Does Margarita Mix Go Bad? (Shelf Life & Storage Tips)

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Got some leftover margarita mix from last night’s Cinco de Mayo party? (*) Right now, you might probably be asking yourself if you can still keep it until the next occasion that you’re going to host. But, you just realized that it is going to take place in a few months!

Is it really worth keeping the remaining margarita mix left in the bottle? Does margarita mix go bad?

The good news is, store-bought margarita mix does not quickly go bad. They actually have a good shelf life. However, if you have already opened the bottle, the flavor and quality will eventually degrade as months go by. Anyway, it can last in the proper storage conditions for plenty of months.

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What is Margarita Mix?

Margarita mix is a concentrated concoction of sugar, water, lime or lemon flavor, and other added preservatives.

It is used as a base for margarita cocktails like frozen margaritas or classic margaritas. With this ready-made mixture, all the bartender has to do is add ice and the liquor.

On the other hand, it can also be made at home.

You need sugar, water, and freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice. Then you’ll heat the sugar and water first until it is completely dissolved before pouring in the lime juice.

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France during the Franco-Mexican War.

Tequila like Jose Cuervo is a go-to-liquor to celebrate this holiday in Mexico. Thus, parties won’t be complete if cocktails like margaritas are not served.

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Can Margarita Mix Go Bad?

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Commercially-made margarita mixes have a long shelf life. You can even use it past the ‘Best before’ or the ‘Best By’ date. Margarita mixes that have passed the date do not mean that they are already spoiled or not consumable anymore.

Since it has a high sugar concentration, it does not necessarily spoil. However, it does lose its flavor and quality eventually.

If you haven’t opened your bottle of margarita mix, it can last in your pantry for up to one and a half years.

Once opened, it will have a shorter shelf life. If you have kept it in the refrigerator or freezer, you will have up to 9 months to consume everything before it goes really bad.

An opened bottle of margarita mix stored in the pantry will only last for one to two weeks.

Non-alcoholic margarita mix made at home will have a shorter shelf life than the store-bought ones since you do not add industrial preservatives. Thus, as long as you have kept it in the refrigerator or freezer, you will only have a few weeks to consume this homemade margarita mix.

On the other hand, if your margarita mix has tequila, it will have a longer shelf life since it contains alcohol which can help it last in storage for a longer time.

Margarita mix (Unopened)Best By + 1 year 
Margarita mix (Opened) 6 – 9 months

How To Tell if Margarita Mix Has Gone Bad?

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How can you know if you can still safely use your margarita mix after being stored for a few months? Here’s what you need to do to determine if it is time to dispose of that margarita mix:

1. Sniff it.

First and foremost, you should be familiar with the smell and taste profile of margarita mixes. It’s usually a fantastic combination of sweet and sour citrusy fragrances.

A bad margarita mix gives a sour and off odor. If that’s the case, it’s a sign that you should not use it anymore.

2. Taste it.

Scoop out a tiny amount of the mixture and give it a taste.

You should expect a refreshingly sweet and citrusy sourness with or without the alcohol. If the taste is not the same as it used to be, then it’s been time for you to get a new bottle of margarita mix or maybe consider preparing a new one from scratch.

Some people who feel that it would be a waste to throw it away would try to add some fresh lime or lemon just to see if it tastes good. If it still doesn’t work, it is best to throw it away. Nobody likes to enjoy margaritas that taste flat.

3. Check for impurities in the mix.

If you see some strange particles that shouldn’t be there inside the bottle, it would be a bad idea if you use that margarita mix for your margaritas.

It might have possessed some foreign particles if you forgot to return the cap after using it. The chances are that insects can get into it, or some particles might have landed there before you closed the bottle.

How To Store Margarita Mix Properly?

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These are the simple storage guidelines for margarita mixes:

1. Close the bottle’s lid tightly or keep it in an airtight container.

Like how you would store syrups or alcoholic beverages, your margarita mix should always be kept in an airtight container to prevent air or moisture from degrading the quality.

2. Keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.

Exposing your margarita mix to heat and sunlight can destroy the quality and flavor. It would be best if you stored your margarita mix in a cool and dark place. Your pantry or kitchen cabinet will be the best choice to keep your margarita mix.

3. Store it in the fridge once opened

As mentioned earlier, you can keep your margarita mix for several years as long as it is still unopened. Once you break the bottle’s seal, it would be best that you should store it in the fridge.

As for your homemade fresh margarita mix should always be kept in the fridge as it doesn’t usually contain added preservatives, unlike the store-bought ones.

Frequently Asked Questions


Remember that an unopened store-bought bottle of margarita mix can last in the pantry for more than a year. Once opened, you have a few weeks to months to consume everything before it goes bad. Make sure to refrigerate the leftover margarita mix.

You should prepare the amount you need for the occasion for non-alcoholic margarita mixes as it will only last a few weeks.

If your margarita mix has passed its date, you can still use it and ensure that the quality is still good before serving it to your guests.

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