MCT Oil’s Shelf Life, Expiration, and Storage Tips

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You just made a fantastic discovery: MCT oil can help you lose weight. And so, you bought a whole bottle of it, ready to shed off the few extra pounds you have.

But upon further research, you learned that you only need a few teaspoonfuls of the oil every day, so you might be unable to finish that big bottle before its expiry date.

Does MCT oil go bad? You need to know. You feel like banging your head against a wall to search for answers. Well, you don’t have to look for it any longer.

Here’s the deal:

MCT can go bad. The good news is that it contains medium-chain triglycerides, making it one of the most shelf-stable oils in the market, so it has a very long shelf life.

So how long does MCT oil last? Well, we’re going to find out in this article.

We’re also going to share with you all the essential details about this sought-after oil, including these questions:

Do you want to know the answers to these questions? We know you do, so let’s get down to business!

Does MCT Oil Go Bad?

Generally, oil is resistant to mold and microbial growth. This is most especially true with MCT oil, as it contains medium-chain triglycerides that can reduce the risk of bacterial and yeast growth.

Despite this, MCT oil can still go bad, and it can go bad in two ways.

First, it can go bad to the point of rancidity when stored longer than expected shelf life. On the other hand, it can go off to the point of spoilage when it’s not stored correctly.

This is all because of oxidation, which occurs when the oil is exposed to light, air, and heat.

How long does MCT oil last?

Storage ConditionUnopened Shelf LifeOpened Shelf Life
Room Temperature1-2 years6-12 months
Refrigerated2-3 years12-18 months
Freezer (not recommended)

Considering all these, you might wonder: what is the MCT oil’s shelf life? How long does Iy last?

We’d have to start with the printed date on the label to answer this.

Fun Fact:

The printed date is not an expiration date, but rather a best by date or use by date. The use-by-date and best by date are dates that indicate how long the product will retain its best quality.

As long as you follow proper storage conditions, you can still use the oil months to years past the printed date.

With that in mind, what is the shelf life? Check out the following shelf-life guidelines to know the answer:

  • Unopened Bottle of MCT oil: Best by date / Use by date + 2 years
  • Opened Bottle of MCT oil: Best by date / Use by date +1 year

How To Tell If MCT Oil Is Bad?

Strong FlavorMCT oil is tasteless. A strong flavor or weird taste indicates the oil has gone bad and should be disposed of.
Off SmellMCT oil is odorless. A strong, unpleasant, sour or pungent scent indicates spoilage.
DiscolorationMCT oil is pale yellow. Discoloration may indicate spoilage, but check for other signs before discarding the oil.
TurbidityMCT oil is clear. If it becomes cloudy or turbid, it’s best to discard the oil immediately.
Thicker ConsistencyMCT oil is thin and lightweight. A thicker, denser consistency indicates spoilage and the oil should be discarded.

Even though rancid oil has a weird taste, it can still be used without little to no risk. However, bad MCT oil is entirely different as it can cause various unwanted side effects.

With that said, it’s always a must that you inspect your oil before using it. Below are the signs of bad MCT oil that you should watch out for:

1. Strong Flavor

It is tasteless. If you notice that your oil has a strong flavor or weird taste, it means the oil has already gone bad, so you should dispose of it as soon as possible.

2. Off Smell

MCT oils are virtually odorless, so any strong unpleasant scent indicates spoilage. This is especially true if it already gives off a sour and pungent aroma.

3. Discoloration

It typically has a pale yellow color. If your oil looks discolored, it may be a sign of spoilage. However, it’s not a reliable sign of rancid oils, as discolored oil can still be safe for consumption at times. To be sure, it’s recommended that you still look for other indications before throwing the oil away.

4. Turbidity

Like most oils, It is clear. However, if you notice that it started to become cloudy or turbid, err on caution and discard it immediately.

5. Thicker Consistency

Same with olive oil, the consistency of MCT oil is thin and lightweight. Once it starts to spoil, it takes on a thicker and dense consistency. If you notice any changes in its consistency, the best step is to get rid of the oil right away,

How to Store MCT Oil

Your MCT oil becoming rancid MCT oil is inevitable, but you can prevent your MCT oil from getting spoiled. All you need to do is follow these proper storage tips:

1. Keep it away from heat.

If you want your MCT oil to stay fresh for longer, you need to protect it from high temperatures. Because of this, you must store it in a cool place like your kitchen cabinet or cupboard.

Pro Tip:

Make sure that the storage place is not near heat sources like dishwashers, stoves, or ovens. It must also be kept away from electronics as those tend to emit heat.

2. Protect your oil from air and light.

Both air and light accelerate the process of oxidation, which can trigger the oil’s rancidification process. Considering all these requirements, the best storage place for MCT oil is no other than your kitchen cupboard or pantry that’s located far from the kitchen windows.

3. Refrigerate your MCT oil

If you have adequate space in your refrigerator, refrigerate the oil, there might be a good idea. This way, you can hit two birds with one stone—keep it away from heat and light.

Pro Tip:

Just make sure that you keep the cap tightly sealed at all times to protect the oil from moisture and humidity.

Other Related Questions

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The Bottom Line

Does MCT oil go bad? Just like most oils, MCT oil can go bad over time. It can go rancid when stored for too long, and it will get spoiled when stored improperly.

So what are the next best steps? Simple. You just need to consume it before it gets rancid and make sure it’s stored properly to avoid spoilage.

All the tips on how you can do that are in this article, so it’s up to you to get things done.

image of mct oil shelf life

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