The Best Drinks That Start With E (COCKTAILS and MOCKTAILS)

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When you’re sitting at a fancy bar, those pricey cocktails always look so special. It’s almost like they are undoable at home. 

We promise you, all those treats can be replicated with ease in your home. With a trip to the grocery store, you can make the next 12 drinks in a heartbeat. 

After mixing anything and everything, tomorrow will be sour, so stick to the same types of alcohol. (*)

Your Wildest Cocktail Fantasies Start With An ‘E’ 

1. Earl Grey Martini

Earl Grey tea is a flavor-dense refresher with smoky tones. As a gin cocktail, you can bring out so much more from tea than otherwise.

This citrus version is a sophisticated one and quite simple at that. But if you love to experiment, there are several recipes to try.

Our favorite is the martini version with a hint of lavender. ( * )

Naturally, the next drink that starts with ‘E’ also flaunts this herb.

2. Eau de Lavender

Eau de Lavender sounds like a French perfume with a major price tag. But you’ll gulp it up like there’s no tomorrow.

Lavender and tequila don’t sound like a match, but they are heavenly with some smooth honey and zappy lemon juice. Some recipes call for orange flower water as well. ( * )

Garnishing it with lavender is a must, but we’d drop some edible violets on top as well.

The next drink on our list is for true cocktail connoisseurs.

3. Earthquake

As mundane as its name may be, this drink lives and breathes French high culture. Originally, it was a two-ingredient, bangin’ party starter. 

Nowadays, it’s a milder drink. Several modern recipes call for anise or licorice liquor instead of absinthe. 

The earthquake cocktail is not for the family holidays; it’s bold, strong, and hits your head in no time.

The next drink starting with ‘E’ is also made in several versions.

4. East Indian

The East Indian is a herby, spicy, centuries-old drink. Sailors used to drink these gin and lime cocktails to avoid scurvy. 

After the 19th century, it became more sophisticated, with delicate spices and seasonings. 

You’ll need premium Indian gimlet(gin) for this recipe, as well as some lime and celery bitters.

5. Eye of the Storm

We have chosen a slightly modified version of the classic Eye of the Storm. This Halloween special is misty and tart, and a treat for your eyes at any party. ( * )

The ginger beer and tart cherry juice make this so special and well-rounded. However, you can make it with some vodka or rum as well, instead of beer. 

Not surprisingly, Eye of the Storm, or Hurricane as it was originally called, is a New Orleans classic from the 40s.

Similarly, our next ‘E’-lettered drink is a widely popular holiday feature. 

6. Eggnog

Eggnog is the undefeated queen of Christmas. It makes our hearts beat faster and warms our spirits since Medieval times. 

Not just a table treat, but a great homemade gift as well, and a huge batch of eggnog is ready in under an hour. 

However, store-bought eggnog won’t be as creamy as the one you make at home. 

7. English Rose

The English Rose is a typical upscale hotel cocktail, coming in pricy and gorgeous. Likewise, almost all English-named cocktails are that flashy-looking.

It’s also one of the most sophisticated-tasting cocktails on our E-lettered drink list. You can go all the way with decorating an English Rose; rim the glass with powdered sugar and icing sugar, and use cherries and edible flowers.

Despite the name, it has nothing to do with Britain; it’s a hotel cocktail from the 20s, invented in France. 

8. English Garden

English Garden is the essence of summer wedding cocktails. You’ll love its simplicity and straightforward flavors.

The recipe calls for pasteurized egg white, which might deter you from making this cocktail. As a side note; that means using standard grocery store eggs, as they are all pasteurized( this is true in the US, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. ( * )

9. Espresso Martini

This is probably the most notable among cocktails starting with ‘E’. Espresso Martinis are usually a holiday special around Christmas, but they make a great weekend brunch cocktail.

One thing is for sure; this recipe will come out perfect all the time! We like our drinks bold, so next time you make this one, add some orange zest and dark Creme de Cacao to it.

10. El Nino

El Nino is a fiddly cocktail with innumerable variations. Some of these don’t even resemble each other, so don’t stress about it too much.

We chose a tequila version with some cucumber, lime, and agave. It’s an intriguing taste, especially with some jalapeno and spices, but there are several easier versions with more readily available ingredients. ( * )

Naturally, you should serve El Nino in a hurricane cocktail glass with some umbrellas, cocktail cherries, and fancy straws.

Our duty is done on the ten best cocktails starting with an ‘E’, but we want to smile upon the designated party drivers as well.

Mocktails Starting with ‘E’

11. Evil Princess

As the second Halloween-fitting cocktail on our list, this one is perfect for designated drivers and kids’ parties as well.

It’s also a fun DIY for parties, just mixing away together. We would serve it with edible rose petals, preferably black. 

12. Elephant Charger

Elephant Charger is an elevated fruity smoothie, and chances are you have every ingredient in your pantry. 

All you have to do is find fun ways to garnish it, such as a tropical fruit arrangement. As you’ve seen, filling up the glass is just half the job; all these recipes call for some creative finesse as well.

Let’s wrap this up!

Wrapping up

The best thing about cocktails and mocktails is that you can let go of your imagination and experiment freely. It’s a great way to live out your creativity without the constraints of cooking.

It’s hard to mess up a cocktail. It can happen in two ways mostly; either by adding too much alcohol or mixing acidic ingredients and dairy. 

Both are easily avoidable, so lean on to the fun side of catering!

We love to come up with our own recipes, but garnishing is the best part of cocktail-making. 

It’s hard to list all the drinks that start with E, but we limited our choices to easy, fun-to-do, and all-around liked recipes. Now all you have to do is take a trip to the supermarket and get inspired!

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