Does GOGO Squeez Need To Be Refrigerated?

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GoGo squeeZ is a tasty and convenient snack option for kids! These convenient pouches come in more than 30 different flavours. They are a quick and easy snack you can throw into a bag or purse on the go! You may be wondering how to store these convenient pouches. Do GoGo squeeZ need to be refrigerated? Or, instead, are you okay to keep them on the shelf? 

We know it can be frustrating to try to find reliable answers online. We have done the research for you. Here it is in one convenient article! GoGo squeeZ pouches are easy to store, but this article will help you determine the best place to keep them and tell you why!

Do GoGo squeeZ pouches need to be refrigerated?

Certainly! Here are a few unique tables that you can include in your article to enhance its visual appeal and provide organized information:

GoGo squeeZ boasts easy storage methods. The company’s claim to fame is that their products are:

  • Healthy
  • Tasty
  • Convenient

Parents and kids alike love these products. Kids love GoGo squeeZ pouches for their delicious taste. Parents love them for their healthy convenience. GoGo squeeZ is a great on the go snack!

GoGo squeeZ does not have to be refrigerated prior to opening. The company actually suggests that you serve them at room temperature. These are shelf stable products! That’s why we all love them so much. Grab and go – throw them in your bag for an easy fuel up on the run. 

However, once those packages are opened it is necessary to refrigerate them! The seal keeps bacteria out. So, once broken, you’ll want to keep the temperature down. 

Did you know that GoGo squeeZ has many different products? It’s not just applesauce! Some of their other products contain dairy. You may wonder whether GoGo squeeZ’s dairy products require refrigeration or not.

What about the dairy products from GoGo squeeZ?

When you first think of GoGo squeeZ, you probably think of applesauce and fruity mixtures. Applesauce is one delicious option, but the brand also makes:

  • Yogurt
  • Pudding
  • Smoothies

Table 1: GoGo squeeZ Product Varieties and Storage Recommendations

Product TypeStorage Recommendation
ApplesauceRoom temperature before opening
Refrigerate after opening
YogurtRoom temperature before opening
Refrigerate after opening
PuddingRoom temperature before opening
Refrigerate after opening
SmoothiesRoom temperature before opening
Refrigerate after opening

When I first heard there were GoGo squeeZ yogurts and smoothies, I instantly assumed they needed refrigeration. I assumed wrong! 

GoGo squeeZ products are all shelf stable, even their yogurt! Room temperature is the recommended storage temperature. How is this possible, you might wonder?

Well, GoGo squeeZ uses retort packaging to create a safe, shelf-stable dairy product. This process is commonly used to preserve dairy products in parts of Europe but is not as common for dairy in North America. We’ll tell you more about retort packaging later in the article.

The retort packaging keeps GoGo squeeZes fresh until opening. However, GoGo squeeZ must be refrigerated after opening. Once opened, if you or your kids do not finish the snack then it must be kept cool. 

Re-close the pouch using the resealable cap then pop it in the refrigerator. We recommend using the product within 24 hours of opening to prevent spoilage. This is also the recommendation from the GoGo squeeZ website.

If you prefer the product cold, you are fine to pop the product in the fridge before opening. It’s up to your own personal preference. 

I have also heard of people freezing them to use as an edible substitute for an ice pack! This is especially convenient if you are packing a lunch that will be kept at room temperature. Your GoGo squeeZ can double as an ice pack and an afternoon snack, once it thaws!

What is retort packaging?

Table 2: Benefits of Retort Packaging

Shelf StabilityKeeps products safe at room temperature
Lightweight and PortableEasy to carry in bags and lunch kits
SterilizationHigh heat kills potential food spoilage
Longer Shelf LifeExtends product freshness
Convenient PackagingFlexible and easy to use

You have certainly seen retort packaging in stores before. It is a method of food storage which keeps products shelf stable and in convenient packaging. This method keeps products lightweight and flexible. 

Traditional canning and preserving methods are typically heavy and bulky, making them inconvenient to carry around. This is one of the reasons we love the convenience of GoGo squeeZ pouches.

Products are first sealed in packaging, usually made of thin laminated plastic and metal foils. Retort packaging provides a lightweight alternative to cans, making it more portable and convenient. This is exactly why we love GoGo squeeZ. The retort packaging is what lets us fit them snugly in our bags, backpacks, and lunch kits while still keeping them fresh and safe to eat. 

The product, once sealed in the retort packaging, is usually heated to a temperature of 121.1 degrees Celsius. That is the temperature needed for sterilization. The high heat kills anything that may be present inside the package that could cause food spoilage. 

After this process, the GoGo squeeZ inside is considered sterile and shelf-safe. You are then left with a convenient pouch that is ready to travel with you throughout your busy day!

The Final Scoop

We know you love GoGo squeeZ products just as much as we do! These pouches are lightweight and flexible, making them an excellent on-the-go snack. 

Kids and adults alike love this tasty and convenient snack. Not to mention, these little pouches are a healthy and nutritious option with none of those nasty added preservatives!

Whether you are buying the more traditional apple and fruit sauce varieties, or opting for a little more protein with the company’s dairy products, we have the answer to your storage questions. 

Your GoGo squeeZ does not need to be refrigerated until opened. These little pouches are safe to bring with you while you run errands. Throw them in your kids backpacks or lunch bags – no refrigeration necessary!

Once opened, remember to re-cap and refrigerate the snack. You should use your GoGo squeeZ up within 24 hours to maintain freshness. 

Table 3: Recommended Storage Times for Opened GoGo squeeZ Products

Product TypeRecommended Storage Time
ApplesauceUse within 24 hours
YogurtUse within 24 hours
PuddingUse within 24 hours
SmoothiesUse within 24 hours

We love GoGo squeeZ pouches. Do you and your family love them as well? Do you have any creative ways to use GoGo squeeZ? We would love to hear your ideas, recipes, and stories about the product!

We hope this article has helped shed some light on GoGo squeeZ products and how easy they are to store! 

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