seven flavors chiefly marketed in Benelux. Launched in 2002, Nalu, meaning “surf” or “wave” in Hawaii, has a refreshing taste.

Some ingredients of Nalu include fruit juices, carbonated water, sweeteners, and caffeine.

How To Make?

Each drink has already undergone an industrial process, so just gulp from the can!

4. Nantucket Nectar

Let’s include the Nantucket nectar as the drinks beginning with the letter N.

Nantucket Nectar comes in several flavors in 16-fluid-ounce bottles.

Tom Scott and Tom First were the instigators of the beverage inspired by a peach nectar Tom First had in Spain.

How To Make?

Since Tom First just tried to recreate the flavor of peach nectar he tasted in Spain, you can try that also!

5. Naranja

Another type of drink starting with the letter N is called Naranja.

Naranja or orange juice is a liquid extracted from oranges. Depending on the orange cultivar, you can experience various flavors of Naranja, from sweet to tart or sweet-tart.

How To Make?

Just squeeze the orange juice into a cup. Add already-dissolved sugar, and refrigerate.

6. Neat Vodka

Number six on the list of drinks that start with N is neat vodka. 

Neat vodka is any vodka served without ice or mixers, hence at room temperature. They are best for vodka lovers who prefer to enjoy the unadulterated taste.

How To Make?

Prepare your vodka how you preferably would and serve directly from the bottle into a glass.

7. Neat Whiskey

Aside from neat vodka, there’s neat whiskey as number seven on our drinks that start with the N menu!

Neat whiskey, like neat vodka, is essentially whiskey served without ice.

You’ll also enjoy/dislike its pure flavor.

How To Make?

After taking regular steps to produce whiskey, drink directly served from the bottle into a glass.

8. Nectarine Juice

Then, let’s talk about nectarine juice as the next drink beginning with the letter N. 

Nectarine juice is yellow to orange processed from nectarine pulp.

Although uncertain, nectarine juice dates back 2000 years in China, where they were first discovered.

How To Make?

At home, blend nectarines’ soft flesh to smoothness and cool.

9. Neem Juice

Another type of juice drink beginning with the letter N is neem juice.  

Neem juices are distinctly green and bitter from extracts of neem plant trees.

They are most renowned for their medicinal properties, especially for the skin and hair.

How To Make?

Neem juice is made by adding a calculated amount of water to neem leaves and blending until smooth.

The mixture is then strained and refrigerated or directly served!

10. Negroni

Let’s discuss Negroni as one of the drinks that start with N. 

A Negroni is a native Italian cocktail made of gin, Campari, and vermouth Rosso in measured volumes garnished with an orange slice or peel.

They are of different variations but are traditionally red and translucent, hinting at a flavor like cherry and wine.

How To Make?

Stir one ounce of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, respectively, together in a glass filled with ice. Garnish it with an orange peel or slice.

11. Nehi

Then, let’s look at nehi in the list of N-drinks. 

Nehi is a fruit-flavored soda founded by a Georgia grocer, Claud Hatcher, in 1924.

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in the US currently produces three flavors today, i.e., orange, peach, and grape.

Its name, “Nehi,” was coined from “knee-high,” connoting its knee-high bottle size.

How To Make?

An already-finished complex industrial process is behind every bottle of Nehi, so they are ready to drink!

12. Nelson’s Lady

Number twelve on our list of drinks beginning with the letter N is Nelson’s lady. 

Nelson’s lady is brown and translucent reminiscent of coca-cola in appearance.

Its ingredients are only cherry cola and Admiral Nelson’s Cherry Spiced Rum.

How To Make?

Pour both ingredients together in variable or same volumes over ice and serve in a highball glass.

13. Nescafe

Thinking of coffee to make it part of our list of drinks starting with L? Nescafe got you! 

Nescafe is a brand of coffee produced by Nestle.

The brand was first produced in Brazil in 1930 to help the Brazillian government exploit the excess annual coffee harvest but has become world-renowned today.

It is a portmanteau of “Nestle” and “cafe.”

How To Make?

Serve a teaspoon of Nescafe into a cup and add sugar if you want. Pour hot boiled water, gently stir, add milk, and enjoy when it’s cooler!

14. Nestea Iced Tea

Then, we have Nestea iced tea on our N-drinks list!

Nestea Iced Tea is a brand of iced tea in Swiss also managed by Nestle but manufactured by The Coca-cola company. (*)

It has an appealing fruity flavor with sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

How To Make?

Brew the tea in a saucepan for ten minutes and add sugar (if you want). Add cold water to the hot tea and refrigerate for one hour before serving.

15. Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is another drink that we can add that starts with N.

Nettle tea is a green drink constituting nettle leaves, lemon, and apples.

The apples give nettle tea a sweet flavor while the lemons brighten it.

It has proven to be highly medicinal.

How To Make?

Put on gloves and add the nettle, lemon juice, and chopped apples to a water-filled blender. Blend them for about a minute and strain.

16. Nevins Cocktail

Nevis cocktail contains apricot-flavored brandy, bourbon, lemon and grapefruit juices, and Angostura bitters.

How To Make?

Combine all the ingredients and shake with ice until chilled. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass and serve!

17. New Amsterdam

Next on the menu drinks that start with the letter N is New Amsterdam. 

The New Amsterdam is a mild-flavored vodka with a delightful bitter tinge on settling. They come in different flavors.

How To Make?

Measure out about two ounces of the vodka into ice. Include any preferable drink and garnish with orange.

18. New Yorker cocktail

A typical New Yorker cocktail contains lemon juice, bourbon whiskey, sugar syrup, Claret red wine, and orange juice.

How To Make?

Shake all the ingredients in ice, garnish with an orange slice and serve.

19. Newcastle Brown Ale

Then, let’s see what’s in Newcastle brown ale in our N-drinks menu

Newcastle brown ale is a beer manufactured by Heineken originally brewed in Tyne, England. It possesses most characteristics attributable to beers.

How To Make?

Just enjoy the pleasant caramel, fruity flavor straight from the bottle!

20. Newport Cooler

Last but not least, we have the Newport cooler as part of the list of drinks beginning with the letter L. 

This cocktail is made from brandy, peach, gin, lime juice, and ginger ale.

How To Make?

Serve over ice in a Collins glass after mixing the ingredients! 

Final thoughts

These vast drinks are probably just a few compared to a complete list of all available worldwide.

They vary from one region to another, each with its distinct flavor, color, and intriguing history.

Which drinks that start with N would you love to add to this list? Can you describe its taste?

Let us know!

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