Does Rice Milk Go Bad? (HOW TO TELL FOR SURE!)


It’s not out of the ordinary to deliberate over your worst fears when purchasing bottles of rice milk. So, “does rice milk go bad?

The thought of sumptuous potential delicacies from it may be distracting, but what happens when you can’t finish a bottle or pack?

Unfortunately, yes, rice milk goes bad. Before opening, it can retain shelf life for as long as foreseen by manufacturers in its “expiration” date. But after opening it, special storage conditions now influence its longevity.

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What Is Rice Milk?

Rice milk is fiber-rich plant milk made from rice.

Commercially sold ones (called drinks or beverages) are produced from rice and its syrup, sugar-sweetened and sometimes flavored with ingredients like vanilla. (*)

Generally, they are opaque white like most milk, naturally sweet with clues of rice flavor, and possess a mildly watery consistency.

Health fact: Rice milk, being the most hypoallergenic milk variant, makes it safe for lactose intolerant and casein allergic people to savor directly. It also has the least saturated fat and cholesterol, making it an option for people with such dietary restrictions. (*)

What Is Rice Milk Shelf Life?

Of course, each commercial rice milk has a label with an expiration date, which is usually a year from production.

Having spent some time typically on the store shelf, you’ll have a few more months to store it properly at home.

But from experience, like oat milk and coconut milk, it still retains its quality for a few more months. Presumably, its expiration date is just the “best before” date, as long as its container isn’t damaged.

On the contrary, if opened, the milk has about a week longer before spoilage. Although manufacturers advise it doesn’t exceed five days, it’s still consumable a day or two later at most if one doesn’t adopt more special storage mechanisms.

For the most part, homemade rice milk lasts only for four to five days.

In summary:

  • Well-stored unopened rice milk lasts from some months to a year
  • Opened rice milk retains high quality for up to a week, and
  • Home-made ones are safe for five days at most.

How To Tell If Rice Milk Has Already Gone Bad?

The time ranges given for rice milk to last are just estimates.

Multiple factors will eventually affect its longevity, but you can tell that it’s gone spoilt if you notice any of these signs:

1. Smells off

Usually, rice milk smells like rice. If you perceive an off-odor from stale to sharp, please dispose of it quickly.

2. Bloated package

For rice milk in packages, any change in the original shape should subconsciously force you to pour its content straight down the drain.

3. Tastes bad

If you don’t taste the regular sweet rice-like flavor, it has most likely spoilt.

4. Has lumps or particles

After pouring the rice milk into a clear glass for observation, look out for any usual particles. Moreover, if the color and texture aren’t even throughout, please discard the milk immediately.

5. Covered with mold

Before drinking or employing your rice milk in any recipe, always inspect it to ensure it isn’t moldy. An unusual texture of green to white or black confirms mold growth. Please get rid of it.

6. Stored for too long

You needn’t see or smell something bizarre to give a final verdict. If your gut tells you that it’s been stored for too long, please do the needful.

How To Store Rice Milk?

There are essential storage techniques to consider in averting early rice milk spoilage. Below are some of them:

1. They must remain in a cool, dry, dark place

To leverage the forecasted period of sealed rice milk’s high quality, one must keep them away from direct heat, light, and liquid.

2. Refrigerate opened ones

Depending on how late you intend to reuse an opened rice milk, refrigerating them is another practical storage option.

Leave the milk in its original package and place them in the main refrigerator body. The refrigerator wall may be too warm to ensure high-quality retention.

They’ll last for some more days.

3. Freeze an already-unsealed one

Question: Can you freeze rice milk? Sure, if you want your rice milk to last even longer, put it in a freezer. Your milk would stay a few months longer credit to the slowed microorganism growth.

  • Note: The longer rice milk freezes, the steadier the decline in quality. Its ingredients will also separate during the process, but there are essential procedures to recombine them, which will affect its ultimate texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rice milk gluten-free?

Yes, the plant-based milk is gluten-free, making it safe for patients with gluten-related disorders to consume.

But if you feel your body detects gluten after consuming any rice milk brand, contact a medical expert as soon as possible.

Can I boil rice milk?

No! Like all dairy-free milk, boiling them destroys most essential nutrients and causes a texture change.

When heating rice milk with a microwave, stir frequently and utilize the power and timing settings to ensure it doesn’t boil. We recommend between 110 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature with 15-second intervals.

How Rice Milk is Made?

Firstly, gather your essential ingredients together: Uncooked white rice, cups of water, and one salt pinch. Others like fresh berries, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract are optional.

Secondly, soak the rice in hot water for 2 hours. Remove it, and blend with salt, water, and any other desired additives until nearly pulverized.

Thirdly, pour the mix into a towel-covered bowl and double strain it. Transfer it into a sealed container, refrigerate, and serve.

What Are the Uses of Rice Milk?

Bakers enjoy employing rice milk’s sweetness in muffins and cupcakes. They also excellently complement smoothies and rice puddings. And adept chefs use them for making glazes over donuts or cakes.

What Does Rice Milk Taste Like?

Rice milk tastes like a thin, watery version of whole milk. It’s generally slightly sweet and has a mild flavor. Some people describe it as being nutty or earthy.

Rice milk is a good option for people who are allergic to dairy or soy, or who are looking for a vegan-friendly milk substitute.

What Does Rice Milk Smell Like?

Well, that depends on what kind of rice milk you’re talking about! If you’re referring to the kind made from brown rice, it usually has a nutty flavor and smell. However, if you’re talking about the kind made from white rice, it’s generally much milder in both taste and smell. Sometimes people say it has a “flowery” fragrance. Ultimately, it just depends on your personal preferences as to which one you prefer!

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Take Away

Although rice milk is considered the healthier commercial product option than dairy beverages, they too have an expiration.

An unopened bottle of commercialized rice milk can last in storage for up to one year. Once opened, you will only have a few days until it goes bad. Thus, make sure you consume everything before it spoils!

If you suspect that your rice milk looks, smells, or tastes bad, never have second thoughts about saving it and just throw it out!

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