Does Worcestershire Sauce Need Refrigeration? The Answer is Here!

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If there’s one thing harder than pronouncing Worcestershire sauce, it would be determining how it should be stored.

If you want to enjoy it for as long as possible, you may wonder where’s the best place to store it.

Maybe you should try the fridge? Does worcestershire sauce need refrigeration?

Quick Answer:

You don’t need to refrigerate Worcestershire sauce. But, of course, this applies only to commercial items and not to the homemade versions. So where should you store the homemade sauces?

This article will summarize the nitty gritty details about storing this condiment.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Does Worcestershire Sauce Need Refrigeration?

The answer depends. Both opened, and unopened bottles of commercial versions don’t have to be refrigerated. Still, you may want to store the homemade ones in the fridge.

Here’s why:

The store-bought sauces’ main ingredients include sugar, vinegar, molasses, anchovies, chili pepper extract, tamarind extract, and a few natural flavorings. All these ingredients’ salty and acidic nature inhibits antimicrobial growth in sauce and prevents it from going bad quickly.

Not only that, but the sauce also undergoes a fermentation process. During this process, the microorganisms in the sauce are converted into organic acids, alcohol, and gases, making the condiment a lot more stable.

Because of this, commercial sauces can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 year.

On the other hand, homemade sauces are best stored in the refrigerator because they don’t undergo the same rigorous fermentation standards. As a result, you can’t expect them to be as stable and might have a shorter shelf life as the store-bought ones.

Can You Refrigerate Worcestershire? What Happens When You Do?

Yes, you can refrigerate both commercial and homemade versions if you prefer to do so. In fact, this might be the best storage method of choice if you won’t be able to finish up the sauce within 1 year.

This is because the colder temperatures can protect the sauce from heat and oxidation, two things that hasten its spoilage.

According to food experts, an opened Worcestershire sauce bottle can last up to 3 years when stored in the refrigerator.


Of course, the mentioned shelf life is just an estimate. Depending on various factors, the sauce can last longer or shorter than expected. With that said, it’s recommended that you always inspect the sauce for any signs of spoilage before using it—whether it’s refrigerated or not.

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Does Refrigerating Worcestershire Sauce Change Its Flavor?

One of the reasons why many people are hesitant to refrigerate Worcestershire sauce is because they think that refrigeration can alter the sauce’s flavor.

Here’s the truth: No, refrigeration won’t change the sauce’s flavor, consistency, and even appearance.

In fact, the colder temperature can help preserve the sauce’s freshness for longer.

How to Keep Worcestershire Sauce Fresher for Longer?

But of course, you can only enjoy the sauce at its peak quality if you know how to handle and store it properly. With that said, here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind:

Keep The Sauce Away From Heat and Light.

If you keep the sauce at room temperature, place it inside your cupboard or pantry. These places are at lower risk of temperature fluctuations.

That’s not all. You should also store the condiment away from heat sources like the stovetop, oven, and other kitchen appliances.

Lastly, keeping it in cabinets far from opened kitchen windows is also best.

Ensure That The Bottle Is Tightly Sealed At All Times.

To protect the sauce from oxidation, you need to protect it from air. You should store the sauce in its original bottle and ensure the lid is tightly sealed.

If the original packaging has been damaged, transfer it to an airtight container.

Use Clean Utensils When Dispensing The Sauce.

Avoid using used spoons or droppers when dispensing the sauce to prevent contamination. Also, don’t dip your fingers or dirty utensils into the bottle to avoid introducing bacteria to the sauce.

Stick To Only One Storage Area.  

It’s okay to store the unopened bottle in either the pantry or the refrigerator. However, switching from one storage area to another is not a good idea. That’s because temperature fluctuations will cause the sauce to become unstable. 

If you decide to refrigerate it, store it in the refrigerator until you’ve used all its contents.

The Bottom Line

Does Worcestershire sauce need refrigeration? No, with all its stable ingredients, Worcestershire sauce doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

But even though it’s not required, you should store Worcestershire sauce in the refrigerator. Refrigeration can extend the sauce’s shelf life for up to 3 years.

In addition to this, make sure to follow all our storage and handling tips so you can enjoy its fresh taste for longer.

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