Does Sunny D Need to be Refrigerated? (QUICK ANSWER)

Quick answer: Yes, Sunny D should be refrigerated after opening to maintain its freshness and prevent bacterial growth. While there are shelf-stable versions available, it’s best to follow the instructions on the packaging. Keeping it cold enhances the flavor and ensures it stays safe to consume.

Table of Types of SunnyD and Storage Recommendations

Type of SunnyDStorage Recommendation
Original SunnyDRefrigerate after opening
SunnyD Sport DrinksStore in a cool place
SunnyD LemonadeRefrigerate after opening
SunnyD Orange & PineappleCheck packaging for specific instructions

There’s something nostalgic about SunnyD, isn’t there? To me, it tastes like a lakeside afternoon during summer break. Not a care in the world, not a worry in your heart. That’s what SunnyD brings to my mind. Tangy and sweet with a unique orange flavor, SunnyD has a way of transporting you back in time.

SunnyD was first released in 1963 as Sunny Delight. In 2003, the name changed to “SunnyD” as we know it today. Today, the drink comes in a variety of flavors – 13 to be exact. Many generations of people have enjoyed the classic orange flavor. Grandparents, parents and kids all share the same nostalgic memories of this citrus flavored drink.

So, how do you best enjoy SunnyD? Does SunnyD need to be refrigerated or is it okay on the shelf? While it might not require refrigeration, we do think it’s best enjoyed cold anyway. It’s more enjoyable this way!

While the answers can be tough to find online, we have done the research for you. Skip the googling and follow along with this article instead. We have the answers you need, right here!

If you love SunnyD and want to learn more about it, this is the article for you!

img of Sunny D Refrigeration: Should You Refrigerate SunnyD?

Does Sunny D Need to be Refrigerated?

SunnyD is a delicious drink. While you can enjoy it any time of the year, it always reminds us of summertime. And, like most summertime drinks, we recommend enjoying it cold. 

But, does it need to stay in the refrigerator? Well that depends! According to the SunnyD website, there are both shelf-stable and refrigerated versions. (*)

For this reason, it is always best to check the instructions on the packaging. The package will tell you what the best storage method is for your SunnyD. 

At the grocery store, you will see SunnyD in the refrigerated section. These are generally the large bottles. They should remain refrigerated once you get them home. 

But, some of the SunnyD bottles you know and love are shelf-stable. The moral of the story? Check the package of this product. 

Even if your SunnyD is shelf-stable, it may be worth reserving some refrigerator space anyway.

Speaking from personal experience, SunnyD is best enjoyed cool. It makes the bold flavor pop. Admittedly, I left a bottle of SunnyD in my car on a warm summer morning. At lunch, I went to grab the bottle from my lunch bag, only to find it missing. 

But, I had been thinking about that SunnyD all day long! So, naturally, I went out to retrieve it. I still drank it. Yes, even though it was warm… 

The verdict? Well, let’s just say refrigeration is the way to go. 

Should I Refrigerate SunnyD After Opening?

As with many shelf-stable products, SunnyD must be refrigerated after opening. (*) In order to be considered shelf-stable from the FSIS, packaged food must be treated by heat or dried to destroy microorganisms. (*) In the case of SunnyD, the heat treatment during processing renders it shelf-stable.

The seal created during manufacturing prevents new bacteria from entering the now sterilized product. So, as soon as you break the seal, microbial growth can begin again.

You should also be mindful of the best-before date. Contrary to popular belief, SunnyD does expire!

The last thing you want from your SunnyD is food poisoning! So, pop that drink in the refrigerator. Or, put it in a cooler on ice to enjoy at the beach!

Now we know SunnyD must be refrigerated after opening. We also know that it is best enjoyed cool. So, what about frozen? Should you be stocking up on this tangy drink?

Can I Freeze SunnyD?

The simple answer is no. We do not recommend that you freeze SunnyD. 

Unfortunately, the texture and flavor may take a hit when you thaw the drink again. Freezing may cause separation, making the drink unappetizing. 

We have heard numerous people recommend SunnyD slushies or popsicles. Even the SunnyD website says this is a fine way to enjoy their product! Since you’re not thawing the SunnyD afterwards, separation is not a concern. 

Just remember, do not freeze SunnyD in the original bottle. It will surely crack in your freezer, creating a waste and a mess!

Our recommendation: Only buy as much SunnyD as you’ll use before the expiration date. Do not freeze this product for later use. That is, unless you’re making popsicles!

Now you know how to optimally store your SunnyD. But, how long does this product last?

What is The Shelf-life of SunnyD?

Unopened SunnyD, stored in the refrigerator, will stay good for months on end! In this case, simply refer to the best-before or use-by date. This will ensure your SunnyD is still safe to consume. 

However, once opened, the shelf-life significantly declines. Your opened bottle of SunnyD is only good for about 7 to 10 days. Plus, it must remain refrigerated that entire time. Yes, even shelf-stable varieties. 

Table: Shelf Life of SunnyD

Unopened SunnyD (Refrigerated)Opened SunnyD (Refrigerated)
Several months7-10 days

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img of Sunny D: To Chill or Not To Chill?

The Final Scoop

SunnyD is a fun and unique orange juice product. This drink brings back childhood memories for so many people, having been on the market since the 60’s. Particularly, there was a craze for the drink in the 1990’s. While it may not be as popular as it once was, the brand is still going strong. Eighty years of SunnyD!

Does sunny d need to be refrigerated? Here are our recommendations to keep your SunnyD tasting the best.

  • Check the label for refrigeration instructions
  • Review for the best-before date
  • Refrigerate for the best flavor – even shelf-stable varieties!
  • After opening, refrigeration is necessary

Keep these things in mind and your SunnyD will remain refreshing and delicious. 

We would love to hear your favorite way to enjoy SunnyD! What does SunnyD remind you of? Have you tried making SunnyD popsicles or slushies? Tell us all about your experiences with SunnyD in the comment section below!

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