Drinks That Start with K (10+2 Mesmerizing)

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Funnily enough, our most beloved cocktails come from the Prohibition era.

A sound bar mixer is golden, guessing your favorite drink in the blink of an eye. But don’t think for a second that cocktails require a special occasion.

A fun cocktail throwdown at a family gathering or game night is unforgettable.

Today, we’re going to be your private mixer, serving only top shelf, all drinks that start with K.

Cocktails (Alcohol) Start With ‘K’

The premise of a damn-fine drink, beginning with “K” or any other letter, has some quality alcohol in it. 

So naturally, we’re starting out with traditional and modern alcoholic cocktails that start with a “K”.

1. Kiss Me Quick

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to make this lip-smacking treat. ‘Kiss me Quick’ will lighten up any boring Friday on a whim.

This irresistible drink, starting with a “K,” needs some raspberry sauce, pineapple juice, cake vodka, and a handful of heart sprinkles for garnishing.

It’s far from a traditional recipe, unlike our second cocktail.

2. Kentucky Lemonade

We just love a classic bourbon drink! And Kentucky Lemonade has been around for quite a while.

You can put a spin on this southern derby classic with some peach schnapps instead of the triple sec. It’s a classic way to bid farewell to summer.

However, the next Kentucky cocktail has nothing to do with southern traditions. 

3. Kentucky Flyer

The Kentucky Flyer is a modern twist on the classic rye whiskey gulp. It’s the brainchild of the famous Four Seasons bar mixer, Sierra Zimei.

Originally, it was enjoyed on hot Derby days, just like our previous alcoholic drink starting with “K”.

Let’s leave southern traditions behind, and go for a Florida special.

4. Key Lime Martini

The famous Florida Keys treat has inspired countless desserts, pies, and drinks.

This one, in particular, is made with some fine Martini, key lime rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, and some cream or milk. 

For garnishing, we prefer some crushed graham crackers and grated lime peels.

5. Kinky Margarita

As bland as it looks, the Kinky Margarita has a real kick! The cocktail craze started with some dirty martinis and sweet margaritas, so this is a classic.

Among the drinks starting with “K”, this one is probably the best for family gatherings, as everyone loves it. Make sure the tequila is prime quality and the juices are fresh!

For blazing nights, cocktails are just a starter. Let’s see the most famous shot with K.

6. Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze is a 70’s classic shot, straight from the disco era. The original recipe is simple: vodka, triple sec, and lime juice are all you need.

But people put a twist on it all the time, making some fun Jell-o shots and cocktails. (*) (*)

7. KGB

The authentic KGB cocktail has only one Russian ingredient; Kummel. Despite the harsh name, it’s a delicate, herbal, flowery flavor.

It all started at a New York cocktail bar in the 80s and has many varieties. (*)

You can garnish it with some thinly sliced lemon peels, but pro mixers use some edible flowers. ( * )

After all the modernist drinks with a “K”, let’s see a true classic.

8. King Cole

We love the classics, but sometimes alcohol doesn’t have to taste like alcohol. 

Sweet, fruity cocktails were invented for exactly that! You cannot get enough of this passionate Kiwi Colada; it’s an instant hit. 

Tastes just like a creamy smoothie but kicks like a White Russian. Get some Pina Colada Bacardi, rum, kiwi, and lime juice, and let’s get that party started!

10. Kangaroo

The classic vodka martini, or vodka-tini, was originally called the Kangaroo. It’s a drink straight from the 40s Mad Men era. (*)

The spirit of the Kangaroo lies in the extra dry Martini and vermouth. Don’t change them up!

It’s one of those drinks that calls for a smoke show glass and minimal garnishing; use some olives and nothing more!

Without skipping a beat, we’ll give you the best non-alcoholic drinks that start with “K”.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Starting With K

A mocktail sounds like a bummer at first, but these tasty gulps won’t disappoint you. 

Each drink starting with a ‘K’ is a top-shelf, non-alcoholic alternative to the above-mentioned cocktails.

+1.  Kiwi Cooler

We’re lucky kiwi starts with a k; it’s the perfect cocktail ingredient. Blends amazingly with dry, sour, or sweet elements. 

This mocktail is not only tasty but nutrient-packed as well. A dense lemonade for the hot summer days that can be turned into a creamy mocktail with some coconut cream. ( * )

Some fresh mint is best for garnishing with a cane sugar brim.

+2. Key Lime Pie Smoothie

A drink that tastes like homemade pie! It’s a sweet indulgence that can be sugar, gluten, and cruelty-free.

You can amp up the drink with some coconut cream, graham crackers, and pineapple or banana. For a fresh green color, add a handful of spinach. 

12 drinks starting with a “K” should be plenty to choose from; there are some new, traditional, creamy, and kicky. Let’s wrap it up!

That’s a wrap

Serving a drink doesn’t stop at mixing the ingredients and pouring them out. You’ll have to garnish it and present the drink in an appetizing, fitting glass. 

The classic Martini glass is the best investment for cocktail nights. All those drinks starting with a “K” will be presentable in them.

There are plenty more drinks that start with K you can try. Just to name a few: Kryptonite, Kermit, and Kiss on the Lips. 

Besides mixing, garnishing is a form of art in and of itself. The best cocktails are not just tasty, but elegant showstoppers too.

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