Does Whipped Cream Go in the Fridge or Freezer? (Quick Tips)

Table of Whipped Cream Storage Options (in the Fridge or Freezer)

Refrigerator– Preserves freshness– Limited shelf life (2-3 days)
– Convenient access– Texture changes after 2 days
– Preserves texture
Freezer– Extended shelf life (up to 3 months)– Texture changes
– Bulk storage for future use– Time-consuming thawing

Whipped cream is a delicious treat for your taste buds! It has a sweet and cloud-like texture that adds elegance to many desserts. It’s also a great topping for hot beverages. Did you know whipped cream has been around for almost five hundred years? Yep, there are Italian recipes from 1549 that include whipped cream. Crazy, right? (*)

So, what should you do if you have a lot of extra whipped cream? Should you store it in the fridge or freezer? Many readers have asked us this question, so we decided to do a bit of research.

Storing whipped cream properly is important to preserve its freshness and quality. The last thing you want to do is ruin your masterpiece dessert with whipped cream that tastes off!

Well, get comfy in your favorite chair, kick back, and relax. We’re about to reveal what our research has uncovered about storing whipped cream.

The Short Answer: While both options will work fine, refrigerating leftover whipped cream has a slight advantage over freezing it. Refrigeration will ensure that whipped cream keeps its fluffy texture and fresh taste.

But, the specifics may surprise you. Stay tuned for the full explanation of the pros and cons of both methods.

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The Case for Refrigerating Whipped Cream

Why Store Whipped Cream in the Fridge?

  1. Preserves Freshness: Refrigeration slows down bacterial growth. This preserves the freshness of whipped cream.
  2. Convenience: When you store whipped cream in the fridge, it’s there when you need it! Add a dollop of deliciousness to your desserts or hot beverages on a whim. No fussing.
  3. Preserves Texture: Chilling whipped cream helps preserve its light and airy texture. Let’s face it, the cloud-like texture of whipped cream is half the appeal, right?

Proper Storage of Whipped Cream in the Fridge

To ensure your whipped cream stays fresh and tasty in the fridge, follow these simple steps:

  1. Transfer: Did your whipped cream come in an aerosol can? If so, transfer any leftovers to an airtight container before refrigerating it. 
  2. Cover: Be sure to store whipped cream in a tightly sealed container. This will prevent odors from seeping in and ruining its delicious flavor. 
  3. Location: Store your whipped cream in the back of the fridge where temperatures are coldest.

While refrigeration keeps your whipped cream fresh, there are some drawbacks worth mentioning.

The Downside of Refrigerating Whipped Cream

  1. Limited Shelf Life: Even with proper storage, homemade whipped cream will only last about 2-3 days in the fridge. After that, it begins to lose its fresh taste. 
  2. Texture Changes: After two days, refrigerated whipped cream may “settle”, and lose some of its fluffiness.

Got all that? Great! Now, let’s turn our attention to freezing whipped cream.

The Case for Freezing Whipped Cream

Why Freeze Whipped Cream?

  1. Extended Shelf Life: Freezing extends the shelf life of whipped cream from mere days into several months! 
  2. Bulk Storage: Want to prepare a large batch of homemade whipped cream in advance? Not planning on using it all at once? Then freezing is your best bet.

How to Properly Freeze Whipped Cream

To freeze your whipped cream correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Portioning: Divide your whipped cream into individual servings. Spoon dollops onto waxed paper squares and flash-freeze them before wrapping. 
  2. Wrapping: Wrap each serving with plastic wrap or place them in freezer-safe, airtight containers. For even better protection, do both! 
  3. Storage Duration:

Frozen whipped cream can last for up to 3 months without spoiling. If it’s protected from the elements, the flavor will still be fresh!

While freezing whipped cream offers some benefits, there are disadvantages, too.

The Drawbacks of Freezing Whipped Cream

  1. Texture Change: The texture of whipped cream changes through freezing and defrosting it. You’ll find it’s never quite as smooth and fluffy as when it was fresh. And if you thaw whipped cream too quickly, it might even turn runny. 
  2. Time-consuming to Thaw: Defrosting takes time and planning. You’ll have to transfer servings from the freezer to the fridge several hours ahead of time.

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Finding the Perfect Solution

Whether to refrigerate or freeze whipped cream is not a set rule. It depends on your specific needs and preferences. To help you decide the best method for you, consider the following factors:

  • Are you planning to use your whipped cream within a few days? Do you want it ready to top a dessert or beverage at a moment’s notice? Then refrigeration is the way to go!
  • Are you planning to make a large quantity ahead of time? Do you want pre-portioned servings on hand for future use? Then freezing is your best option.
  • Is the airy texture of freshly whipped cream the most important thing for you? If so, storing it in the fridge is the better choice.

So, you see, both storage methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Refrigeration keeps whipped cream fresh for a shorter period but does a better job of preserving its fluffiness. Freezing allows for long-term storage but the texture may change a little.

Ultimately, you must make the decision based on your own situation and preferences.

We hope this article has cleared up any questions you had about storing leftover whipped cream. If there’s something we missed, give us a shout in the comment box. We’d be happy to answer your specific questions.

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